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cumberland md.store Neal Cessna Mang. says people with lifting handicaps are nothing special if you can't lift 1oo lb. bag of feed because you have heart problems you have to pay more pay more for two 5o lb. bags pacemaker or not! he lost about a 8o dollar sale that day & a 2o yr. cust.

cumberland store manager Neal seems to not care about cust. with hanicaps that limets their lift- ing limits! he would- not allow salespersn to sell me two 5olb bags of feed at same price as one 1oo lb. bag. id have to pay more 4 two 5o's heart prob.or not. maybe i've got a discrimination case here?

southern states store in cumberland maryland discriminates people with handicaps. i cant lift heavey wait i have to pay more 4 2- 5olbs bags of feed then one 1oolb. bag bad heart or not!

Seattle Coffee, the worlds worst coffee to drink for breakfast, do the people at Burger King really drink their own coffee?? This is lower than a rating of 1 and they have the nerve to charge for a cup of this MUD. Thank You

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