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Awful service Huber Hts Ohio

Slow service seating our our party and a Manager that didn't seem to care started our party's frustration. Two hours was the wait time and the Manager was only providing excuses and no apologies. Rude, discourteous, and not worthy of a return visit!

the best

I have been twice to the texas road house on flager st on miami and i tell you that its the best restaurant i been in miami and i have been to all of the restaurant in miami great food great service i just love it that place keep it up guys!!!!!!


I have never had a bad meal at the Roadhouse. Have been to the one's in Syracuse and Watertown, New York and 3 of the Roadhouse's in Indianapolis. If there were any issues they were minor.


At one time no matter what city I was in I always knew I could count on a good meal at Texas Roadhouse, now not so sure. I'm confused should I try another steakhouse?

Great Service!

We frequently eat at the Texas Roadhouse on Richmond Road in Lexington Ky. We have always been served great steaks that are grilled just right! Recently we've had Jordan H. as our server. Great gal! she makes our day every time we are there. Management should be commended as well, because the service and quality of steaks is so consistent. Great job guys :)


I was out to dinner with my wife on the 13th of July and when I was eating my salad I put it in my mouth I felt something in my mouth and on my lip and when I pulled it out it was a hair that was in my salad and all the manager did is took 3.99 off the bill which is the cost of a salad, but I think more should have been done. The manager even seen the hair. thanks James

The managers at your kingwood restaurant need to be fired they are rude to their employees in front of customers cussing them using the F word very disrespectful and unprofessional I personally will never frequent your restaurant again

u get better service in an Iraqi prison

OMG, the service, the attitude of the manager.....what a waste of money and time in your establishment. Notice I did not say this was a restaurant. And then.....I wake up and read an employee was fired because she complained about bad tippers. Good service = good tip. I left a penny, and that.....was way too much for the service received. Stay completely away from this establishment, all of them.

Office Manager

On April 15, 2014 the company i work for used the St. Joseph, MO location to sponsor a March of Dimes 10% refund night. Besides the fact that the Marketer did none of the things she promised, we still have not received our check for 10% even though i have asked several times. Don't use this location for a fund raiser.

Roach on the table

My family and I went to Texas Roadhouse in Aberdeen,nc to eat Father's Day dinner and my mom has a roach crawl out her plate on the table and the manager still made us pay for our food I will never ever go back to that place again... It was nasty n they wouldn't even remove the roach from the table until we left because they didn't want nobody to know how rude and nasty

Please open earlier than 4 p.m.

We love eating at the location in Hendersonville, TN, but you don't open until 4 p.m. I have never understood that because you are extremely busy while opened. Please consider opening for lunch around 11:00. By the way.....you guys have the best sweet potatoes around!

big person watch out

Don't visit Brownsville, TX location If you don't fit in booth because employees won't accomodate your request for a table even with hostess trying to explain that person could not fit in booth. SECTION IS CLOSED N WE CAN'T SIT YOU!

watch your bank statements

-Be careful and watch your bank statement. Our tip amount was raised from the original receipt. This was the restaurant in Sioux Falls, SD. Not all people are honest.

good food bad service

New restaurant in Edwardsville il. Nice. Great food. Not such good service


Please open a location in Portland, OR

Poor Steak

Malabar FL, Jan 2, 2014, Sat 7pm My Comment. The 6os Sirloin Steak was 'Tough To Chew', 'Burnt' on the Bottom Side not shown and wasn't the same portion cut as seen in the showcase.. The Manager was 'Not Professional' to please me any manner! The resturant is very noisy, and seating time wait causes waiter to rush the service to turn the tables. Because of all this confusion, This is my 2nd time disappointment and my last visit! I'm not impressed !

Texas Road house manger in Columbia South Carolina Frank

I have never in my life have heard of a sicken display in my life! My girlfriend works at The Tilted kilt Columbia it is there opening week and things are hectic. There were no spots left in there parking lot so she parked right next door at Texas Road house 400 Columbiana Drive Columbia South Carolina She was told that since she wasn't eating there nor work there her car would be towed. A place who had plenty of parking will tow a car why because the "competition" ? Is this company afraid of new business

baked potato rolled in pork fat

how many innocent vegans and others have you tricked into eating pork? seriously you cant coat your baked and sweet potatoes in oil?


I am sorry but I have been to many of your locations and I have to say the Durham, nc store is terrible! Please DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!


I was at Texas Road house in Monaca Pa. Our meal was terrible and I asked for a manager. She came to table and asked what the problem was. I told her my steak was dry and tough. She offered me a small discount but what bothered me is the way she treated her employees. She stopped to yell at a boy that seemed to be working hard and doing his job. He was cleaning a table off and she not only embarrassed him but treated him like he was just standing around talking. I was so bothered by this. She is a poor excuse as a person let alone a manager. Very irritated she uses her authority to belittle hard workers. Food lousy, very poorly managed.

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