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I stopped at the Stop In in Rich Creek , Va on 219, as I was traveling thru to the funeral of my grandmother. I was amazed at how clean this store was, and how polite the cashiers were. I was standing at the coffee counter and the assistant manager , Donna, came over and ask if I needed any help( I had that look on my face). I ask her about the coffee and she explained to me all the different coffee's. Jessica waited on me and was extremely nice.. Great store, clean, fresh coffee, best employees ever...Thanks

Customer at the Rich Creek Va store

I stopped at the store on Rt 219 and was so glad that I did. I haven't stopped at that store for several years( I travel thru that area for work)due to the cashiers and management being disrespectful. I found this store to be great. The ladies bathroom was very clean, fresh coffee and the cashier named Jessica was real nice and polite. One cashier was outside pumping gas, for the senior citizens van, which I thought was very nice. She even cleaned the windshield for the little lady that was driving. I think that the cashiers at this store, need to be commended on what they do for the customers.

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I agree with Jessica, Except on one of her statements..its not so much as the cahiers or attendents that are they to help you its uper management all they seem to know how to do is bully their employees or intemadate them this is why they have the poorest rep. for business. thank goodness my mother dose not work for them anymore, trust me when I say you are better off not working for such a demeaning company Instead of backing their employees they are against them. I think a pitetion should be started in reference to such situations as these contact the media and let them see how it feels to be pushed around.

I'm filing a complaint. I had an interview and took a drug test. Nobody would call me back and let me know the results. I kept calling Daniel Allen and he would not call me back. When he finally called me back, he started making excuses up. The honest truth is that he doesn't know how to do his job! He told me that he didn't want to hire me. If your company didn't want to hire me, than why did you waste your money and my time for your nonsense! My number is on file. I will never do business with your company and I will not recommend your company to anybody. Your company has the poorest customer service that I have ever seen in my life!

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