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This is such a freakin cevler idea. It makes me want to go out and buy an ipad for the limo as I waste so much time spelling weird names out And I bet this app never runs out of the letter K

The problem is, you're a mom and pop style bnseuiss and you will never do the volume of sales that those two companies do. This also means you'll never have the pricing they get. Buy it in cheaper, sell it out cheaper, look like the hero. I used to work for a company that sold video projectors. Clients would call us all the time saying well I can find it online much cheaper. We told them Enjoy the projector, call us when you need it serviced. If they bought the projector through us, for 4 years it was free service (filter changes and installation of lamps. If you want honesty, I will also say this Most computer guys are some of the worst condescending people alive. Most computer salesmen don't know a north chipset from a hole in the ground. A good salesman needs to be a computer guy who isn't condescending. If you can do that, chances are you're too nice and won't be known for a good reputation.

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