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I recently stopped by a place of business here in Good Hope/Cullman where there was a sign that said "hiring today" my son filled out the application for the position of a "home demonstrator" for in home maintenance systems. That evening around 9:30 my son received a call for an interview the next day. My son was told that he would be a demonstrator of these home maintenance systems and he would get paid $400.00 a week for just doing 15 demos a week.Thats when we found out it was a KIRBY Vacuum center (southeastern enterprises) AKA NCG d/b/a FREEDOM ENTERPRISES It was stressed to my son that he was Not a Salesman.....but if one of the systems sold then he would get a bonus. During the 3 day non paid training that he went through my son was told that if a customer offered him a beer or weed or anything like that...then he was encouraged to partake with the customer as long as he did not get sooooo smashed that he could not close the deal... MY SON IS 17. I have witnesses to this fact who are willing to come forward about this issue. One person is 20 and was offered a beer by a customer and was told by the boss (James newton) to drink it because it may cost them the deal if they don’t. I was never contacted concerning my son signing any paperwork. When I found out what my son was told I told my son he was no longer allowed to work for them. I was recently told that the unmarked white van the "kids" ride around in has no insurance and it has no tag, After hearing this I went by the business and took pictures of the Van and it does not have a tag, The owner of the business lives in the same building that he runs the business out of, is this legal by zoning laws. My son works from 9am till 11pm sometimes unstill 1am. For $70.00 a week. He put in well over 75 hours a week isn’t there some kind of law against that? Their home office is MARKUS QUINN FREEDOM ENTERPRISES IN PELHAM ALABAMA, the KIRBY business is run by James Ryan Newton (southeastern enterprises) AKA NCG d/b/a FREEDOM ENTERPRISES. The man who told my son about the drugs was David V. that’s all I know his name to be. My son would be on his 13th demo and he would be given time off for A JOB WELL DONE, He was told that he would be given the additional demos but he never received them therefore he never received the $400.00 as promised. I have much more evidence concerning a case against James Ryan Newton including attempted rape, and assault on the 60 year old maintenance man employed by James, but I will not go into that unless necessary. James Newton is also driving on an expired license.. I cannot find an address on this business but they are located in Good Hope next to Grandmas Car wash in a building with a red hand painted sign that says “HIRING TODAY" You can’t miss it. UPDATE as of 5:30 this evening 11-2-11 the 19 year old owner of the KIRBY business in Good Hope Alabama southeastern enterprises AKA NCG d/b/a FREEDOM ENTERPRISES JAMES RYAN NEWTON has been arrested for being a non-registered sex offender. Markus Quinn from the Pelham office of KIRBY/FREEDOM ENTERPRISE will be posting his bail.

what is the proper procedure when someone stops selling your vacuums.

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