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Insensitive holiday ad

I have been a customer of Supervalu for more than twenty years. And I spend a lot of money in your stores on a annual basis. But I am totally disappointed with your recent holiday TV ad. I am amazed that your marketing department did not feature one person of color. And the last time I checked, your stores are shopped by people of color. So, until your company can be more sensitive of your customer demographics I will not be shopping in your stores anymore. Have a Happy Thanksgiving'

I dont know if this is the right place for my coml=plaint or not I bought 4 10 ounce containers of sliced frozen strawberries with sugae. When I opened them to use 2 were full and 2 didnt even have a half of container. Very disappointed as I needed all 4 to make a dessert for something wpecial. I have never experenenced this before. Betty

If time is money you've made me a welathier woman.

Well tried calling many times no answer....why have a number if not to answer.

I was a very good costumer up until the store manger accused me of doing something that did not do...this matter should be addressed asap I was accused by the new manger named Fred of doing something I did not do....he called me at home and started accusing me putting business cards in the store when I did not...he then told me I did and threatened me he was going to rewind the tapes and show me on the tapes. Now going that far...supervalu best show me the tapes. or it will be dealt with in the way of law. this store is in N.S North Sydney. This should be enough to get a call from Supervalu and I will explain the rest then..my phone number is 902 241-2280 Name Russell Newman if there is no reply to this matter I then will take action again Fred and Super valu.

Supervalu is a high priced store that doesn't pride itself in letting the average shopper get a good deal on food.

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