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Every time I come into the staples in Huntington park on slauson and state st..they always tell that there well be either a 20min wait or 40min wait just to print out a couple of papers out of my USB plus there's always a line and they are extremely rude with customer they should fire everyone in that store...


I want to thank you for the wonderful service I receive at the Doylestown, PA Staples store. The service there is absolutely excellent and every employee is v. friendly, helpful and ready to assist and go the extra mile to help. Yesterday Lance & Sandra assisted me with my computer and Smart phone. Being a Senior I'm not a savvy as some.

Manger harrassement

Disgusted with the way I saw a manager treat her employees in the danbury ct store on mill plain. She yelled at them and belittled them IN FRONT Of customers. Filed two complaints and got a call from a district manager who never called me back when I replied to his message. Absolute humans rights violation. Disgusting!


I attemp

I am so disappointed in the L commercial, it is tasteless and offensive. Why do something like this in advertising when you know it will offend some. I will not be shopping at Staples, my church has used Staples to buy paper and copier supplies, no more. Please consider removing the ad, it is not selling it is repelling

Disapproval of Commercial

I recently heard just enough of the new Staples commercial with the "L" left out to cause me to look away and leave the room. I was VERY offended with this commercial. If you are trying to generate business with this commercial, you will not get it from me. I have been trading with Staples for a long time but this commercial gets a definite "thumbs down" and encourages me to shop somewhere else. People in my household are told not to say curse words or words that sound like curse words.


Hello, I recently brought in my home computer to have a virus removed. When I brought my computer home I had a blank screen. I brought it back again when I got it home a blank screen. I brought it in a third time picked it up yesterday and still a blank screen. Even though I brought it in a few times it is my belief that my computer was not even looked at. I was told on each occasion it was working fine. It is not working at all. I cannot get anyone to listen to me. I paid to have it looked at and fixed neither of which has happened. I would never recommend Staples for any type of computer repair. Can I get some help please?


Recently I purchased copy paper at the Staples store 1662 in Wilmington,NC. It was rainy,I was in a hurry and I couldn't find what I needed.It had just come in and Michael Lawrence helped me find it as it wasn't on the shelf yet.He opened a register so I wouldn't have to wait He offered to take the heavy box out to my car and as we were leaving my $2500.00 hearing aide fell out of my ear as I was putting on my glasses without me realizing it.It is very small and light weight. Michael was very astute and realized what happened. Thanks to Michael for excellent customer service and for saving my expensive hearing aide. Please commend him and put this in his personnel file. Thank you.

Disappointed In Commercial

The L commercial is a step down in character for staples. But who cares about character anymore, anyway? It's all about the money. I shouldn't be surprised but I am sadden.

Easy returns

I bought a surface rt from your store and with in one day it died. I tried to return the surface with in 7 days and because I don"t have the box I am stuck with a product that you sold me that doesn't work. I will never buy anything from your store again. I am going to tell everyone about your store and how you don't stand behind your products. A receipt is what you need for a return not a box!!!!

Your new commercial

I really DO NOT like your new commercial advertising STAP ES--with the "L" missing, and using the phrase "What the "L"? The easiest way to lose me as a customer is the hear my 4 year old repeating this from your commercial. I was completely disgusted when I heard it come out of his mouth, and YES he did get in trouble for it and was told not to say that again. I will not be purchasing anything from your store and I have heard others say they don't like your commercial either. Please remove it--I really don't want my son saying it again!


Long Island has a blizzard watch throughout the entire day but Staples still wants stores to open. Who in their right mind would want to come to Staples to buy highlighters now?!?! Staples doesn't care about their employees at all. I bet you all the corporate people are not going to work today. Staples = the worst retail company known to man.


I just tried to return Brothers ink to your store in Clermont,Florida and i did not have a receipt so i was told i would get less than half of what i paid for it. I was a good customer for some years now but not now.Your way of treating a customer is not very good for your business. Melvin Karp

Staples customer

I will never again purchase so much as an eraser from Staples. They cut the hours of part-time workers to avoid paying for their health care insurance. Not ok


I spent $326 having my laptop restored in the Tinley Park, IL store. My computer just cut off yesterday and I am being told it is past the 90 day warranty. I am not HAPPY! Trying to call the corporate office. The 90 days was up 11/20/13 I'm told. I can't afford to donate $326 to Staples. I have been a good customer of Staple's for years.

No longer the Great Office Supply Store

Staples is changing a lot of things and not for the better. Their rebates used to be received in 6-8 weeks now its 8-10 weeks. You used to have the option to receive your rebates by check or debit card, not any longer. With all of their other recent changes, I am now looking elsewhere to shop.

Staples does not have it!

I made the mistake of going into Staples for a common ink cartridge and they not only did not have the color I was looking for, but the selection of HP, Cannon and Brother ink cartridges looked more like remnants and not stock items. Wow! I could have gone to Office Depot, Walmart or Target and gotten the item I needed! Well, like they say, "coulda, shoulda, woulda!" Next time I'll save myself the time and just shop anywhere but Staples.

I have been calling the Corporate office about a complaint on the Woodbridge Staples Store since Sept. 2013 and have not received a call back. This store damaged my laptop, I have called their customer service line several times during the month of Sept. and Oct. they continue to tell me that I would get a call back concerning my issue. It is now going on 2 months and I still have not received a call. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

Customer Service

Hello, I live in Huntington N.Y. and I am very happy with the service I receive when I am in this store. The representatives there from cashiers to management are very polite and helpful. I know that the customer is very important when conducting business so that you may continually receive there business and they always demonstrate great customer service in this location even if it is not myself they are always working hard to help the other customers. Great, Great experience in this store. Store is located in 49 West Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743 and the store number is 0220. I would recommend this store to all friends and family.


I was at the staples in Georgia ave store#0021 I'm customer more then 9 years I never get services like that store to any other places this past weeks I go but is no one to help you no one want say hi to you I think is better to close the store :( because Is like no one luv to work there :( Today I find out all of them is down because they fire 2 manager on the same time :(:( Because they was helping customer and save them time when they forgot the coupon so they give coupon to customer. So why the DM or the CO not give them other chance they work so Hurd don't let them go so easy ,I know they DM or CO not care is very easy for them but think how much money the company lost in this past tow mont!!!!!' The $10 coupon was good or loosening 1000 customers I will never shop for staples they don't care about they people is work there.

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