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Mags, this recipe snuods easy and so delicious. I am absolutely going to give these a shot next week. But as is typical in our fam—it's probably genetic—my creative wheels are already turning. Although I know it’s not easy to grill fish, I’d like to give it a shot. That smoky flavor is a must for me. I'm with Mom on the crunch factor a touch of red onion will do, but once I had fish tacos with an out-of-this-world tangy, cabbage-jicama slaw. But let's be serious—I’m probably not gonna mess with jicama slaw on a weeknight. But for a little roll-your-own taco party, it'd be killer.And finally, corn tortillas would be non-negotiable. Before I started working at Fine Cooking, I didn't want anything to do with them. They were small, weirdly textured, and well corn-y. But, I have seen the light! (I've also had fresh, homemade ones and I will never be the same.) When heated to perfection, corn tortillas are pleasantly dense and pliable with incredibly rich corn flavor. Nice work on pioneering a new weeknight fave. I hope I’m more like you when I grow up! I’m ashamed to describe my eating habits for the past two weeks or so the word ramen would probably come up. I could name-drop more than a few cereals, and I might have to admit to owning controlling stock in Yoplait. I did make Chicken Caesar Salad Flatbreads, which were a-mazing, but I had people over, so I had to keep up appearances.

i just want to say i am really pleased with Taco Via, we had one over by my house by the Legends shopping center but it was closed we were out on Santa Fe in Overland Park Ks and we seen one, we stopped and its really nice to see the Ten COmmandments hanging on the wall,, and the paper you place in the trays had Bible Verses on them,, for that i want to say Thank You cause everywhere you go God isnt welcomed anywhere, but Thank You for taking a stand, just for that i will go there more and will tell others about this .

Never eat there. Disgusting, nasty, overpriced, bad customer service!! Don't waste your time or money!

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