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I spent $326 having my laptop restored in the Tinley Park, IL store. My computer just cut off yesterday and I am being told it is past the 90 day warranty. I am not HAPPY! Trying to call the corporate office. The 90 days was up 11/20/13 I'm told. I can't afford to donate $326 to Staples. I have been a good customer of Staple's for years.

No longer the Great Office Supply Store

Staples is changing a lot of things and not for the better. Their rebates used to be received in 6-8 weeks now its 8-10 weeks. You used to have the option to receive your rebates by check or debit card, not any longer. With all of their other recent changes, I am now looking elsewhere to shop.

Staples does not have it!

I made the mistake of going into Staples for a common ink cartridge and they not only did not have the color I was looking for, but the selection of HP, Cannon and Brother ink cartridges looked more like remnants and not stock items. Wow! I could have gone to Office Depot, Walmart or Target and gotten the item I needed! Well, like they say, "coulda, shoulda, woulda!" Next time I'll save myself the time and just shop anywhere but Staples.

I have been calling the Corporate office about a complaint on the Woodbridge Staples Store since Sept. 2013 and have not received a call back. This store damaged my laptop, I have called their customer service line several times during the month of Sept. and Oct. they continue to tell me that I would get a call back concerning my issue. It is now going on 2 months and I still have not received a call. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

Customer Service

Hello, I live in Huntington N.Y. and I am very happy with the service I receive when I am in this store. The representatives there from cashiers to management are very polite and helpful. I know that the customer is very important when conducting business so that you may continually receive there business and they always demonstrate great customer service in this location even if it is not myself they are always working hard to help the other customers. Great, Great experience in this store. Store is located in 49 West Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743 and the store number is 0220. I would recommend this store to all friends and family.


I was at the staples in Georgia ave store#0021 I'm customer more then 9 years I never get services like that store to any other places this past weeks I go but is no one to help you no one want say hi to you I think is better to close the store :( because Is like no one luv to work there :( Today I find out all of them is down because they fire 2 manager on the same time :(:( Because they was helping customer and save them time when they forgot the coupon so they give coupon to customer. So why the DM or the CO not give them other chance they work so Hurd don't let them go so easy ,I know they DM or CO not care is very easy for them but think how much money the company lost in this past tow mont!!!!!' The $10 coupon was good or loosening 1000 customers I will never shop for staples they don't care about they people is work there.


Do not expect a call back from this Company unless you are a Motorola or IBM otherwise, if you are a regular Customer you are dirt to them


I bought my laptop from the Allen Texas store and called for help with my warranty etc over 5 times and not one call back from Kevin that was promised by two managers. I am disabled and have been totally blown off on all of this. No one seems to care and excuse after excuse on all of this.

MisManagement in Kingston, NY

The management in Kingston,NY is deplorable. There is only one color machine and when you set up on it and then have to walk away to refresh your card, any person can throw your belongs aside and use the machine in the middle of your project. The management cares nothing about this and when confronted become absolutely hostile. The store used to be active and filled with customers..not anymore...I don't think it will be long before it bites the dust thanks to the woman who mismanages it.

Staples Rewards

I have been using this card for over seven years when I conduct a transaction at Staples. Staples shows one transaction on my account in seven years. Their solution to getting it up to date is for me to pour through seven years of my store receipts and provide the 17 digit code for these transactions, when clearly the responsibility for this recordkeeping is theirs. I recently started making all my office purchases at OfficeMax.


I dropped my computer off a month ago!! Still haven't received my computer back from the E. Syracuse office. Called multiple times to get an updated it's always we're sorry but there seems to be an error! I'll have the technician call you daily for an update. I was suppose to get my computer back in 3 days but now it's a month. Every week it's always pushed back and the manager and assistant manager seems to not even care or follow up on the issue. This is horrible customer service and I will never recommend Staples to any of my friends and family.

Website mistakes about impossible to correct.

I am not going to pay for an item your website added to my order and I never even clicked on it. I click on a $9.99 item and your website added a $43 item. I call immediately and tell them to remove this illegally added item from my order. I am told sorry you have to return it for a refund. I cannot remove it even though it was done 60 seconds ago. I had to call the office of the president to get the issue corrected.

lack of store help janesville wi

I tried to get help over the phone about a computer process we want to buy and to my amazement no one could help the manager was not to be found nor did anyone know the where about of this person No other employees to take a call to help a prospective customer. This store has issue as this is not the first time we have been unhappy with their service

Sales Tactics to Avoid Honoring Coupons

I recently ordered, online, receiving $60 discount with coupons. I received a nearly unintelligible call last night from Staples support in India. My order is still not showing status, so I called support. After waiting and being sent to another rep, I was told that they cannot help me. I have to call the number given in last night's unintelligible call and that I must call from the same phone that is listed on the order ( I do not get good cell service at work, so I called using work phone). I asked that they give me the phone number, as it is not clear on the call. I was told that they cannot give the number out, I have to get it from the voice mail. they were able to tell me that the order is on hold for two days, waiting for confirmation. Apparently, to order using $60 in coupons needs to be confirmed by the buyer within three days of the purchase, to an unintelligible, top secret phone number that must be called from specifically approved phone numbers. I purchase nearly everything online. I have never had a run around like this to place an order.

Staples is a ripoff

Bought a printer from Staples. It is a lemon and has not worked correctly since I bought it. THEY REFUSE TO HELP ME IN ANYWAY AND WILL NOT HONOR THEIR RETURN POLICY. I will never buy from Staples again.

dont trust

I brought my laptop to be repaired. I was told it would be done in 3 days and its 9days later and all I hear are sorry excuses.

False Advertising

Staples is in violation of major false advertising tactics and there is nobody with whom to discuss the issue at Staples! The sent out an email advertising 20% off sitewide. When you go to apply the code to your order it doesn't take. When you call they say it's for promotional items only. something in very fine print at the bottom of the ad. When I ask to speak to a supervisor I'm put on hold for 5 minutes before hanging up. The AG should investigate them! Rip off! And it's the second such ad in two days - the first you learn when placing an order is for in-store only, again fine print.

Staples Store on York Road

I appreciate what you say about yourself and for the most part my experiences are usually good. Today I called and the line was busy for 45 minutes and when finally got an answer, I was sent to the copy center and no one picked up the phone for 15 minutes-twice this happened. Finally the clerk went to the copy center to get what I needed. If that store needs a new phone system then the persons in charge need to get what they need and if they are busy and need more staff, then they should get the staffing. Staples is the largest office supply store so why should this be so at this store? This experience was the reality of who you are for real to the customer, today anyway.

Why Stop with Maple Creek Gunsmithing?

Stop selling to Police Departments (Because They Have Guns) Stop Selling to the US Gov (Because They Make And Sell Weapons Of Mass Destruction!!) Practice what you preach quit discriminately deciding who you sell to!!!! I was already Profiled by a Staples employee because I have tattoos!!!! guess what I also had a badge and gun but the employee did not know that or he would have stopped following me around the store!!!!

They ripped off my Mother

My senior Mother bought a computer from Staples. It does not work properly..They will not help her...What can I do to help my poor Mother?? Nothing, as I live in a different Province...I trusted this business to look after my Mother..and instead? They did not. I am so mad, but what can You do, when there is no face to talk to. A system without a face or soul...no regrets, no remorse, no shame. I hate this.

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