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Paula coat

Purchased a beautiful Elie Tahati Paula coat, but can't use it because the down sheds feathers onto my clothes all the time.

Thanks Yvonne! I'm a very lucky girl! I feel totally spioled. The red handbag is actually one of my favorites although I haven't used it in awhile. I bought it a few years ago and used it fairly exclusively for a long time after so that's probably why I put it away for awhile. But I realized yesterday that I've missed it! It's not going back into the closet any time soon!brookemeagan recently posted..

This is completely googreus Brooke, I love your unique and dreamy voice and the way you make some simple prairie railroad tracks sound mysterious and exciting. Pretty sure that's an amazing talent!The outfit is perfect too, your MIL definitely spoils you!! But you deserve it so much Have a lovely weekend xxxLouise (Fifth Sparrow) recently posted..

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