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Toronto - Rexdale Warehouse

Al in his Fifty's has eyesight issues. He drives a Forklift. Drinks Heavily also. Poorly run Warehouse. Only when they run 5 Gallons do they meet their Percentage.

ESPN Magazine Ad

Just read this ad in the ESPN mag. "Cleveland Fans Forever" Also, just quit buying your paint...... Fred Geisler Pittsburgh

Drug use in company store

I have been trying for a week to contract someone about one of your store managers that smokes illigel drugs with your customers and some of his own employees before. And also that he takes store property such as pallets for his own personal use. He is not representing your company in this city at all, especially when a lot of the town knows he smokes almost on a daily basis. He would even go to work high when he was an assistant manager.

customer of paints

The products that Sherwin-Williams has developed and marketed are environmentally-friendly and of long-lasting quality. I always purchase house paints -interior and exterior - at Sherwin-Williams paint stores!

Senior Housing Resource Corporation

I am not happy for the way they handle the return payment for our Company. I called by in April 2013 looking for a refund check and I was told it takes 4-6 weeks. That would take me into the 2nd week of June. Now, it's the 2nd week of July and I still have not received my refund check. How long does a company have to wait for a refund to be issued. Yes, when you go to there store they want the money up front. What happens if people said that we will pay you in 4-6 week, please wait for my check in the mail. Don't think they would want to do business with that company. You think.

Claims Adjuster

I have been trying to work with a Sherwin Williams claims adjuster for almost a year over $1,500 worth of damage to my lineoleum floor caused by a leaking can of Krylon while I was on vacation in July 2012. I sent 3 estimates back in December (which has now expired, of course). My daughter has offered to send a signed and notarized affidavit to the company as well. At first, the adjuster was very nice and congenial, and now he has totally dropped the ball, and I cannot get a reply to my emails or my phone calls. Consider purchasing paint and supplies from another company who will do the "right thing."


I need to inform you that I was so delighted with the knowledge and the service I experienced in your store in Saskatoon,, Sk canada.....the product exceeded my exceptions....I chose the Emerald paint ...as took advantage of the 40 percent off...after using this product I would be willing to pay fully ice......(80.00) a gallon.....thanks again ....the young gal at this store that helped me needs to be told by head office how outstanding her service was.....


I buy all my paint products at your Willowick store at Lakeshore Blvd. The gentlemen who work there are by far the most polite people I've ever had the opportunity to do business with. It is very important to me to shop where people respect and help me. Just finished painting a bedroom with many dormers and the paint colors and finishes are perfect. Looks like a magazine. Thanks Sherwin Williams!


I operate a motel in somerset,pa.the entire motel,interior & exterior needed painted.our friends highly recommended mrs.Terri Palanes of sherwin-williams.i am very glad to follow through on the suggestion.she went out of her way,inspected the property & suggested appropriate colors.the results were amazing.she has a genuine understanding that the relationship with the customer is more important than the sale.please extend my sincere gratitude to the store manager mrs.Palanes & her excellent staff - Rachel,Adam,Joshua for outstanding customer service.

selling illegal drugs and on drugs on job

Just a fyi, that the Antoine store in houston Texas. There manager smokes and sells wees to his employees and thinks it ok to smoke on lunch break. He also gets his employees overtime at nights. While he goes to pick up illegal drugs for employees. He let's his employees sit at store while gone for hrs at night picking up large quantity of weed. Makes me wonder why they get away with this. I will be sure to tell everyone not to.shop here. It is a big disgrace.

illegal drugs, bad customer service

Front desk agent was outside smoking weed when i arrived. Once she made it in she gave me the worst customer service possible. I will never return to this location. Crowder & i10 New Orleans LA

poor cutomer service

My husband and I went to both stores in Norman Oklahoma last weekend- we left the store on 24th st due to the man not acknowledging us for 15 min and ended up helping a lady that just walked in. We went to the one on 12th st and waited on the gentleman to finish with his customer-prob 10 min. He also never acknowledged us-A young man walked in went to the counter and the employee went around us and helped him-the young man only needed chsnge- so your company lost out on about 500.00 that day. Not a happy camper!!

Go to benjamin moore. prices are basically same and atleast they know what they are talking about and they are not corporate.

I bought paint for my house. I pre painted the hardie and within a week it all started to peal off boy that was a waste of time and money. and that was paint that they rec amended.

John Fitzgerald sounds like you had moisture trapped in your deck prior to staining, did it rain within days of your application or did you stain the day after pressure washing? I would recommend using SW stain and sealer remover and then nutralizing that product with the revive. Stain and sealer remover will remove previous finish while revive will nutrilize and also remove any mold or dirt in the wood. After that is done I would wait for a few days prior to applying any stain. Good way to test is to spritz some water on the deck if it soaks in you are ready, if it does not you will have to wait a little while later.

I just spent over 40 min. standing in line at the Beaver Fall, pa. store because there was just one person mixing, waiting on customers, and working the cash register and one young man helping by walking in the back of the store to retrieve something at times. Now, having on person working there on a day of a big sale a corporate decision or local management? There was at least seven people standing in line, and all were disgusted, this could be a reason people end up going to the big box stores. Can you tell me why I should keep going back to a Sherwin-Williams store again?

My name is Jeff Suggs, owner and operator of Paint Overspray Removal of Texas International Services. I wanted to introduce myself and my company to find out if you would ever need our services. I would like to know if we could work with you and have our website information given to your contractors that buy your products. My company specializes in the removal of Protective Marine Coatings and Polyurethane spray-foam in the form of overspray damage to vehicles. We also specialize in removing overspray damage from auto trim and molding pieces. I am the only person on the net or elsewhere that has demonstration videos of auto trim repair or industrial paint overspray removal. I have over 24 years of experience in overspray removal and claims management. Our company videos and website are very easy to find, simply "Google, Yahoo, or Bing "paint overspray companies" then hit videos. 98% of the videos listed on these three search engines are our videos. You will see in our videos that we restore every piece of the vehicle from all damages, including pre-existing damage. No one has ever been able to duplicated our work, which means they can't offer the kind of services demonstrated in our videos. You can reach us anytime for our services at 877-715-5663. Sherwin Williams web ad http://www.oscarseek.com/search/?q=Sherwin+Williams+Protective+Marine+Coatings+overspray+removal&scope=local company websites http://www.paintoversprayremovaloftexas.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/jeffsuggs

To whom it may concern: I recently submitted a compliment for the Asst.Manager Stan Golder (and team)of your store in Howell, N.J. but I've yet to see it posted here. They were so helpful and friendly, they deserve to be acknowledged as a positive force in your Sherwin Williams company. Again I want to say "thank you to them" for their great service, and also to you for surrounding yourself with such great customer service people.

I have tried to purchase one roll of grasscloth. I have gotten the run around for about 2 months. I am remodeling my house and need it now. I have been patient but I am about to go elsewhere to find what I need.

Hi, I have been purchasing all my interior house paint from Sherwin William in Campbell CA (1825 South Bascom Avenue Campbell, CA 95008). My first 3 trips to the store were great with helpful employees. On my 4th visit I was helped by a condesending employee who was very rude. I was trying to purchase the same paint I had bought previously but could not remember the name. He could not find it in the computer under my name because they likely entered my name incorrectly by accident on my previous purchases. Long story short the person who helped me was very rude. I ended up buying some paint and when I asked him to help put it in my car he just stood there pretending not to hear me. I was not rude in any way troughout my time in the store and could not understand why he was so rude especially since my previous visits were great experiences. I wont be returning to that store again.

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