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What a wonderful trip to take! I just saw a write up of it in Southern Living? Country Living? I would love to go there. Sounds like you are all set to go. I'd bring along a nice bguaette and some yummy herb cheese as well.

Oh, Lindsey...Carmel apples for sure. I think we will make crmeal apple struddle something or another. I can't wait to share with you the colors and pretty things we are going to see in Cade's Cove. It is so beautiful. "House of Gold" is lovely. Dan thinks they are a little too country but I like it. Country isn't my thing but this seems more like gospel, family music that my Grandparents may have listened to. Plus, there voices are amazing and they are beautiful. I think it is the perfect cd for driving around the Smokies.love love,Kitty

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