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Simply Awful

In short, a branch manager made off with about 700.00 worth of my money. Do not bank with this group of thieves!

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feb 3 your investment dept annouced a price target for AMD stock from 5.50 to 6 dollars per share....at the time the stock was trading at 7.07. You can't raise a price target to 6 when the stock is already at 7. Raymond James raised the price target to 8 three days earlier. Making annoucements like that just makes you investment bank look stupid...Saying a stock is going to hit a certain price when it is 15% above that must have taken a lot of research. Thanks Former Customer

I believe susquehanna bank is committing fraud against customers. I used to be a customer there and pulled my services when having to speak to the rude customer service department. No hard working american should have to deal with this..... Its time i get attorney and contact the bbb.

Susquehanna Bank is a rip off bank, they steal money right from your account and laugh at you when you ask why. Their customer service is a joke and in general they are the WORST bank I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. In a time when Bank is a dirty word they pride themselves in being the dirtiest!!

If I could have given a zero I would have. I am paying my loan in full tomorrow and closing my other account there as well! The lack of decency or customer service in the collections department is outrageous! They screwed up and yet because I've paid late on my loan its ok for them to treat me with such disrespect, I've never been treated so badly by anyone! Both the supervisor and the manager Debra were both nasty right off of the bat and then kept repeating themselves over and over and every time I tried to speak I was screamed at to stop being rude and interrupting them so I would wait for them to continue the nonsense that had nothing to do with my call and then ask if I can now talk when they responded yes I would get five words in and then they would interrupt me! At one point the manager told me if I kept being rude she would hang up on me, really that is outstanding customer service! Because a women in their department messed up I get told I'm not doing the he said she said nonsense, then when I asked if the calls were recorded to go back and listen she said they weren't and they could only go by what the rep put in the computer so I asked do they type word for word and she said yes, like that is even realistic while looking at my account and talking to me, but because that rep worked for her for 8 years she knows she didn't tell me what she most definitely discussed with me. They are a rip off bank if I were you reading this I would never get a loan through them. And caution if you do don't pay late because they will treat you like a criminal when you call. My final straw was broken when I said wow what customer service yelling at people being nasty and she said this isn't customer service this is collections and if people would stop taking out loans when they can't pay on time they wouldn't have this problem...I was done and said i will be reporting this and she said go ahead chuckled and I hung up. I am not stupid I know they will all lie and stick up for each other when questioned about the situation and nothing now can fix my outlook on them but I just want to warn anyone interested in banking with them, there are so many other banks that have respect for their customers. I will review them with this everywhere I can to warn consumers I've worked in collections before and no matter how bad of a day I was having I never treated anyone that way ever! So unprofessional and disrespectful I'm more than disgusted!!

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