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State Farm supports extreme right wing ALEC

I recently cancelled my State Farm policies after learning that the company supports the hyper-partisan legislative group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), for their legislative efforts. ALEC writes right wing legislation for state legislators in many states, including the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law that led last year to the death of a young Florida boy, Trayvon Martin, nationwide suppressing voter turnout among the poor and minorities, limiting the rights of union members, ending any measures to deal with global warming, and privatizing schools.

State Farm sucks

I tried delaing with Carla in claims. She was totally rude, would not stop talking to listen and hung up on me. State Farm needs to fire her and hire people that actaully have customer service qualities. She is the reason I will never go to State Farm.

Customer service

This company does not give there corporate number but sure cashes your checks for insurance. State Farm is the worst insurance carrier and could care less about their customers. I am going to Farmers Insurance and I have had State Farm for years. But I refuse to do buisniess with a company that

check for damage

While selling my house, it was vandalized. State Farm made the check out to my mortgage provider and me. The house was sold and the lien was cleared by the mortgage company. State Farm will not release the check to me. They insist that the mortgage company must release the check first. The house was sold as is and the buyer reduced the price for the damage. What is the reason for not reissuing the check to me as I paid the insurance. I have been a State Farm customer for over 30 years. Is this how they treat loyalty?

Look at the New LAWSUIT filed in the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERALS office just recent also . Its on the internet if you want to read it against STATE FARM ; The suit claims they have been involved in Criminal Behavior and I do believe this Company has been infiltrated by an organization with Long FINGERS. Watch out with State Farm they are like a Bad neighbor "STATE FARM DONT CARE"

trying to settle liability and bodily injury claim has certainly taken a toll in last few months. Claims adjuster for bodily injury has certainly taken upon himself to deny amicable settlement nor he will provide justification of what he is offering. Any one out there felt the same frustration?

Hi, I live in orlando and I recently had a car break down ... State Farm sent out a tow truck quickly and were very helpful. The People at the Christine Vella Agency were professional and patient.They went out of their way to assist me , They exceeded my expectations , you dont get real customer service much any more. Juans tow truck service was equally helpful and fast, Juan was polite and friendly and even kind to my children ... Thank you State Farm (Christine Vella Agency ... and Juans Towing of Orlando) Your the best.

Thanks for shainrg. Your post is a useful contribution.

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I was with State Farm for twenty Seven years and never had one claim ever. When I drove my 16 years old Honda to Charlotte , North Carolina I was a victim of a car theft. The auto thieves busted my mint condition 1994 HONDA ACCORD. State Farms reaction after they found the car 24 miles away. Dear sir , "this theft is suspicious and we think you stole your own car". Police said , its a typical car theft nothing unusual. Then I start running into People all over Charlotte and the United States who had the same problem with STATE FARM and the same , read off a card response; People this company is broke Yes broke and its the only Insurance company thats not PUBLIC or traded on Wall Street. My theory is they are broke and dont want no one to see the PONZI scheme they are doing. Funny thing about STATE FARM most of my Family has worked there for over 25 years and when they heard that they went into Neutral mode with the car theft thing. State Farm is running backwards and ready to lay off thousands because GIECO< ALLSTATE and NATIONWIDE, Katrina, BP oil leak. Its hitting the bottom line. So watch out and hope you dont have a fire, car theft or hurricane in Tampa, FL.

watch out State Farm is not paying claims and try to wiggle out of everything. Im not sure why the Government has not hit them with RICO laws . They are accussing CUSTOMERS of setting fires or Arson , they are accussing CUSTOMERS of stealing their own cars and setting them a blaze; My thoughts after State Farm and 27 years get rid of them before something happens. Yes I had a claim lady tell me things looked suspicious . In my eyes they are the ones that lokk like Orgamized crime has bought shares into the company.

This is not really with their insurance coverage per se, just with the FACT that State Farm has joined a corrupt corporation-group called ALEC (Am Legislative something) that actually funds politicians and writes laws that they funnel through Congress to get their corporate wish list against citizens! About 2000 large corps. were members, but as people contact them to quit their products, some like Coke have dropped out.(Among others still in are Wells Fargo, AT&T, Wal-Mart). They are actually using YOUR MONEY to buy laws that act in THEIR BEST INTEREST, not government of, by and for the people! Wonder what is wrong in America today? Check out the fun narrative: storyofcitizensunited.org

I send this email not to complain about the excelent service State Farm has provided me for many many years (my current Policy Number is 616 0545-59 5), but as I have recently heard that State Farm is a "member" of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). I am saddened and angry what ALEC has come to mean their; "Scheming to Rewrite my Rights and Boost THEIR Revenue. If you can convince me that State Farm, like many other corporations have done, will remove their support for ALEC, I will continue to use your services. Conversely, if you do not, I will be forced to change my auto insurances to another company. Manuel Hugonnett email: broeagles57@live.com

My mothers house was damaged by a tree the last weekend in June and we still do not have siding on her house. It is now October 10. Their search process for aluminum siding is painful.Today I will meet with a rep to see if the color matches ( does not) to their liking to "patch " up the house. My mother has been a customer for over 25 years . She hires State Farm every year to protect her investment.We now have water damage inside of the house because it has taken so long for them to find a vendor that carries wht they need. Do they not do this everyday? State farm is an insurance company, I would assume siding would be something they deal with pretty much everyday.Thank God the damage to her house was minimal....I cannot imagine how long it would take to to address damage on a larger scale. My mother is elderly and I am so thenkful I am able to keep up on this for her. I hate to think of others in a simalar situation that would actually think this kind of "service" is acceptable.

I had the misfortune to be hit by a driver insured by State Farm, and dealt with Team 1 in the Tennessee/Kentucky claim center. Although I've been told the "check is in the mail", they were very difficult to deal with, and trying to get in touch with them is voice mail purgatory. Eight days after the accident, they still had not contacted me! The really sad thing is that, if they had a been just a little bit proactive and caring, I wouldn't have had any complaints - I just wanted my car fixed. "Mary" of Team 1 actually yelled at me during one call. I guess I'm lucky that my claim was a small one. Can you imagine how the Katrina victims must have felt? Run in the other direction away from State Farm!

State farm is a great neighbor if you don’t mind shelling out your premium money and then God forbid you have a claim. Recently I received a letter indicating my auto insurance rates will be raised due to a 5 mile over the speed limit ticket and a minor auto claim. Not only do I insure my two vehicles with State Farm, we also have Home, Life, Umbrella, and disability policy with State Farm insurance. There is ZERO faith that State Farm insurance has in there policy holders. There are allot of other insurance company’s and this seems to be the right a consumer seems to have, leave state farm insurance Pay your premiums but put a claim in and up with your rates in a heartbeat State Farm Insurance is A CROOK out to get you... Stay away and beware there is NO forgiveness of any kind with this company. Even if you pay your bill and are never late. State Farm is one Neighbor I NEVER WANT TO HAVE AGAIN

I love this company and the fact that they save me so much over The Gecko's Insurance company is a big plus.

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