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I have had progressive insurance for 8 years now, most of my family has them as well. I found out a few months ago I was sent to collections from Progressive in Nov 2008 for $58, from an old insurance contract. I had re started my progressive insurance in Feb 2008, how can I re start a new contract while still owing their company money? And they have the nerve to send me to collections for $58 when they had my address, phone number, ALL my information to get a hold of me. Why would I pay $150 plus a month for hte past 8 years, yet couldnt come up with $58 to pay this collection amount that they could have told me I owed this amount before they htought to start billing me for my new policy. What irritates me the most is that they wont even write a "deletion" letter to have it remvoed off my credit. I get it was my fault I owed this $58 HOWEVER they had every way to get a hold of me and yet they cant contact me about $58. When in 8 years I have never had my insurance stopped for lack of payment I've faithfully paid them for hte past 8 years. The supervisor said as a company they would not make the acception for me and not for anyone else. I find it incredibly hard to believe they have not written a letter to havae this removaed from someones credit. This is the only negative item affecting my credit, and it frustrates me to no end that for $58 this company couldnt even collect! I will not be renewed I'm beyond sadden at the lack of customer service with this company. So sad that after 8 years of me bragging and have most of my family and my spouse sign up with them. I wish I could pick 0 stars for lack of customer service... so sad. Never again will I go with this company!

I have had Progressive Insurance for over 12yrs, I have 4 vehicles on my policy. I havent had a claim in 10yrs until this past month. I have full coverage on my car, it was sitting in a parking lot parked noone in it when another vechile hit my car. The other insurance company didn't want to pay for my car so I turned the claim in on my insurance HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! I have a 2002 yellow mustang, yes the paint has faded over the past few yrs but my whole car was faded & matched. I was hit in the front on the driver side, Progressive paid for my headlight, hood, and left fender and refused to pay for my whole bumper because the paint had faded. So not only did I come out of pocket $500.00 for my deductible I also had to pay out of pocket $168.00 and now the right fender sticks out like a sore thumb because Progressive REFUSES to pay for it to be painted. All I asked for was to blend it in to match the rest of the hood, bumper, and L fender... not to paint my whole car. After reading the report from the repair shop, I found out that Progressive uses USED parts. I could of bought parts off Craigs list and had my husband fix my car for what I've paid out of pocket!!!! Not to mention my head lights don't even match!!!! My policy is paid in full however when its time for renewell I will be going else where. Progressive has gotten enough of my money over the past 12yrs. I have posted pics of my car on facebook for everyone to see what kind of work to expect out of Progressive. I give this company -0 stars!!!!!!!!!

File a complaint with the Attorney General becausE it is obviously alot of stealing going on but of course we all no Money is the Root of all evil+++ and we spend spend spend spend other peoples money until God says ++ YOUR TIME IS UP prepare for the devil and his demons......CHOW

I was involved in a car accident from someone who was a client with Progressive Insurance that struck me from the rear side. It started off wrong when the person who hit me didnt even contact Progressive Insurance to file this issue like I was the one at fault. I originally had a estimate done on my car and when I decided I wanted a second opinion my claims adjuster from Progressive proceeded to assist me with where I wanted my car to be estimatized. I sent it to a local dealership I was familiar with and it started off wrong because I was told from my claims adjuster that I would have 3 days to use my rental car and if my car needed more further evaluation or body shop work that Progressive would pay for the extra alloted days for my rental. The third day came and a field adjuster came to view my car and contacted me that the extensive damage done to the rear side of my car that it would be high cost effective so they would have to total out my car. The 4th day came and when I went to return my rental vehicle so I could pick up my car because despite the damages in my rear side my car could still drive and I wanted to keep it so I could send my car somewhere else to get it fixed for a cheaper discount price. I was charged for 46.54 for an extra day that Progressive informed me that they would pay for it and then I had to complain about this issue. I am so upset and tired of this and now I have to go to the corporate office and complain which I did early this morning. Its ridiculous and very unacceptable to me because I am not a client with Progressive and I was not at fault with this accident. Its very awful and cruel how some of these devious employees who try to be slick working for these billionaire dollar insurance companies and mess you over. At the end of the day, justice will be served

They arggrued with me when a old man took my door off of my Jaguar, my car is still in the garage unfixed, they said I was a liar, and believed nothing I said, they wrote me a check for 2300 dollars, that was not even enough for the door, I am still in dispute with them on how much they owe me... I am calling the BBB on this shit though

I got a "Distracted driving" ticket and they rated it as a Major or reckless and doubled my rate. Other insurance companies rated it a "Minor" and my rate was only slightly impacted. after over 10 years with them and not one claim or accident I feel the company was malicious in there approach even puling my renewal offer after i called to complain. DONT USE THEM EVER. I know I never will again.

Well, after having read these reviews I understand better why I havn't heard back from the agent that was supposed to have my offer ready for me almost a month ago. I was rearended by one of their clients and chose NOT to get my lawyers involved in order to help expediate the settlement. Looks like I should reconsider my decision. Best of luck to all of you that posted on here. Have a great day.

I have written several letters trying to address a premium charge which seems to have come out of no-where. Progressive has no paper trail or justification. They can't seem to answer any questions about their own policies. There have been no accidents or claims, just files listed under the wrong insureds name and inaccurate billing statements that no one can seem to explain. Progressive seems only to be interested in getting money from me. According to thier own records, my bill is "paid in full", but I owe them money? Where do you get your employees from? Communication attempts are either ignored or blown off. I will be moving all (3) of my policies to another company after I file reports against Progressive with the respective State Insurance Commissioner Offices. Thanks for nothing Progressive! In these times of businesses going belly up on a daily basis, one can only hope that you are on your way out. You certainly deserve it.

I am very upset. I was hit from behind by an unlicensed diver you insure. I have had 2 guys look at my car and argue with me what damage I have to my car. My car is in great condition and hers was nothing but rust. I have asked that they look at her car first and neither one of them did that. They just look at my car and say we can snap this back together or this did not happen in the accident. My bumper was fine till then. I also called the police as she left the accident and came back later after the police had arrived. I am being punished by your people and I was just setting at a red light when getting hit from behind and have a witness to it. I don't know what to do except for contacting an attorney to handle this for me. I see why you advertise that it is cheap insurance if you never pay out and your adjusters are going to snap things back together. Carol 402 592-0132

My claim numberis 11-2102563 I want to let you know that the local claims agent handling my claim (Tim Martin Missoula MT) has handled a claim I have with one of your policy holder prejudicially. For that reason I have filed a complaint to the Montana State Auditor.

If there was a "Horrible" rating for them , that is exactly what they would get! My vehicle was hit by one of there insured while it was it was parked in my driveway. My truck was pushed 11 feet sideways, and the damage that was done to the suspension system, they would not fix. The wheel on my vehicle was bent in on the side that was hit and they stated that it was not related to the accident. They provided me with a rental car and when I went to the automotive shop to pick it up, progressive expected me to drive my truck with a bent tire. I called them and told them that the vehicle was not driveable and they stated to return the vehicle and the adjuster would be out the following day to do the adjustment. Needless to say the adjuster showed up a week later, and after instructing the mechanic to take it to one of progressives automotive shops, all of a sudden the damages were not caused by the accident. On top of that,I have to pay for the rental car they provided because of the 7 days the adjuster did not show up. Oh and I also talked with the person who hit my vehicle, and he stated that he would be switching his insurance, because on top of him having to pay a $500.00 deductable his insurance will be going up over $85.00 per month, so it seems like Progressive screws both ends! Progressive is the worst insurance company ever. On top of having to pay for the rental car I am still left with a $1,700 bill in order to fix my vehicle so that I can safely drive it! I give this company "NO STARS"!

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