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Weed Legal

Today I ordered a 1000 Million Foundation plaque.


The worst customer service possible. All aspects of the customer non service here is awful. After weeks I still do not get my paper delivered . No one has any authority to do anything. Its no wonder paper editions are soon becoming a thing of the past.


I am now 3 hours into getting the issue regarding home delivery solved....I have NEVER EVER had such awful arrogant, unfriendly people...AND they do not solve issues...they make promises but nothing ever gets done...After 5 phone calls totaling almost 3 hours, my account is still inactive, even though it is paid until mid August. My last encounter with Julie in the prob resolutions dept was the worst of all...She assured me my paper would start deliver on Sunday and GUES WHAT!?!?! No SUnday Paper..I will try corporate and see what yields

squeaky wheel pays off

After more than an hour of frustration with customer relations (or whatever it's called), going from supervisor to supervisor to supervisor, all of whom used the word "unfortunately" about 100 times, I gave up on trying to get my account refunded for a subscription never received. Then I called the corporate offices (marketing) and the problem was solved in 5 minutes. I recommend that the "supervisors" have authority to credit an account regardless of the small print in the subscription. All's well that ends well.

NY Times - one of the worst customer service responses ever! I am canceling my subscription. Corporate office - if you're reading this, improve your customer service.

There really isn't a way to be more American ..except for, I guess, tnyrig to be more American. If there's one thing Americans are good at, it's wanting to make everyone more like us.

i'm american and i don't reenomcmd doing all those things they are telling you to do like eating mcdonalds, having guns, and acting dumb.. that is not what america is about! these people are just telling you that to get entertainment out of it. it is about being able to be yourself and pursue whatever goals you wanna pursue in life. for example, if you come from a poor family and you have the dream of becoming a successful scientist one day, then you can! also we share a lot of cultures here

After months of frustrated efforts to receive the weekend paper which was ordered for me as a gift here in Queens, N.Y., I will be cancelling my subscription. I have made numerous phone calls to customer service during which I received nothing but useless apologies and empty reassurances that my paper would be delivered 'today' and that I would receive EVERY SECTION of it. Instead, I have continued to receive partial papers or no Saturday papers or no Sunday papers or even nothing at all! I never got the promised 'callback' from supervisor William M. or the promised 'resolution' from customer service troubleshooter 'Amanda.' I'm sure that my cancellation request will be no big deal, but you just lost one more customer.

The company they have hired to handle customer service is run poorly. I have cancelled my home delivery subscription just to get away from them.

I would like the New york Times to review and rate my books Perfumed Whispers and Intoxicating Allure by Deepblaqsoul. My contact email is sparklinshampagne@yahoo.com

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