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I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Gatorade commercial on my absolute favorite player of all time. I cried during the video. Thanks again for such a touching video of a great baseball player and a man who exudes good sportsmanship in the world of professional sports. Unfortunately, there are not many gentlemen or women in professional sports who constantly display a strong work ethic combined with a strong ethical character amongst the many players in both non-professional and professional sports. Thank you again.

I can not find it anywhere. Is it good?

I love to have Gatorade drinking Products available especially during summer for my family. Why is it that I am not able to find the 8 or larger pack of the "cucumber lime" flavored Gatorade? That is my families favorite. All u find is a regular size bottle if it. Therefore, if you have some coupons available I'd really appreciate it. Please mail to: 23861 Lakeview Drive; Rio Hondo, Tx 78583.Thank you.

Tracy Lyons

Well, it is really simple. I'm 47 years old, I don't play sports. I would really love to see a commercial that focuses on my demographic. It seems very pedantic, to see and hear the young sports athlete, when there is so many people who enjoy Gatorade. My son is 10 and he drinks it all the time. He wrestles, baseball and soccer. Just sayin' you corporate shut ins.

Cloudy Unicorn Nectar

My son and I love all things Gatorade. From the classic logo, to Gatorade sports showers, it's part of Americana... Special props to our fav Frost Glacier Cherry. Please never stop making this game-changing candy water... I hope my son grows up to be a famous celebrity if only so he can endorse this product. Whoever came up with this flavor is a great human and should be given power.

Your next Superbowl Commerical

Hello, my 11 year old daughter loves Gatorade and created a home made commercial on YouTube that you all need to see. Please forward this to your marketing department Youtube - lookup.... Jaydoll Gatorade Thanks Tasha Coburn 901-318-6776

It's okay to me

I think anyone who has a problem with Gatorade, specifically with one bottle, should take that to the store where you bought it from. Most likely it expired or something.

piss water

I go thatt a lemon-lime gatorade that tasted like a mixture of pee and puke..I ran to the bathroom n threw up.. had to leave work early..it was a faint color compared to the other bottles..I would love to get the $50 I missed out on leaving work.


Wow. The lime-cucumber gatorade flavor is the best I have ever tasted. So good, so refreshing. Please release it all over the country--I'm addicted!

I got a light blue gatorade from shop rite today and it tasted very dull, no taste, tasted like flavored water


well the Gatorade product help me a lot in time of my hydration in my bowel movement. This is highly recommended in any situation or condition of our bodies, thank God for this newly created drink that led people to choose the right healthy drink.

Limon Pepino (Cucumber gatorade) This stuff is amazing!!! I wanna buy it in bulk ... I'm addicted!

My father bought a bottle of the Cucumber Lime Gatorade this summer for my two daughters, ages 3 & 6. My 3 year old has been asking for more of it for 3 weeks now and we haven't found it anywhere! My father has been searching everywhere trying to locate more for her! She has been throwing full blown temper tantrums over it because she likes it so much! I would do anything just to find some and stop this madness! I agree that it has fantastic flavor and hopefully they will be expanding this flavor into all the stores! It sure would make my days easier if they did!

I have been scouring my entire city for the lime cucumber (by the way GREAT taste) Gatorade and have not been able to find any. I am from Florida and i have only ever seen them in california.

Gator aid 2 low calorie is like drinking flavored water compared to the original Gatorade- Will never get stuck with seven remaining bottles again since I will never buy this product again. If I could return the unopened bottles I would do it. Nothing at all as good as the original.

Guys, major cred for the Lime-Cucumber flavor!! Found it when I was holidaying in NYC, but as I live in Australia, I'm devastated I can't get my hands on it here, can I buy it online from u? Please help.

I was about half Way through my gatorade when I noticed a lot of milky substances just floating in there I was apaled!

Due to your city's out look on "Chick-Fil-A". Myself and other will have no choice but to boycott any company that is head quarters in Chicago. Know that word of mouth makes or breaks a company remember where your money comes from!

I was recently in California, where I stumbled upon the Lime cucmber gatorade. I live in WA, and I came back from my vacation and have searched thru 6 different grocery and drug stores. I can't find it anywhere. Please tell me where I can find it!

Love Gatorade products and due to the heat, make our son drink at least 2 bottles a day in addition to lots of water. The last two times we bought the 8 pack, 20 oz Frost Glacier bottles, weve been having major issues twisting the caps. The caps will not loosen no matter what we do and weve even had to cut or puncture the bottles and pour them in a cup. My sons friends have stated they have the same issue with Gatorade bottles. ~FYI. Thanks.

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