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exceptional restaurant!!!

The soup plantation in San Diego, California is the best! Their food is fresh and delicious! It is very clean and employees are very nice! This is my absolute favorite location out of all the other ones!!! I absolutely recommend this souplantation location! ♥

Poor benefit

I have been working at sweet tomatoes for 3 years without benefits. I have to work really hard with minimum wage. It's really a lots of work and stressful. Why don't you think about treating employees more like what they have done for the company.

Coupon Issue

My wife and I went to the Sweet Tomato on Bernal in San Jose for lunch today. I gave the clerk my cell phone for their online coupon for lunch $8.99 including drink. She gave us 1 lunch and said the coupon was only good for one. She then charged us the lunch price plus another $2.39 for a drink for the 2nd person. The coupon doesn't say it was restricted to only 1 person! I could have had my wife pay for hers with the coupon on my cell phone and then hand the phone to me and I would pay for mine with the coupon. We didn't want to hold up the line so we didn't push the point and just paided the extra money. Other then that the food was good and the staff friendly

Awful Experience

I stopped at Sweet Tomato in Santa Clara while traveling yesterday. Started off with empty had disinfectant dispenser on food line, salad offerings were low to none and had a dark glaze to them, ice tea dispenser had a big sign on it, out of order. Grab two soup bowls and both had food particles on them, busses never cleared our table, we moved to another table and finished our meal. And to end on an even worse not.... I have been up all night vomiting and with diarrhea. It's the only thing I ate yesterday and based on the overall visit I am convinced there is other problems in the kitchen.

I went to Sweet Tomatoes at 7736 west long Dr. Littleton CO 80123 and i heard a conversation about a person that works there who's name is Maria Marban...on the conversation i heard that the person is an illigal immigrant and Im wondering if you are hiring undocumented people....???

my online coupon

I went online filled out questionnaire took it to my store and the MGR told me I could not use it because I was only getting soup. I asked her if she was sure. She said let me ring it up and we will see. "No, you have to buy the whole dinner". So I called corporate to see if this was true.... no answer yet. Will post as soon as I get an answer.

shabby appearance of Arcadia restuarant

I patronize the Arcadia, CA Plantation at least twice a week and have noticed it is looking fairly shabby...the last two visits the hand sanitizers were empty in two locations at the start of the buffet and the woodwork, cabinetry varnish(?) looked worn down and greasy. I am sure this is not the picture you wish to show in your restuarants as I have never seen any of your other locations. be it in Aurora, CO, or Phoenix, AZ Me thinks these conditions need your attention...cc.

very nice people

the sweet tomatoes in orange park florida is the best clean resturant it has evrything fresh nice staff and good food will recomened sweet tomatoes to all my family and freinds .....

the best sweet tomatoes around!!!!!

The sweet tomatoes in orange park florida, is the best and the manager Brian is so very nice and greets you and they clean as they go the soup bar and salad bar is really clean and the staff is great.... u guys need new kind of coupons and like buy one get one or one child free with adult purchurse... the economy is not so good ...but very affordable. Just wanna see better coupons thank u...

I currently work at sweet tomatoes I want tol complaint because the managers there discriminate and they act unethical most of the time they trained you for a day and confuse new employees not a good place to work if they treat you like crap.

I come suspected suplantation restaurant located at Mission Gorge, 6171 Mission Gorge, san diego, CA 92120 and their phone # 619-280-7087 are hiring illegal immigrant for it cheap labor pay. There are at least two illegal are working there as i writing it. Their name are Mayra Gomez, Jatzry Gomez. I also call field office of Department of Homeland Security in san diego to reporting this jincident.

Your soups are not being cooled down quick enough. People are getting sick. Please observe under 40 degrees and above 140 for all your hot products.

I go to sweet tomatoes pleasanton and it is always good....there is always a big variety of food and there is always a full pot of your favorite soup and a full pan of the delicious mac and cheese, and it is ALWAYS clean! But....I went to the sweet tomatoes in Santa Clara today and it was the complete opposite! It was dirty there wasn't a very good service on making sure that the food was replenished when it ran out, and the ice cream machine was broken....so you would think that they would fix it right..wrong! They had a women stand there, and give each person 1 scoop of ice cream and you couldn't get more then 1 scoop...its a buffet? That means however much you want....not at this buffet. I give the pleasanton sweet tomeatoes five stars but the Santa Clara one I wouldn't even recommend even to a stranger so if you love sweet tomatoes don't go to Santa Clara to satisfy that love.....a manager should really take care of this.

The two waiters/bus boys...Eric and Junior at the East Colonial Drive location Are RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, and UNSANITARY...First off B.S.ing in Spanish in front of customers when working EXTREMELY RUDE. Secondly CELL PHONES IN SIGHT OF CUSTOMERS and texting is UNPROFESSIONAL especially WHEN YOU ARE ON THE CLOCK!!!!! Lastly wiping a table and then the chairs and then back to the table GROSS beyond belief it creates unclean conditions and a chance to spread bacteria and food poisoning. I would never eat there again or recommend it to my friends or family. I would reconsider eating there again if the staff were properly trained and those two were fired and replaced and new people who are professional and respectful to their customers. We had talked to management about this before and they continued to do this after management scolded them about it. I want to see the team of untrained people trained and brought to better standards.

I love the place, but I don't think the To Go parking spot is for employee parking like the one on Cooper Street in Arlington, TX. I think it its rude to take a spot that was originally made for customer convenience and make it your personal parking spot...RUDE! Manager's car, go figure.

I have been an avid customer since you opened in the Portland, Or area. We often visited the Tigard, OR store. The salad and soup bar used to be the best. This past weekend I stopped at the Beaverton restaurant for dinner. My favorite broccoli-raisen-cashew salad had changed drastically. It was horrible!! I couldn't eat it. The soup selection was very poor. I tried the potato soup (used to love the potato-leek) but it was so watered down, and had nothing in it that even resembled a soup with no flavor to boot. The other soup options were just as disappointing, I finally gave up on soup altogether. At the end, I decoded to have the soft serve, only to find a "NEW" carmel topping choice. It was not really carmel at all. It was so sugary and gritty, I didn't eat that either. So then I went to check out the dessert. It was some sort of choc chip bar. It was so thin with way too much sugar that after one bite, I refused to finish it. There was a muffin on the floor that remained there for the entire time I was there. The bathroom was filthy and the entire place was so disorganized and messy. My experience was horrible. What once used to be pleasant has become a nightmare. We often took friends there ......never again......prices went sky high......THE QUALITY IS JUST NOT THERE. WHEN BIG CORPORATE BUSINESS GETS TOO BIG AND SACRIFICE QUALITY, PEOPLE NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNFORTUNATELY, YOU JUST LOST A VALUABLE CUSTOMER...

This Sunday my family and I went to your resturaunt here in Tucson,Az thats by Broadway and Wilmont and they have the worst emloyees in the bakery section.There was a woman that was totally drugged and cussing,there was another woman with her.You should make a better choice of the people that you hire.It's not the first time that we go and we see the same woman with her bad language.I asked a waitress what was the womans name and she said it was Lupita.Hope you take action and do something so this woman stops giving the restaurant a bad reputation.

Dear Sir, i'm sorry to say this was my first and will forever be my last visit to your resturant! The salad was soaking wet in water had no taste, the soup was just bad! The pasta was so over cooked it was like mush, the only reason i gave you a 1 star should be pretty obvious, you didn't have a 0. I hope for you sake you can make improvements, but as for me; please don't offer me anything! That would be a complete waste of you time.

Dear Sir/Madam: The Triangle Stroke Education Outreach Initiative (TSEOI) will be hosting an educational event on (February 8, 2012) at (North Regional Library, Raleigh, NC). Our seminar time is 11:30-3:00pm. This is a free seminar. TSEOI is a standing committee of 'The Minority Women Health Project' a 501 3(c) nonprofit organization. This basic health seminar is presented by Dr. Rushad D. Shroff of Duke Heart Center. The seminar will review the importance of nutrition and how it is essential to good health and well-being. The workshop focuses on practical suggestions for improving diet habits and lowering risk for chronic diseases. We are requesting that your store/deli will sponsor this effort by providing a light lunch to accommodate at least fifty(50) participants. Thank you so much for considering our request Gladys Lundy, President The Minority Women Health Project, Inc. Triangle Stroke Education Outreach Initiative (Co-Chair) Raleigh WomenHeart (Support Coordinator) The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease (919) 264-8120 (919) 854-0786 www.meetup.com/The-Minority-Women-Health-Project-Inc/ 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain. "

My family and i decided to take in a very new Sweet Tomato here in San Jose on First Street at the new Target center on the 15th.of Jan. and was very disappointed to a point where we spoke to the manager about the the mess at every counter and shortage at the salad bar it seems the manager was not in tune with her employees duty? We have been to many of your restaurants by far this one is the worst and won't take my family there again for sure!I would say to corporate to check into to this i'm sure i was not the only one that night to observe the fiasco there.

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