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Went to Capital Grill in Chicago East River Rd .We went at 4:00 on a Monday when we arrived hostess said we have a table in a little room i didnt like i sat there before she stated if we were going to be finished by 7pm i said why sbe said because conventioners are here an we need the tables i ask to be moved i did not want to sit in that room so she wa ted to put us by the patio with the door opening an closing .i ask her if we can sit in dining roim every table was empty so finally we did but the food was cold the 2pieces of bread was hard. Like they were saving the best for their 7pm conventioners i ate there se eral times i know what we get in bread an service we spent over $200 i was very disappointed in their customer care an the food not one dining table was occupied had 3hours before theirconventioners came in I will no longer go there I'm very upset


For three and a half years I was a monthly diner at The Capital Grille in Milwaukee, with family, friends and business acquaintances. It was my "go to place", I probably spent around $20,000 over that time. I always had the same server. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. However, a year and a half ago, my wallet was lost somewhere between my table as I left the restaurant and retrieved my car from the valet. By the way I had a different server that evening. I called local management when I arrived home. Their response was "what do you expect me to do". My friends told me to put this on facebook, but I resisted. I haven't been back since then.

I have been there multiple time to have business meeting and the service has been horrible. I have called and they would make put me on hold for 10 minutes and I had to hang up and call back do that they would answer for me. I will never bring my personal or business events there ever again.

Hello, my name is Everett Tokio, and I was fortunate enough to enjoy a wonderful dinner at the Jacksonville location last night. To be cOmpletely honest I went into the restaurant not knowing what to expect because I'm originally from ATL and had never visited before. A friend of mine recommended this place to my girlfriend and I. The food was a very pricey but very good. All and all the experience was great. The only thing that we TRUELY enjoyed was the company of our server Scott Dibble! My girlfriend and I both come from a service industry background and when we say that we had the best service ever, it is not to be taken lightly. Mr. Dibble was extremely knowledgable about EVERYTHING in the entire restaurant! Very articulate and patient with us, considering the questions we had. If your ever in Jacksonville fl and want to have a fancy dining experience this really is a good place to go. Just remember two things, be prepared to put a dent in your wallet and specially request SCOTT DIBBLE as your server! My girlfriend and I have never felt that we would need to write a review about anyone but honestly we would go back just to receive his service!

I'm outside the Cherry Hill location where there's a sign on the sidewalk that says the Sunday hours are 5pm-9pm. Theres also a football ice sculpture that im assuming is for the superbowl. It is Sunday feb. 5th, 5:15pm. Doors are not open nor can I get an answer when calling the phone number on the website. How does a business run this way?? I have a gift card and have never been to this or any Capital Grilles. Since I can not get into a business that says they're open to redeem this card I would like to be reimbursed with cash. This is ridiculous and absolutely unprofessional.

To the CEO. LAST evening had a great dinner at your Seattle location. Reservation was handled nicely,reception upon arrival pleasant thanks Casey,complementary parking appreciated,service by Chris Wade top notch, and best of all our celebration dinner was excellent.(Salmon,Filet ) SUGGESTION: a very large and attractive bar that doesn't serve DRAFT beer.I've notice on my travels that most first class restaurants offer fresh DRAFT BEER along with fine wine selection and quality Martinis as does Capital Grille. RECOMMEND ; install a 4 tap draft with 1 or 2 popular micro's ,and 2 better domestic beers. Thanks for listening , William Steele (wwsteele1@comcast.net)

I took my husband to The restaurant located in Boca Raton for his birthday and it must have been the chef's night off. (9/14) We are still talking about how dissappointed we were. My husband ordered surf & turf - we waited forever, so long in fact that the waiter brought us 2 glasses of wine on the house. Then his filette came out not rare, but raw. My dinner & my daughter's came out cold except for the romatoe soup they set the "Lobster& crab stuffed shrimp on. That was slightly warm and we had to eat it while my husband watched. I don't patronize Long John Silver's and what they sserved us was exactly like what they serve there, but for much, much less than $35.00 per dish (we ordered 2.) There wasn't any lobster to be recognized or crab, but there was a smell of crab. It was more like breaded, filled shrimp. Increditably dissapointing. My son's burger and the garlic fries were excelent as was the spinish salad. They didn't charge us for my husband's dinner which was appropriate. But my husband still mentions that if he had to pay for his dinner he would have been really pissed. It was also tiny. They did send our table a beautiful piece for chocolate cake & a small cheese cake for his bday. That was very much appreciated. We would have rathered paid full price for our meal and had the exceptional dinner we were expecting. I just thought upper management should know

Last night we decided to bring a world renowned surgeon and his wife with us to The Capital Grille in Troy, MI, to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It has been several months since we last dined there (perhaps closer to a year). Nonetheless, we thought this would be a perfect dining experience. Well, after the cocktails, it was downhill all the way. We started with Calamari appetizer, which was overcooked and rubbery. Our guests agreed. Secondly we received our main course. Oh, Dr. K. ordered a cup of clam chowder and didn't remark anything (not a good sign). Mrs. K. and my husband both ordered the special for the evening which was the wild halibut, which our server said was "outstanding". Dr had filet with lobster ( hardly any lobster at all he exclaimed!) and I had my usual, filet au pouvre. Well, when my husband said his fish was cold, our guest said hers was cold also. The waiter took the two plates away and returned again shortly thereafter. Guess what? Cold again. Neither of them ate their meals. My husband went to speak with the manager and explained the issue. The manager was very crass and rude to my husband, not even offering an apology. This is absolutely unacceptable for a restaurant of this caliber. The waiter did remove the fish and calamari from the bill. But that's NOT the point. The food was cold and no one came to the table to apologize. We still had a $200 plus bill and needless to say we will not be returning. We were going to take our Florida neighbors to the Naples Capital Grille next time we are down at the house, but that is now off the calendar. We won't be wasting our money. Very, very disappointing. We were actually apologizing to our guests for such a poor dining experience. The waiter seemed bogged down and really didn't pay much attention to our table. The last time we were there we had a pleasantly wonderful time! However, we decided, next time we shall be cooking at home! You would think that in this down economy the manager would have at least come to the table and spoken to our guests. The manager actually asked my husband very curtly " what do you want? everything for free?" and that was not it. How rude was he! We wanted nothing for free, just some genuine concern for how his restaurant was turning out its food. We are in business, and even if the client is wrong, my husband always makes them feel as they are right! Oh and did I mention we are friends with the VP of one of the wine vineyards in Napa Valley that is carried at your restaurants. And our guests acutually know Mr and Mrs C. who own the vineyard, as they are members at the same country club, where we also once belonged. NOT GOOD to treat people as they are worthless, because you never know who they are and who they know! And in today's economy no establishment can afford to lose a customer/client. And as consumers, we can't afford to throw hundreds of dollars away on a meal/service that is just mediocre at best. Rita S. ritaanna@comcast.net 248-877-6401

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