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Thanks giving closure

I applaud your closing. You now have my full and future shopping support.

Product review

Cannot submit a review on a product. Get red box requesting information needed for no apparent reason.

Online not

The last two times I tried to purchase online my web browser alerted me that the security certificate for e.staples.com expired in May of 2014. I won't be doing any more purchases from staples.com until this is fixed.

Terrible interface with customers

1) chat does not answer 2) can't speak to Manager on Customer Service line. Problem: Tried to place an order on line for pick up at store. My profile shows local store yet they match me with a store 95 miles away EVERYTIME. Will be buying from Grand & Toy from now on. Enough is Enough

dissapointing service

I took my lap top in for tech support and left with my scroll bar disabled....been back five times and they are unable to restore it.......

Horrible Customer Service

I have e-mailed and talked to 8 people in regards to my rebate and no one was able to help me. I had just become a rewards member, but I am going to close my account and shop elsewhere. I worst service I have ever gotten.

The company I work for has been using Staples for years. Ever since they privatized their work, the service has gone downhill. We used to get our orders the next day, now I have to call to find out where it is because it doesn't get delivered as expected. Shame on Staples for privatizing. Their service has suffered and so have their customers. If it was my business, we wouldn't be using them any longer.

Poor Service

Never had such bad service in my life. Called to try to find out about the status of a small printing job, and spent over a hour trying different ways to get someone to update me. No matter what extention I try or who I talk to all I get is "hold" music- even at the corporate headquarters. I'll deal with Office Depot or anyone else but Staples in the future, and be sure to know that I will tell all my friends about this.

scam protection plans

I have purchased 4 protection plans, on office items I have purchased . I register the items immediately. Purchased an office chair 8/04/2012, registered it online, only to need the service plan 11/27/2014 and be told by the rude reps, that I bought a shredder, not a office chair. I would need to provide them with copies of the receipt, which they uploaded with the bar code from the receipt. I will not only stop giving staples my business, but cancel my corporate card also.


our office get new calendars each year. I would like to thank the person who labeled Sept. 17th as "CONSTITUTION DAY". I've Looked at many calendar and yours is the only one that celebrates the CONSTITUTION. Again Thanks, Randy K. Phillips

Ignorant manager

The "so called" manager at the Dover, DE store was so rude to me when I tried to explain about the HP ink that ran out quick. I do not print photos. I use it for letters & not very often. She could care less & grew hyper & actually threatened to call the police! I told her to go ahead, I wish she would. NEVER have I had such an encounter! I called her an idiot loud enough for anyone to hear. No more Staples for me. Office Depot will get my business.


I have been a Staples customer for many years. When my dog ate my rewards paperwork and I did not find it until after the expiration date I was out of luck. When my reward expired during a time I was ill again out of luck Why can't you be the best and since we earned our rewards have them not expire, at least for a year. This would be amazing and deeply appreciated

I have had nothing but problems dealing with staples and the protection plan, Teleplan and their insurance department. I started out having a hinge problem on my lap top and when sent in to be repaired it came back in very worse shape. Not only was the original problem not repaired but it then had an ;internal battery problem,, had been downgraded from windows 8 to windows 7 and I could not complete any searches. finally they decided to junk my computer and offer me a gift card for Staples. I couldn't get that even as no one could do their jobs. the initial problem started July 4 th. it is now August 22 and I have yet to receive my gift card and no one can tell me where the break down is.

Bad service their reward program

I just went to staples yesterday to find out that the $26 of my rewards earned had expire. I tried to speak to someone about reissue my rewards all I got was a message stating that they will not be reissuing the $26 on my rewards card. I am not sure how Staples is staying in business when their rewards program and guidelines suck! They won't be getting any more of my business. It takes 2 weeks to credited the empty ink cartridge and on top of that your at risk of losing the rewards earn on them. It just does not make sense spending my money at this retail store.


Evidently Staples does not post all of the reviews that are written by their customers. WHY???

Sklip Staples!

The worst service and indolent attitude at Staples on 32nd Ave. My computer was supposed to be fixed in 48 to 72 hours but is going on 10 days and no one even acknowledges me when I go in. the store. If you call, there's deafening music and no direct line. My sales person Jaziel C. pretended no to recognize me even though he was the one who waited on me & told me the computer would be fixed in 3 days max. Today I spoke to the manager who promised I'd have my computer by tomorrow but I am ever-so skeptical. Even if I get my computer back (and I'm beginning to doubt it), it's not an experience I want to repeat.

Awful Service

Staples is the worst customer service I have ever had. Trying oo get support for a lap top I purchased. Took me over 2.5 hours to get help.I gave up and am returning it. I was hung up on with stapled, executive customer care didn't care. HE had no clue what he was doing. I spoke with 3 different staples reps and got 3 different answers. Don't ever use joy-systems for a product ever. There customer service awful so My company will be using office depot. I'm so disgusted.

Dropped the Ball

On July 11th I ordered a desk name plate at the Iselin New Jersey store. I gave them my old nameplate as a sample and was told that it would take 7 to 10 days to come in. It is now the 23rd and no nameplate and the Office of the President and pushed the problem off onto the store who has all the excuse's in the world except there was a famine and it got lost. Now I don't have the old nameplate and I don't have the new nameplate. Stay away at all costs from these stores.

I was in the Somersworth NH store on July 7, 2014 and never use my debit card but did on this day to buy ink, its been 2 weeks and now my card was sold to overseas idiots who think they can use it in Arizona and Florida at the same time and no one will notice. My bank did stop the spending but they love pay pal and hotels. I did call the store and spoke to Melissa the manager and she did not care one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!did not ask what day and any other info please all of you watch what you do in this store....Susan

Ineffective /Customer Service

I shopped at Staples today and was kept waiting in line for almost an hour. There was a new guy as cashier who had trouble opening the security box for a customer. He was the only cashier. Management would not pay attention to his calls to open up a new cashier work station. No other employees were available. Management took no action, just left this person to his own devices.. This happened in your store In Glastonbury,Ct Putnam Blvd. Retraining is sorely needed in this store. I do not think I'll be back again....ever!!!!

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