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Love Spencer's as a whole but will never shop at the Beaumont location Jennifer is a terrible Associate and talks down to people horrible service and will not be returning.

Spencer Gifts continunes to sell anti-Irish merchandise. As St. Patrick's Day is aspproaching their shelves will be filled. They would never sell te same items be-littleing other groups.

your decisios

Since you think it is ok to sell slenderman. I nor my family will ever use your products. Bad choice

Wrongful termination

I was fired the same week my dad passed away. Saturday is when I returned back to work had monday thru friday off. So Saturday shift started @ 10:30 ended @ 3. Before my shifted end my Store manger Tammy called me into the back room, had so called sympathy for me basically using my dads passing to tell me that she made a hard decision which was that me and the store had to go separate ways, it isn't my niche, I'll find something better

Cmon people. If you don't like it, don't go in. It's a pretty simple solution.

The people at Spencer's

I have read all of these reviews and quite frankly I think that the majority of you are judging an entire corporation by the actions of one individual. Spencer's has been around longer than most of us have been alive. They have built a "Brand name" recognition for themselves. This is no easy feat in todays competative markets. Who asked doesn't know what "Spencer's" is? I live in AZ. and the PV mall location has the absolutely nicest, most helpful, courteous, and downright pleasant staff (especially a young girl named 'Stevie) that anyone could ask for. So please don't condemn all for the actions of a few. And guess what - this is a free market system - so you have the right to shop somewhere else. Might I suggest a different Spencer's location? You just might be pleasantly surprised.

dist mananger of L.A offices

the real truth I walked in a Escondido store at the west fields mall in Escondido 3/15/13, when I saw this skinny unrespect Dist L.A manager of all over California for spencer have no respects for me such a way he, involuntary threats towards me, such a way other employee's were next to him, another problems a new head store manager in Escondido store in the mall she isn't there a long time she is taking a vacation, less then 6 months of employment at spencer Escondido mall, some one below her been having overstress to take more time to do new store manager job in Escondido mall store. she is really not really respectful person at all. when you in a employment less than 6 months of employment by taking off from their duties of responds of that store, by taking vacation should be reviews.

Bad customer service

When trying to voice a concern about a store manager to asst manager. Was told she did not want to hear it and to take my complaint elsewhere. I have called the corporation 3 times and no help at all. They don't care about their customers at all

Come on people! Really? Spencer's is what it is. It's a novelty shop, it's not a daycare or a toy store. As a parent, I am responsible for keeping my kids safe in every way. A big part of this is being aware of their surroundings at all times. It is MY responsibility to make sure they aren't exposed to things i am not comfortable they are exposed to. Why would you take your kids into this store if you had no idea what type of merchandise they sold? Let's grow up and take some responsibility for our children and what we choose to show them. Unfortunately, we don't live in a world where our kids are gonna grow up innocent and unknowing. Ever listened to kids on a playground? As parents the best thing to do is to be honest and keep open lines of communication with our kids.If you don't answer their questions, one of their friends will be happy to or worse show them. If no one bought this stuff, Spencer's wouldn't sell it and there is a Spencers in every mall I've been to. So come on parents take your hands off your kids eyes, they have been peeking the entire time. EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND YOUR CHILDREN.

This has made my day. I wish all psoitngs were this good.

I'm very mad cause my husband and I were in one of the store just 2 days ago bought a hat we asked the guy if it came bigger he said no instead of him saying if you buy it they don't give cash back he asked us if we wanted to buy one of the things on clearance so today we go in to return the hat we get a gift card I was mad I don't go shopping in that store every day so I'm stuck with a Spencer's gift card I'll never use and the sign they have posted that says they don't give cash back is on the counter were you put your stuff down who is going to see it there when you are putting your purchases on the counter And covering it up so now I have useless gift card and my husband can't buy what he wanted from another store

BEWARE OF SPENCER'S "SHOPLIFTING" SCAM, STARRING YOUR CHILD AND YOUR MONEY! Mothers and fathers, do NOT allow your children to shop at any Spencer's gifts, particularly in the Dallas area, most especially at Firewheel Mall. The employees there are over-eager to FRAME your child for shoplifting. They obviously receive a company bonus if they can trick your child into not paying for something your child wants to buy. This happened to my daughter. My daughter actually brought multiple items to the counter and the cashier failed to ring one of them up (a $2.99 item). She paid for everything that was rung up and had $40 left in her pocket. As my daughter put one foot out the door, this same cashier set off the bells and whistles and excitedly called mall security, and my daughter was cited for shoplifting. Not only is she banned from Spencer's for life, but she is banned from the entire mall for life! She has to appear in CRIMINAL court (for this $2.99 item she was perfectly willing to pay for), we have to hire attorneys, plus we are required to pay $350 for Spencer's "settlement fee," which I am sure goes straight to Spencer's bottom line. BEWARE -- SPENCER'S IS RUNNING A SCAM, AND VICTIMIZING OUR CHILDREN - BEWARE!!!

I have read all of these reviews.... first, there is a "parental advisory" sticker on the front window of any Spencer's that i've ever visited. And, let's face it... you're in SPENCER'S!!!! if you do not know this is an adult store, you have been under a rock for years! DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN SHOP THIS STORE UNATTENDED! YOU ARE THE PARENT!!! Next, not ALL Spencer's employees are rotten.... If you've had a bad experience, shop another Spencer's when you can. it could be a GREAT experience.... don't let one store ruin it for other stores! I LOVE SPENCERS!

I was just wrongfully terminated from a Spencers store. For an entire year, I had been harassed by my store manager. I had three deaths happen within a short amount of time and almost lost a forth as well as being ill. My store manager WROTE ME UP for these things because it was effecting my performance. DUH! of course it would. And on top of that she hired friends to work for her; in which led her to favor those employees. Isn't that a conflict of interest? During my time there of course I made mistakes that she SHOULD HAVE written me up for; but never did! Though she still held those things against me. On top of that those EMPLOYEES that she favored were gunning for my position. They told her numerous lies to get me in trouble and inevitably got me fired. To fire someone on grounds of HEARSAY when there is no proof is not grounds for termination. Even before my time working there, previous employees have had similar complaints on this store manager. I plan on following up with legal action on her.

Was trying to conduct a exchange transaction at a frequented store in Aurora...I realize the receipt states that "returns" can be done within 30 days of the purchase date with receipt...I was not trying to return the item, I was simply trying to exchange it for a different style...The sales associate questioned the manager (who by the way was reading a book) and the manger only took a moment to lift his head from the book to say "If it's been past 30 days then NO"...I stated that I just wanted to exchange the item...He stated that it didn't matter, 30 days is 30 days...I worked in retail for over 10 years and know how it works...The same belt I was trying to exchange was still hanging on the rack at the same price, who was going to loose here??? No one...Even exchange, how hard would it have been??? I realize that had I been trying to exchange a item that was now marked down and it had been past 30 days then I would have to pay the difference...I would not have argued that at all...Not like the manager gave me more then 30 seconds anyway...I was very disappointed in the service...Customer service should come first in any business and what I received was totally laking any kind of service whatsoever...Poor, poor service...

They should renamed Spencers Gifts to Spencers D!cks cause it was how they act, sell and what they are. They love to talk sh!t about you when your in their store and right behind you. Horrible ASSociates! notice the caps) They deserved to be fired! They are nothing but rude and dumb hicks that have nothing to do in their lives except sell sex toys to children and just be pricks.I saw 2 little kids holding dildos and playing "sword fighting" in their crappy cramped store. Really? REALLY? They just stood there and watched while laughing while parents are too dumb to do anything. Is society really like this? Whats next? A book about teaching little kids how to touch each other and spencers sells the book?? Never going there again, they sell their overrated crap by like over 6 bucks and over while I can buy online waaaayyy cheaper and is GOOD quality than the sh!tty quality in spencers. DO yourself a favor, don't go there. Buy somewhere else like online. Peace.

TERRIBLE STORE! i used to be a good customer of them until they threw away all the mystical,fantasy products and an ignorant worker ACCUSED ME of stealing something when I didn't have anything on me from them when i walked out the store and they arrested me too!! ridiculous,horrible store and never going back there again!!! they just lost there favorite customer, and i hope they just go out of business with their lack of service and crappy products. THE EMPLOYEES SUCK AND I HOPE THEY GET FIRED. I COULD NOT EXPRESS THE ANGER ENOUGH THAT THEY CHARGE ME FOR SHOPLIFTING WHEN I DID NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THEIR CRAPPY STORE!!!

I just got an awesome job that requires government security clearance and I needed to get employment verification for the short stint that I worked there. They asked for $35 CASH to get this info. I laughed and hung up.

Yesterday I purchased “Seriously Sick Jokes” By Rob Manuel from your retail store located at the Burlington Mall, WA. Fortunately I took the time to flip through this book before gifting it. I can appreciate good adult humor...take it or leave it. However, I tripped up on a few pages in this book, specifically 47-51 that were beyond distasteful. It contains what the author/compiler refers to as "pedophile humor" (if that is what you want to call it). It is obscene, inappropriate and in no way funny! I question why your store would carry or want to be associated with a book containing statements such as; “What’s green, hard and full of semen? ANS: (Insert recently abducted childs name here” I am returning this book to you for a full refund. I hope in the future if I make a purchase from your store I can expect not to find repugnant material involving children. Customer, Angie

This company treats their employees like dirt. GEORGE SORTIRIN needs to be fired. FIRED!!!!!! ALWAYS SEEMS LIKE YOU FORGOT TO REMOVE YOUR BUTT-PLUG. I'm glad your legacy will be that you peddled SMUT! Enjoy, jerk. Hope you and your corporate cronies burn in f*cking hell. Peace.

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