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I go to Pasta House in Kirkwood at least once a week (twice past 2 weeks) and usually order Pasta con Brocolli; I ensure there's plenty of sauce (ask for extra). I went today, got home and it was dry as a bone! I called the Manager, who knows who I am and complained. Said he would give me 'free' one tomorrow (big deal, had to 'pitch this order' and now must get a meal elsewhere). $12.00 down the drain (includes $1.00 tip-which was a mistake). When I asked for "extra sauce" was told it's extra $; told them to forget it! Without question, will NEVER return to this Pasta House again!

Whom this may concern: My parents frequent Pasta House in High Ridge, MO, and Saturday, the 22nd, they came in, and my dad ordered his usual, the breaded fish. About an hour or so after he ate, he became extremely sick, vomiting, diarhea, ect. He was so bad, that on Monday he went to the doctor, and he was diagnosed with, bocholism. The doctor had asked if he had called Pasta House, and he said, "no". The doctor told him to call, which my mother did, and the girl who answered, did not act concern at all! She said, no one else complained, and that was it. How ignorant!!!!!My dad, who is 78, could have died from that. I think Pasta House should be more careful of their food, and the doctor said it could have been also from the cooks not washing their hands. How gross!!! I think my parents should get an apology, and a meal on you, of course at a different Pasta House. That's the least you can do!!! My parents name a, Edward and Vonnie Schuster, and you can reach them at, 636-376-8299.

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