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But it never happened, did it? You know why? Because you did it to yuloserf every morning. :-)East coast - west coast ..... the differences are palpable, aren't they?

loudly, as if talking to my firned I wonder who's here for our event. Several people waved all of a sudden, and started gathering around. We noticed a high amount of Mall Security and Transit Officers, including a small group outside who had a megaphone. After speaking with Andy and Scott, we figured they were there for us. So I went over and spoke with the officer with the megaphone. First: I would like to say the experience with the officers was very refreshing. In a day and age where suspicion and distrust are rampant, the officers were all very professional and courteous. In speaking with him, he simply said We just want to make sure there aren't any issues. The Mall is a family environment, and we want to keep it that way and not cause any problems. I told him I understand. We have a very specific set of rules to prevent any issues, and if someone refuses to follow them, they will be removed from the group. The supervisor came over, and we talked about the same things, and I reassured him that we were on top of the situation.There was a media crew there, which I thought might have been a local station there to cover the event. It turns out it was TLC filming another episode of Mall Cops: Mall of America. After the brief conversation with security, we gathered around and waited for the train to arrive. The plan was to get on the train and after two or three stops, depants. Two of the Transit officers rode with us, and were the spitting image of professionalism. They laughed and enjoyed the scenery of almost 60 people droppings pants (a few of them quite attractive too. ;)). It was a very brisk day, and the ride lasted about 30 minutes or so from the Mall of America to Target Field in Downtown Minneapolis.Once we hit the last stop, the train was removed from service and we were forced to disembark. Being in downtown with the sun hiding behind buildings on a cold day is bad enough. Doing so without pants in the wind is even worse! With the wind chill, it was close to 0F (-18C). Already 32 degrees below freezing.We are Minnesotans though, so we just gathered close for our No Pants! cheer and a group photo. On the way back, the entire I forgot my pants premise was dropped, and we just had a good time. Many people who boarded the train asked if they were on the wrong train. We'd say Well, where do you need to go? . We got lots of laughs from people, funny looks, but it was status quo. We did have an issue where an older man started raving about homosexuality when we all depantsed. He left the train in a hurry. TLC came up after the event and interviewed several people that participated, and even pulled me aside for a 10 minute interview as the leader of Plan B MN. Plan B will be going NATIONAL! Yay!

while after a ski trip to vermont i went to subway at 697 hoosick road in brunswick ny at night to eat dinner. well what a mistake it was....i got cookies and they tasted like they were 5 days old and the sandwich while made attractive the food tasted unfresh. I had a stomach ache 30 minutes after consuming the food with the immediate need to seek out a bathroom. The woman serving me was friendly and courteous but because the food tasted nasty and old I will never go back there again. someone should look into this store and its policies on how long to hold on to food I do not want food poisoning again it was not a pleasant experience to say the least. I think i will go farther down the road before thinking of food again!

My husband and I went to the subway in Oakland, OR. on 1/5/2011 @ Pilot Truck Stop. As we were walking up to the counter we heard a young girl behind the counter talking very rude to a customer. She was taking the orders to start making the sandwhiches. She acted like she was agravated over what i don't know. I ignored her rudness but then when my husband ordered she was even more rude. Treating him like he was stupid so he decided not to get the sandwhich. When my sandwhich was toasted i asked the other lady to toast it again. She did but was not very nice about it. She asked me what i wanted on it and i told her. She threw my sandwhich together and almost dropped it on the floor. She also had a attitude. I paid and walked away but forgot my coffee cups by the counter so i walked back to the counter to get them and i could hear both of these young girls in the back laughing. This is not the first time we have been treated very rudly at this Subway! I think there needs to be better management overseeing this location. We eat Subway everyday on the road but will never go back to this Subway! Melony Singh 2050 W. Ashlan Ave. #215 Fresno, Ca. 93705

I signed up almost 2 months ago for a free sandwich for my birthday which was Nov. 3rd. After I did 10-15 minutes of your questionaire, I was informed I would get a coupon in the mail before MY special Day!!!! My special day has come and gone. Why do you treat the consumer this way??????????? Michele Slate 2927 Ramada Drive #438 Tampa, Florida 33613

Hearing to CNN this and saw where the young was fired because the camera caught her giving two sandwich to two hungry men. It is sad that she was fired for her actions. That's it for me an subway. SHAME ON YOUR COMPANY.. Hopefully, no good deed will go unnoticed!

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