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Way to go on this essay, hleepd a ton.

To Whom It May Concern: I have been a client of Standard Parking for 12 years. Your team runs the parking garage in our building. Generally, I used the "drive in get any parking spot" for 8 years. About 4 years ago, I opted for a reserved spot. I retired 2 years ago and I live 5 months in NJ and 7 months in NY (where the parking is located). Each year when I returned from NJ, I was able to have my same "reserved" spot. During the winter last year, I had a problem with the garage manager Keith. He told me on two occasions that my payment, via computer, had not been received. Granted, I had just learned how to submit payments via the computer BUT the payments were sent in and apparently utilizing a certain method did not allow the payment to be received until the 10th. Keith told me that whoever received this payment said "there was insufficient funds". That was not accurate. In fact, I contacted that person (about a year ago) and they told me that Keith did not allow enough time for the monies to be entered. I did accept some part in the confusion in that it was the first time I paid via computer. The next month, however, there was another problem and again, I was told the problem was not with me but with Keith (according to Chicago (?) accounting office). This time he charged me a late fee. I have been with this garage for 11 years at that time. I have NEVER been late...NEVER. I was extremely upset because again I found out that Keith caused some problem. Then Keith told me that I had to contact Chicago(?) to get the late fee removed. They told me "not true", Keith must remove that fee. Which he finally did. Now, to the main problem. As stated, I have a reserved space for 4 years...2 years ago I moved to a space that had support beams on either side which basically protected the car from others opening their doors. When I returned this year...Keith gave this spot to someone else. When I asked "why he did that?" He responded "you don't own any parking spot here"! Now, if there were NO reserved spots available, I would have clearly understood "why" he took this space back. But that was not the case. Keith opted to take this spot clearly because of our disagreements before I left for NJ. So, today instead of getting a "reserved" spot which costs more than an "every day different spot", I refused to accept the spot he could have given to the other person. And, in fact, that results in a monthly loss of almost $50.00 for Standard Parking. Keith needs to accept that he caused the error twice last year and that he shouldn't become vindictive to a "long term "on-time" paying customer. Thank you for allowing me to "vent". Jane Gibson Apt #8J

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