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I love the Optimum Care Relaxer

Several years ago I had burned my long beautiful hair off. It came off in handfuls. I have not been able to get it to grow until I started using Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care. Now after 10 years of heartache, my hair is really growing. I only relax it every 4 and a half to 5 months. It is not past my shoulders and soft and silky. I have fine hair, so I only leave it on for 12 minutes, not the 15 to 20 recommended for medium hair. I follow the directions to the T and use all the accompanying packets to insure the most protection for my hair and it is paying off!

Unlike the comments above, I use Softsheen-Carson products and never had a problem with it. I used the Optimum Care (Regular) relaxer and my hair turned out soft, strong, shiny and healthy. I love their products. I also use their permanent hair color without any problems what so ever.

Hi, My nameis Londiwe Mtungwa and I am one of your customers. I use Restore Plus relaxer for my hair and my hair is growing and it's so long and healthy. I was wondering if I could be your face for this Product seeing that you currently do not have. People always ask me what do I use for my hair in order for it to grow and look so healthy and the i tell them I use Restore Plus plus. I am healthy and fir, i'm not slim (not fat either). I am base in South Africa Kzn (Durban). I will be very glad if I can hear from you concerning my application. I can also send a Photo of myself to you but i will still got to undo the braids and get it relaxed then you get a good photo. My contact details are as follows: e-mail-- lmntungwa@yahoo.com Cell 0825384936 Kind Regards Londiwe Mtungwa.

I like the above victim has had an awful experience with the soft sheen straightener, oh how I wish I would have seen this review first. My hair which was curly but thick and strong is now singed to the scalp and still falling out. I can't believe this is a Loreal product which used to have a pretty good reputation. I wish I knew the above person so I could find out where she is with her hair now. I'm devastated and I wish Sally's where I purchased it would have atleast checked their stock to make sure there wasn't any of this code number still on the shelf. Nobody cares which is a travesty. I plan to tell anyone who will listen to stay away from Loreal products because if your hair does react badly there's no one to listen or care. Do you have any solutions for those of us who are now bald, singed, and depressed. I hope the next person who buys this product checks this site before going through the truama that who knows how many of us has been through already!!

Don't use this product unless you want to singe your hair off with a match and then be so depressed you don't even know who cares anymore. I have been straightening my hair for 40 years plus and have never had such a bad result. After using expensive cinditionng products for a week I still can't seem to get any positive results, in fact my hair just keeps on falling out ,what ever little there is left. Stay away from this product which is owned be Loreal, so don't be fooled.

If you want to ruin as well as lose your hair use Softsheen-Carson products. The company does not know about ill-effects from the use of their "hair care" products nor do they care to. The company is very very irresponsible. They conveniently omit information on the dangers that can occur when using their products. I used one of their products ONCE--and that is the LAST time I will do so-- and have lost hair, and what's left continually comes out since the use. Never again. Buyer Beware of Softsheen-Carson--they are the worst.

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