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No good insurance company

Progressive does not exist

Do not take out a policy with this no existent company

My mother has been a gold member with progressive for 9 years, she has full coverage w/rental. She recently had her vehicle vandalized, to make a long story short, they said "sorry about your luck", she never received her rental or payment for the damages, she has recently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau,and the Virginia Insurance Commission, I would "TREAD CAREFULLY" before going with Progressive.


I hope the majority of people who read these bogus reviews can tell by the use of grammar and spelling (or lack thereof), just what kinds of morons are leaving such harsh reviews for this company. Insurance companies are always going to do their best to pay what is owed, but ONLY what is owed. Most logical people know when an accident is their fault, but some people always want more. I bet that most of the people who had their rates increased were either dishonest or failed to disclose information when they applied for insurance. They were hoping to cover it up so they could GET the low rate in the first place that no other insurance company in their right MINDS would give them!!


Progressive gave me quote through agent for $707 per 6 months. I accepted. One month later Progressive raised my rate more than 100% stating they had new driving history that they were not aware of at time of writing policy. Too f….ing bad! Progressive baited me with one product and switched me to another. I cancelled 2 months into my 6 month policy--that's 2/3 of $707 they owe me. However, Progressive wants to give me a refund of only $177. They are robbing me; however, I'm not tang it quietly. FU Progressive!!!


my review is that your progressive commerical on tv really sucks the whisteling has got to stop i cant tell you how annoying this commerical is its rude to whistle very rude and this commerical really gets on my last wire i have to turn the tv to another channel cause its loud and obnoxious please stop it


Ellen K= false statements. With out any shame you post a false statements to cover this unlawfully activities done by this corporation to the customers. I just find out that from manager Melanie, that: it is in costumer "obligation"(with out any legal support) to inform the corporation just because, with out any statement in the Progressive polices that: is under customer "obligation" to contact them. any obligation requirements from the customer by the corporation, should be made it clear in the written polices of any corporation(including and our case Progressive)

Progressive is the Best

I have been a Progressive member for over 15 years covering multiple vehicles and a handful of accidents. I could not be happier with their service. My rates consistently stay low - after a particularly bad accident where the other driver was hospitalized and out of work for an extended period of time, my rates actually dropped. Every time I've made a claim it is handled immediately and 100% by Progressive and I have vitually no involvement at all. I would recommend Progressive to anyone.

Terrible customer service terrible service pt in a claim June 6 2013 its June 20 2013 and my claim still hasn't been handled I haven't talked to anyone in several days when u do I initiate the calls they never call me back like they say they will I have to call them I can go 3 to 4 days without talking to someone worst insurance experience in my life will definitely be switching back to allstate

Rude , Distasteful , unprofessional

I just got off the Phone with Progressive , they talked to me like I was stupid , because I wanted to know how much coverage had , and they had no idea how much they actually coverered or for how much. I guess that I have been spoiled by a REAL insurance company. STATE FARM

All Bad Reviews

I've noticed that All of the Reviews are Bad , and after talking with Progressive on the phone , I can see why, they were very unprofessional , inexperienced people , full of greed . If they are trying to treat costomers like human beings , they fail miserabley.


What gives you the right to publish my personal information on your website. I was educated on this when someone in my household wanted a quote, entered the address and up popped vehicles that I own. Anyone can put in my address and name, and get info on what cars I drive and own. That is not the publics free information and you have no right to display it. I will talk to my attorney on how this practice needs to stop and if there are privacy laws broken and/or legal ramifications that I can pursue with Progressive.

Cut Rate Insurance Co.

I work for ALLSTATE and switched to progressive, I really understand now after filling a claim with Progressive that this is the premier of what is called a cut rate insurance company and will switch back to ALLSTATE for all my insurance needs and will be happy to pay a higher price for the protection and service that is the standard that gives me the peace of mind so that I am confident that my claim will be handled quickly


I was told my premiums went up over 30% because statistics show that i fall into a group that has a little higher chance of filing a claim??? I have been with you for 4 years......no speeding tickets, no accidents and no claims. Whats even better....i can sign on as a new customer and get a lower premium than what i current have with you!!! I entered all the same criteria. please explain....I dare you!!


I got hit by one of your insured motorist & lost my vehicle. I never have been a greedy person, I dont believe in taking from ppl to benifit my own self so I did not try to get an attorney. 3 times I had the chance to sew for personal gain, not once have I ever. at the time of the wreck & even two weeks after I tried to got to work but was to hurt to perform. In result to this had to give up my 15yr career. now I have lost my vehicle & job. I was souly independant in the state of Ga. & had to give up my home. I now reside in michigan lost on what to do for work while stuck with no car. I got a call back to see how I was. I told the guy all this & he said he would see what he can do. he was subbing for the guy on my claim. The guy on my claim who I talked to a couple days later shut me down. My question is! Is there hope for a heartfilled guy like me to ever catch a break? If so when is it coming? Will it ever come? Questions I ask myself daily. 2 weeks before this I found my ex cheating on me. & her mom stole $1500 from me. so I ask this now! Loss of girl/money/vehicle/career/home/health & independance in a 3 week strech, was helping me get a vehicle to much to ask? Progressive seems to think so.

car insurance

We just canceled our insurance with progressive after being with them for 9 years. We have never missed a payment, not to mention it is automatically debited from my husbands bank account. We recieved a phone call from a progressive agent telling us our premium went up due to a city tax increase. When my husband asked the agent to give him a break down she completely went around the question. He then went into explaining that he has been with progressive for 9 years and never, never, never missed a payment she basically stated it is what it is. When he told her he was going to cancel our policy with them she said sir do what you have to do. We our now with geico insurance. The funny thing about this whole experience is that the first lady my husband spoke with didnt care one way or another that he was going to cancel his insurance but once he switched our insurance and called back they were the nicest people in the world and wanted to do whatever they could to keep him as a customer but it was too late. We will never go back to progressive nor will we ever recommend them. On one other note there has never been a accident claimed on our insurance policy either.

Never in my life have I been more disappointed in a company and their lack of competency. Much easier to blame the postal service for their errors in business than to make a long time customer happy. Not a problem, I will no longer use their services, my company people will no longer need their services, and whomever else I can convince to switch. It amazes me how quickly they can take your money and all the excuses you will hear when you are due your money back.

I am one of there customer that was involve in a accident with another one of there customer and they are giving me the run around about fixing my car. There trying to get me to put it against my policy when it was the other person fault. i will not do it because then I get stuck with the $500 deductable plus the extra expense of fixing my car

About a year ago I signed up for full coverage with progressive, about a month ago my car was stolen. these people took me thru the ringer to provide very personal documents. I was upset at first, but I sucked up my pride and provided everything they asked for. only to have them tell me they will not be covering my vechile. I could not belive what they were saying. the nerve of this company, to take hard working citizens money, just to find any loop hole not to follow thru on their behalf. I have referred many friends and family members to this company. I will NEVER deal with this company ever agian. Their nothing but a huge ripe off, I only wish I had read these comments about this company before I signed up with them. What a huge mistake....they are the worst insurance company ever. I plan to file a small claims law suit against them.

Please take that commercial off with that moron singing.

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