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I am trully grieved by what seems to be the systemic degradation of an ICONIC American company. My story start's at (5601 15th AVE N.W. Seattle WA. 98107.(GOODYEAR) A noise coming from the drive shaft sounding like dry bearings. I pulled the driveshaft and noticed the two U joints at either end were something I had not seen before (this drive shaft has three U joints and one carrier bearing) I needed help. Good year was close, so, to cut the story short. Two of the U joints were NON SERVICEABLE! I was told this guy was a "DRIVELINE SPECIALIST". After finding out that thay had damaged the drive shaft, I was set adrift with my drive shaft in pieces and told, by management "I WILL NOT PAY TO HAVE IT REPAIRED. IT WAS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT BRINGING THE VEHICLE IN". Now it will cost me $448.00 to repair/replace. PS. This was my first visit to GOODYEAR. PSS. A "0" is to good a score for this store. PSSS. IF thay would have made it right,(repaired the drive shaft) thay would have won a costomer for life.

electronic earful

your electronic ears stink!!!!! you do nothing but torture.

Bad tires

My tires go low every 2 weeks put air in them. Took back 3times to complain. Told me it was because my ford station wagon had aluminum rims tires would not seal. Tires still have a lot of tread left is there away to get some money back so that I can go somewhere to get tires that will work. Only got Goodyear cause a friend said best. Not mine.

Shameful! Pay women equal pay for equal work. Have a conscience!


PART 1 This information is based on employees I have talked to and in some occasions have seen myself and was given a letter from the employees. AS A LOYAL CUSTOMER I NO LONGER WILL GO TO THE GOODYEAR IN ORLANDO FL., BUMBY AVE. I feel bad for those workers, and some of those managers need to respect their co-workers. Before you read this letter please note this letter is meant for corporate. Unfornately we could not find a email address to the CEO of Goodyear but we found this email address that is quite close to getting to corporate: ******@goodyear.com GY Corporate Health, Safety, and Environment, and we hope that this letter will show be shown to the CEO and we hope our issues stated below will be resolved. It has come to our attention that the employees at Goodyear store 2456 (Orlando, FL., Bumby ave.) seem to be working in unethical work environments by means of the shop environment and the way our service manager (****** ******) treat the employees. First the shop environment. Every automotive technician should have their own tools and equipment to be able to do their job. However the shop must have but limited to a specific set of tools for shop use only to properly meet working needs (ex: torque sticks, torque guns, tire machines, balance machines, tools to remove and install tires on rims, valve stems, and patch repair tools, and other typical tools and equipment found in a shop the company provides.) Store 2456 first off has most of these however Store 2456 does not have proper valve stems as needed, we have needed long valve stems for some time yet when anybody mentions ordering some simple valve stems our service manager (****** ******) would say "it cost money and takes away my bonus.", yes it does cost money, but it’s part of the shops need in order to do what’s needed to get a job done correctly for a customer’s car, and isn't that the goal of Goodyear, to be the best and make the customers happy so that they will come back. This is one of many examples of our shop needs. And our repair tools to do patches, apparently we are to use air powered drills only and not use the hand held tool, that’s good and all but when the drill bit breaks (accidently or gets dull ) it’s the employees fault cause again service manager ****** ****** would say "it cost money and takes away from my bonus." and again it does cost money to buy drill bits but compared to the cost of a drill bit verse the cost of a flat repair fix our store would still make profit. the point here is it would seem this manager (****** ******) does not care if we don’t have the (RIGHT) tools or not, needed to do the job and its the lower paid employees fault if the managers (from what ****** has expressed) get a smaller bonus cause they had to spend the stores money to get whats needed to do the job right, he doesnt care if it was our fault or not if the tool breaks (accidently), as long as there is enough profit WE lower paid workers make for them to get them a bonus. Last I checked Goodyear (and for that matter any company) has a set amount of money, or so called "Net Profit" a year the store is allowed to use seperate from employee pay or bonus to pay on store fixes and needed equipment. We have 2 alignment bays, one recently upgraded and brand new, that is awsome, however our second alignment bay has had so many fixes and so many problems, the amount of money it has taken to try to fix the machine I'm sure would have cost the same or close to the amount of a new one. Store 2456 does a good amount of alignments, from what we've heard the most in the district. Think about this, wouldn't it be even better to do almost twice as much with a 2nd (brand new) alignment machine, making twice the alignment profits then we have before and a brand new machine means less problems and fixes. Our 6th bay down has been broken for nearly 6 months maybe more, there were some outside workers from another company taking soil samples, but can we not get this bay fixed better yet turn this bay in to a bay for big trucks needed to be worked on instead of using the alignment bays which hold up work for the alignment techs to do alignments on cause the techs use the alignment bays for their work when alignment techs need the alignment bays to do alignments. I could go on and on with our problems and equipment so all that we have said also goes for the equipment we use to clean such as brooms, and mops in fact a employee had to improvise using a paper plate as a dust pan, my god this store can't even get a cheap dust pan say from the dollar store, because one manager thinks it cuts into their bonus.

PART 2 This information is based on employees I have talked to and in some occasions have seen myself and was given a letter from the employees. AS A LOYAL CUSTOMER I NO LONGER WILL GO TO THE GOODYEAR IN ORLANDO FL., BUMBY AVE. I feel bad for those workers, and some of those managers need to respect their co-workers. The other part of the shop environment deals with overall cleanlieness and sanitary conditions. Every building, company, house has its pest problems. Even though Goodyear is a auto store, Store 2456 (OrlandoFL., Bumby Ave.) has its pest problems that nobody has done anything about. We have had run ins with rats (big ones) and some mice, grant it our store doesnt sell food or anything like that but its still unsanitary to have in any store of anykind. Florida is a well known state to have bug problems cause of the heat and humidity bugs thrive on, our store has a huge cockroach problem. We dont think there has been a day at the store with out seeing one roach crawl right by us. We understand we constantly have our bays doors open and I understand there will be bugs crawling and flying into the shop but to see a huge american cockroach crawl in front of you at least once a day, especially in the break room is actually pretty disgusting. We are sure the company can pay for a seasonal or maybe annual pest control person to take care of the situation. Another problem is the spiders, now this is definatly almost impossible to prevent but its what had almost happen to a couple employees that could have been fatal. There was a spider some employess had found in the tire room, probably been there awhile, had a nice web going, this spider web was on a tire a employee needed to pull for a customer, well on closer inspection come to find out it was a black widow spider. A black widow IS one of the deadliest spiders to a human and has been compared to a rattlesnake bite as being more worse then a rattlesnake bite and are known to be in Florida, one bite and a human can be dead with in approxamently 2 hours. Imagine if word got out that a deadly spider found at Goodyear killed a fellow employee, that could be a problem. Fortunatly most around here are not poisionus to humans, but my point here is, all it takes is one time and then becomes a huge problem for something a little pest control could prevent. This next sanitary problems deals with the city or even the EPA. It has come to our attention that our store 2456 ( Orlando, FL. Bumby Ave.) is polluting the waters, and we are aware that there are other stores doing this too and not just Goodyear. Every Sunday before we open shop we clean the floors by means of flooding our bays with soapy water and scrubbing the floors to get oil, grease and any other chemical off the bay floors and then we sqeegy it all into the sewers. Now we're sure this has been going on since the day the store opened and no one has said anything probably for one we do this an hour prior before customers come, second this is done on a sunday so no governmet agencys are open, and third cause people dont understand that water from sewers get recycled back into our watering systems. I and everybody elese at the shop are not saying no more cleaning but, there are other ways to clean the shop with out polluting the citys water. With this part said we realize as well there are protection laws against these issues dealt with polluting the water such as wastewater mamagement laws dealt with the DEP. The point here agian is there are better ways to clean with out polluting the waters even though there may be facilitys to clean untreated water that maybe recycled.

PART 3 This information is based on employees I have talked to and in some occasions have seen myself and was given a letter from the employees. AS A LOYAL CUSTOMER I NO LONGER WILL GO TO THE GOODYEAR IN ORLANDO FL., BUMBY AVE. I feel bad for those workers, and some of those managers need to respect their co-workers. Our service manager ****** ****** at store 2456 Orlando FL., Bumby Ave. was transfered from the **** ***** store in Orlando FL., in the end of **** early **** for a "fight" with the store manager. These simalar fights are occuring here at store 2456 Orlando FL., except this time with the employees, and now seems to be getting more frequent between employees and ****** ******. He comes to work thinking he knows everything in the world, he thinks he is always right reguardless if proven wrong, he has no confedence in any of the employees or respect of knowledge or ideas the employees may know, the thing is he's a little tricky, he says hes willing to take ideas when he runs out of ideas as far as trying to fix a problem on a car but yet when anyone gives a idea he turns around on you and puts you down like your some idiot. How can anyone ask for an oppinion when your just gonna put them down, that doesnt sound like some who has confidence in their employees. You would be surprised how the smaller less paid employees have more knowledge about a situation on a car and alot of the higher paid techs will listen to the lower paid GS's and/or alignment techs, yet when it comes to our service manager ****** ******, everybody is wrong and no one is right except for him even if you've proven how to fix the situation, this can be a type of prejudice situation. Another problem we employees have with ****** ****** is he can be a hippocrite in a sence of not following the rules but us employees must. A couple of examples that go on here at store 2456 Orlando FL., Bumby Ave., is employees can not bring in their own car or for that matter any car unless there is a written ticket for that vehicle. Almost everyday after our store manager **** ****** leaves to go home ****** brings in his own car into the shop, usually to play his radio sometimes clean his car out or even top off his fluids with out making a ticket for his car, however if a employee wanted to bring their car in to do maitanience they must have a ticket made up for them. This is hippocritism for the fact ****** knows he must have a ticket to bring his car in, yet brings it in anyway with out making a ticket, but when a employees wants/needs to bring their car in it must have a ticket. Another example of being a hippocrite is we can not bring a car in or out of the bay with out someone else guiding us out ( bay navigation ), how ever sometimes ****** ****** brings in cars into the shop with out any assistance to guide him. Occasionally techs will do the same but when they are cought bringing cars in/out them selfs ****** ****** tells them they can not bring in/out cars with out the assistance of a second person, how ever if ****** ****** brings in a car with out assistance its ok cause he's the "service manager". Is that not a type of hippocrite to say one thing and turn around and do the opposite of what he just told everyone else, and we employees are suppost to follow his guidance, that is not the type of service manager we need here at store 2456. another problem with ****** ****** (this can be tricky to understand and actually has manipulated **** ****** into thinking this situation is ok for ****** to do) is yes he will stay after closing time till everyone is ready to go home, as a manager is suppost to. However on any occation that has us staying a little longer, say a car comes in right at 6:55pm and we close 7pm, we have to do the job as we are still open. ****** stays passed 7 as he does normally, but after a certain time he comes up with an excuse that he has to leave (usually something about his family), so thst means everytime we stay open a bit longer to help a customer there is a family issue, this does not happen alot with him but maybe 2-3 a month, my point is we would all like to leave as soon as we close and to have a family issue evertime we stay open a little longer to help a customer, thst just doesnt happen, there other managers that will or try tonleave early and he gets mad about it and tells **** ****** the store manager, but when he does it, its ok cause he doesnt do it "all" the time, that is not right. Another problem is when he feels there needs to be a "feel good atmosphere" after one of these little fight episodes with employees he tells that employee well they perform their job well or give some advise on a topic that had nothing to do with what the fight was about or even try to make a joke, yet when that employee turns his back, ****** will make comments to other fellow employees of how trashy that person is or how hates that employee and would like to fire him. Is that the kind of service manager we need at Goodyear to lie to the employees how well we do. Lets recap here a minute, first he thinks he is better than anyone here at store 2456 (and sometimes thinks he over powers **** ******). Second he's a hippocrite on the fact he says one thing and turns around and does the opposite. Third he lies about his fellow employees how he feels about them after a fight and under his breath tells the other employees how he really felt. And finally the fourth problem is being predijuce, an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason by means of not taking the knowledge of others below him cause he is the service manager and because he is considered a master tech, is must be right and no one elese.

PART 4 This information is based on employees I have talked to and in some occasions have seen myself and was given a letter from the employees. AS A LOYAL CUSTOMER I NO LONGER WILL GO TO THE GOODYEAR IN ORLANDO FL., BUMBY AVE. I feel bad for those workers, and some of those managers need to respect their co-workers. One last issue we have here at Goodyear store 2456 Orlando, FL., Bumby Ave. is our breaks. There are times that our store gets extremely busy, we even loose track of time when to take our breaks at a regular interval, but there are days where it seems we are "NOT" allowed to take our breaks. For example GS's and alignment techs take there breaks according to who clocked in first prior to the schedule for that day. There are some days where the GS's can not take (or in some cases will not) take there break so that the next GS/Alignment tech can take theirs, this is due to the managers wanting to get as many cars as possible, and that's fine, more the marrier, but isn't the law that we employess MUST take a break reguardless of how busy the shop is, and isn't the law we employess MUST take a break if employees work 8 hours or more in a day. The managers know this yet in order to keep hush hush about it they think its ok if they let those employees come in later or on another day, take alonger lunch, that way if asked why this employee is over on time they dont have to think of a good excuse. Espeacialy Sundays alot of times we see GS's and the alignment techs not take breaks because it may cause the shop to loose its rythem of getting in and out cars quick so that everyone can go home by closing time... Sounds like a good idea but now Goodyear is "disrespecting" labor laws and thats against the law. We all wanna go home as soom as we close but the law is the law and we MUST take our breaks. Same goes with the other high ranking techs. Sometimes they even cant get a "full" lunch break like they should, the managers come in and tell them there is car to be done or is waiting, while the techs are trying to enjoy there break. Yet when the managers take their lunches they can't be bothered with, even if they were dealing witha customer or ticket.

PART 5 This information is based on employees I have talked to and in some occasions have seen myself and was given a letter from the employees. AS A LOYAL CUSTOMER I NO LONGER WILL GO TO THE GOODYEAR IN ORLANDO FL., BUMBY AVE. I feel bad for those workers, and some of those managers need to respect their co-workers. As a final word to this letter, we at Goodyear store 2456 (Orlando FL., Bumby Ave.)are not trying to get ****** ****** fired nor are we retaliating for his behavior to the employees. We simply are saying he is not needed hear at this particular store and perhaps he is better off being transfered, and we do not need service managers that dont repect the advise or help we offer to them. We dont need service managers who think they are better than anyone elese. We employess have probably done most of what was said in this letter that ****** has done and greatly learned from it but one thing for sure we employees always listen to each other reguardless of how high or low our position is in the feild. We employees learn from each other reguardless of how high or low our position is in the feild. And its these thing that bring us closer together as a team to help each other in any situation. Think about it, would you help somone who thinks they know everything, whos says they are listening but then put you down cause they dont like your ideas, or help that person when you know there just gonna complain aboit you to someone elese. There may be days that us employees forget to follow the rules of goodyear, our store is supposedly one of the best in the district and you have to expect sometimes we forget to follow the rules as we are only human and no human in the world can do a perfect job or follow the simpliest rule, all we can do is try to learn from our mistakes, now as for ******, because he thinks he's perfect he seems to do what he thinks is right and because he's a service manager that gives him the right to do what he wants, we all say no. Remember he's alittle tricky, doing what is right when our store manager is there and doing what is right when other service managers are there "that is too say as long as other service managers are there and are too busy in the front counter" or certain mamagers may have tried to complain about what goes on and as long as he is in a good mood as far as him liking you he will allow and give permission to you to almost allow that individual to do what they want, this way no one can say anything about him (manipulative), particularly the GS's as they are young and not as experianced to know right from wrong at the work place. But when it comes to ****** trying to show the store manager he is the best he will turn on you and make it so that you (the employee) did wrong. AS A CUSTOMER RECIEVING THIS INFO, I SUGGEST CORPORATE TO CHECK THEIR E-MAIL OR MAILBOX FROM THESE EMPLOYEES

In all fairness I have not had a problem with them until now. I bought new tires for my car. One of the tires went flat. When i brought it back to the shop they suggested i drove ove something that caused this. The damage was on the sidewalll. They say they see this happening "ALL THE TIME" . Well if this happens "all the time," what is wrong with the quality of their product. This tires was 2 months old. Shouldnt I expect a tire to last longer then 2 months. Why is it acceptable for this to happen "all the time". They have excuses about how the sidewall is now supported less then in years past, and its the shape of the tire. Well i always thought the tire was round! If the sidewall had less support, how about providing more support! I understand the would conflict with profits . Higher quality, lower rate of replacement. Fewer millions in bonuses in the executive paycheck. Another business run by greed!

I had brakes, tires, and oil change on my 2006 Saab Sport Combi this year and have never been so unhappy w ith service. I'd asked for Mobile One oil and filter for my car as it is not suggested it is what saab says the car needs. I cannot prove that they charged me for the mobile one and used their valvoline oil but shortly after this oil change I took the car to the dealer and they changed the oil using the synthetic mobile one and didn't keep a sample of what Goodyear put into my car but after getting mobile one back in my car I had to replace the oil sending unit to the term of nearly $900.00. The brakes on my car squeel and sqeak and I've taken this car back to goodyear and their manager yelled at me and showed me a receipt for the mobile one....this receipt was the very bottom of his book of receipts and written in blue ink, the same color as the pen in his pocket that day, he further said the brakes normally squeal and sqeek give it some miles it will go away....no such luck they are louder....the tires were thier goodyear eagle F1 tires and I love them but I have to put air in all four weekly. We paid our goodyear credit card and cancelled it....never NEVER to do business with this company ever EVER again. This was the Goodyear located at 75th and Wornall Road in Kansas City Missouri....BEWARE! We have been taking our vehicles there for years and considered ourselves good customers...spending on average a grand or more per year....they didn't have any interest in admitting any liability at the store, hopefully their corporate offices will do something to stop these bad practices....I always thought of goodyear as American.......what a shame!

I've been a certified mechanic for over 20 years I give there customer service a rating of -0 . they lie , do poor maintenance service over look safty , I well never go back to any goodyear , just tire store -etc - again . I would not let them work on my skate board . they need to stay with what they do beast . run a icecream truck .

If I could give a "0" rating I would! This company is TERRIBLE!!! I got a brand new tire from Good Year in Dec. 2010...3 months later, my tire was completly flat! I took it back in, they proceede to fix it, but another couple months went bt and flat tire again! I took it back today and the mechanic tells me that my rims are to big for the tire and is leaking causeing the tire to lose air. He then says this is probably the case for all 4 tires...Well guess what...I have only had a problem with the brand new tire I purchased at good year! My other tires are fine and have been for a year now! As I returned to work, it appeared that who ever worked on my car, backed it into a wall! I will NEVER go back and I will make sure that I tell everyone I know!

I live in Dresden TN. Goodyear has a factory in Union City TN, which is about 20 minutes from Dresden. We (the community) have just found out that Goodyear is closing down their factory in Union City, leaving around 1900 people unemployed. We have lost many, many factories in the last several year. (As I'm sure many towns have.) I'm posting this because I want the company and other people to know how this will effect our community. 1900 people unemployed....1900 families.....house mortgages that can't be paid.....bills, including electric, doctor, phone, that can not be paid.....groceries that can not be purchased....children that will do without...schools that may have to close.....businesses that may not be able to stay open because of less revenue....the list goes on and on. I understand that companies have to make money...everyone has to make money. But does it have to make so much money that it hurts and put such a hardship on so many people that have been trying to survive for years. We have the factory here. We want to keep it here!! Sometimes what looks good on paper isn't always that good. Thanks for listening. Lisa

Goodyear in Douglasville Georgia worked on my brakes and after they 'worked on' them and I drove off of the Goodyear parking lot, I had no stopping power at all....no brake pedal.....it went right to the floor and put me right in the face of danger on the road with other cars...The VERY NEXT DAY, I brought my car back into them and they made no attempts to fix it nor apologize, nor honor their written warranty regarding their brakes... Before that, they worked on my rack and pinyon assembly (approx an $800-1,000 job)..7 months into the warranty, it is now leaking power steering fluid...I still have the original invoice and the written warranty of 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first...STILL WITHIN MY WARRANTY, Goodyear is REFUSING to honor the warranty....I have gone to 3 locations (all company owned) and was given evasive answers by the location in Lithia Springs, Georgia regarding when they could fix my car (in other words, they claim they 'don't have the time' to fix my car...Called the Goodyear close to Greenbriar Mall, I spoke to the store manager, Dennis, who hung up on me..........THREE TIMES......as well as his service manager, George when I explained the leakage and told them that I still was within my warranty.... This company is truly unprofessional....all the way around....Don't give your money to a company that will not repair your car correctly and then, not honor their WRITTEN warranty.... Beware and be advised that this company takes a huge chunk of money to fix your car repairs and entices you with a warranty that they do not honor, even when you are within your RIGHTS.... The only reason they are getting a 1 (poor) rating is because a 0 rating is not an option....but a 0 is what they deserve.....

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