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I had a rough few first weeks with my daughter. She laechtd fine right after birth, and nursed easily and frequently over the first few days. My milk didn't come in until 5 days post partum, and once it did I became engorged, my nipples became flat and she refused to latch. I paid hundred of dollars to lactation consultants who also couldn't get her to latch (one did finally after 3 hours, with a swinging motion that required 6 hands, not something I could do every few hours). At my wits end I bought a nipple shield, and it worked instantly. I used it longer than I planned, due to retained placenta resulting in massive blood loss at 12 days post partum, surgery, lost milk for 24 hours, long hospital stay, inability to properly hold baby to nurse due to many IVs, two cases of mastitis, and about 6 weeks recovery in bed, etc etc I just didn't have the energy to work on her latch. At about 6 weeks post partum I started just using the nipple shield for the first few minutes of the feed, then was able to latch her after my nipple had been drawn out. By 8 weeks we were weaned off the shield. For me it worked great, used it longer than I planned but I had no issues with supply. My daughter is now a year old, still breastfed and has never had a drop of formula I'm very proud to say.

that this is not usually when they rencemmod them, but that Milo might benefit from some stimulation to help him latch. (In addition to everything else, let's just say that my nipples are not exactly ideal for nursing. Small in every way.) Every other time we'd been to visit one of our local LC's at the hospital, it seemed like the new strategy we worked out would be great. Everything worked in the magic chair in their magic office. But until then, nothing had really worked well for us at home. It's so much easier when you have an expert (and calming influence) there to help. This time, what worked in the magical LC's chair worked at home. Milo could latch every time, without a problem. My nipples were able to heal. (Right before this last visit, I had a wound on the side of one of my nipples so bad that I swear I thought the thing would fall right off. There is a big nasty bulging purple scar there, still. Thank god it doesn't hurt!) I gave all this background because I don't think the nipple shield or Milo's latching problems are responsible for my low supply. To some extent, I think they are the result of a very frustrated and starving baby who was desperate to get milk out of me. The shields have been so wonderful for me. Yes, they are a pain to bring places. I don't like that I can't just put my child to my breast without planning in advance. I don't like that it's more difficult to nurse in public, though having to supplement almost every feed when an unfulfilled baby pops off your breast in hunger makes it even harder to nurse in public, so having to use the shield isn't the primary factor in making me reluctant to nurse outside of my home. I have very occasionally been able to get him to latch on without the shield. At first it was just as painful as before, but in the past week or so I've had some success with non-painful latches. He can only do it when he's so tired that he doesn't know he's doing it, or if I trick him by sticking my finger in with my nipple, so he has something longer and harder to sense. (I then pull my finger out. This works about 1/3 of the time I try it.) I would love to be able to nurse my son until he's satisfied and full, without a shield. I don't think either of these things is a reality. But I relish being able to nurse him at all, and I relish the times I'm able to do it without a shield. Even with a shield, I find it a beautiful experience, and I will continue using the shield as much as is necessary. If I am lucky enough to still be able to nurse him to a year, or two years, or beyond, I will be so grateful. After all we've been through, I can't complain much about being stuck with the shield. Without it (and the support of the wonderful LC's at my hospital), I'm sure I would no longer be nursing.

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