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On Sunday the 13th we went to your Mira Mesa Souplantation #009. We walked in and were greated by a woman that we could not speak a word of english. We went on to get our food and sat down. Alan, who was waiting on tables was great and most attentive to each table. I go to your resturant mainly for the chicken soup. It is my favorite. I sat down to taste the soup and was taken back. I waited for my firend, who also is a big fan your soup to taste it and was reafirmed by her response. She also was extreemly disipointed. I asked Alan what the deal was and he went and requested that another pot be put out. After waiting awhile, I went back for another bowl of soup, but nothing had changed. When I inquired as to where the soup was, again I was confronted with a person who knew no english. Another waiter came and explained what I was requesting. When I enquired from you manager (also Hispanic) as to where I could get a comment card, she gave me a napkin and asked that I write on the napkin what my problem was and she would take care of it. When I walked away from her in disgust, she eventually came up to me and begged me to tell her what my issue was. When I told her I was amazed that your company could hire two people with no english skills when so many were out there to choose from, who do know english? She didn't know what to say. By the way, when I finally got the soup again it was better, buy no way close to what you used to serve. I am extreemly disapointed in your organization and will not return.

Help! We need you right across from where I live in a senior mobile home park that has 1,200 mobile homes. Also across the street from an available building with a lot of parking lot is a Christian College and conference center that seats more than 1,000 people. It would just be a walk across the street and you would have built in customers for Souplantation in Murrieta, CA

Please please put a sweet tomatoes is Salem Oregin ! Not fun driving 40 miles to visit your Sweet Tomatoes in Beaverton Oregon.

I do not have a complaint about the quality of Sweet Tomatoes. I have lunch there once a week. I am, however, very annoyed at the location near the Gwinnett Mall Shopping center in Atlanta, GA. Twice I have been greeted by workers in the parking lot saying they were closed due to problems with the building. First, this past winter, the location was closed due to a fire in the roof, and the restaurant was closed for TWO MONTHS. Then today, I was told a water pipe had burst. I wonder how long will it take to repair that. Either keep the building updated and maintained or build a new building. A perfect location would be at Presidential Pkwy and Scenic Hwy in Snellville, GA. There is a lot there for sale next to a hospital, and a highschool, large church (people are always looking for a place to eat on Sunday after church) and a large population.

I called once and for the life of me, i could not remember the address i ask you to consider placing aSweet Tomatoes restaurant, in Charleston west virginia and the address is" RHL BLVD, CORRIDOR G CHARLESTON. There is a big wal mart, dress barn pet smart,koles, chinese restaurant, KFC, burgerking, longhorn steak house. and a lot more, i really think a SWEET TOMATOES would go over really well. Plus you would have the extra benefit of local farmers for your salads etc. thank you sandy herald wade 1604 smit rd apt I charleston, west virginia 304-205-5820

I'm literally gagging...why? Your company purchases "Palm Oil" to use in your cookies and who else knows what. Your company should be ashamed. Orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra live in the rainforests, and palm oil developers in Borneo and Sumatra are destroying the rainforests. There are many orangutan deaths a year because of these farmers and their actions. When palm oil developers tear down forests they are taking away the orangutans' home. Many adult females die because of palm oil plantation workers and leave their babies orphaned. Shame! Shame! Shame on Sweet Tomatoes. Bad. Very bad. Even worse, now I can't go to Sweet Tomatoes anymore because I won't patronize any company that uses palm oil. This is a big bummer because Sweet Tomatoes is/was my favorite place in the world. Bye-bye, Sweet Tomatoes. When you choose not to use palm oil products or even sustainable Palm Oil, (RSPO) I'll be back.

To whom it may concern, My daughter and I were at Sweet Tomatoes and I gave a girl named Mackensie a coupon that I got from the internet. She told me that it wasn't valid for NV and that I cut that part off. I got the coupon from the library and that is how it was on the print-out sheet. It was printed on corner of the sheet, so I didn't know NV wasn't included on that offer. I was humiliated because she said out loud to two other employees and she repeated it like 3 times on how I cut that part off. All of the people in line behind me were staring at me. I was so embarrassed that I was ready to leave, but my daughter is pregnant and she was really wanting to eat, so I paid for it. I have been there so many other times, and I usually use a coupon with no problem, except for this time. I ended up paying more money. It wasn't my fault that the coupon was printed on the corner of the page from the library. I am very uncomfortable to go back there again, because of how badly I was treated. She didn't need to say that so loud so everyone can hear. I am very disappointed with this situation. Sincerely, Nancy Palmateer (702)586-7722

I'm asking you to consider, building a Sweet Tomatoes, in Prescott, or Prescott Valley, Arizona. Prescott Valley is getting a Baja Fresh restaurant, in November of 2010. Prescott is a wealthy community and would highly welcome a Sweet Tomatoes. Sincerely, Joy Samuelson

i've never written to a chain's headquarters before but felt this needed hearing. we've eaten for yrs at the I'10 location in houston,tx and always was greeted by manager and staff extremely well. however, today i had lunch at your willowbrook location in houston,tx, and this is what i encountered. Two very long lines on both sides of salad bars with only 1 cashier. she would check one person out on one side and then turn around and check another from the other side. while doing this the "manager" (i assume he was the manager) and another female were standing near the registers chatting away and laughing. when the unidentified female walked towards my part of the line i asked what the problem was with the "cashiers". apparently i caught her at a bad time or something but she snapped back at me that the 3 registers were down and that there was nothing wrong with the cashiers and promptly walked away. within a few mins the "manager" starting ringing up customers on the opposite side where i was and another woman arrived to "help" the sole original cashier on our side. i feel that under the circumstances someone should have acknowledged the long lines and explained the reason for them. also i felt that someone along the way should have said at least "thank you for coming" or "enjoy your meal". those greetings are voiced at every other restaurant even fast food ones. times are not the best now and a lot of establishments have gone out-of-business. as i said earlier, i enjoy dining at sweet tomato but i may avoid the one located at willowbrook.

Hello to whomever it concerns, I'm leaving this comment in hopes that better service will be provided for The Souplatation in Marina Del Rey, California, Zip Code 90292. The service their deserves a BiG FAT ZERO!!!! I would rate it as so if your rating scale could provide that!!!! I never felt so humiliated in my entire life by the staff working at this location. I've in the passed received great service and recommend my family and friends to this particular location, but I'm sadly mistaken that I would ever eat here again.......I would not advise anyone to become a consumer of this location if you are in of favor "Racial Profiling". I hope this comment catches the attention of a caring worker of the "Souplantation Sweet Tomatoes Corporate Office". I plan to take further actions with the Better Business Bureau of the State Of California. My email address for any further questions is Sreed23@cp.csudh.edu Sincerely, A Disappointed Consumer...

I would like to ask your company why you have NOT put a sweet Tomatoes in Yuma, AZ? It is a growing town where there are buildings you might take a look at to establish a business in. Thank You

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