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I pretty much agree with you which doesn't srrsuipe me. I also don't like the idea of estate taxes which I know is not a popular view from a leftie but I feel like the people paid that tax as they earned it. They pay on capital gains. Why tax the family for what already was taxed? there is only one reason I can think of which is social engineering which only actually works to limit middle class families from building up something or holding onto the family farm or business. The really big guys always have ways around it. It's very hard on the family ranches if the family wants to keep it going. I actually have written a blog about it also having just gotten back from ranching country where that estate tax often ends up with the ranches going into corporate hands and out of families.

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SpaOne closed its doors without so much as an email or phone call to its customers. What a lousy way to show your respect to customers that have been loyal to you since you opened your doors. Shame on you SpaOne!

Real brain power on dsilpay. Thanks for that answer!

Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brigehtned my day!

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