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they told me they could do the rack and pionion on my car and the car was only 3 months old and they had the nerve to say they didnt do anything wrong so im out 5 gran for nothing so i think im going to sue them..the place was in madison north carolina

Rapid Screwed

Well done Shell, stopped at the phoenix rapid lube location with my 1985 Mercedes, the staff tore out 6 vacume lines, and over cranked my oil filter carrier, cracked my cooling line and then told me that it was that way before I came in. We spent 65 dollars on the oil change and I am into close to 300 in car repairs.

Terrible service at the Maricopa, Az. location. They don't acknowledge your presence, the manager has a very very BAD ATTITUDE.

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I am @ shell rapid lube and my motor has been locked because they did not put any oil in my truck and now they refuse to fix it

i have been going to shell rapid lube for some time now and had not had any problems until 11/18/10. I told my daughter to go get her car inspected there and she has had tinted windows for about 3 years now. when she gets there the guys pull the car in the shop and inspect it and charge her 33.75 and then tell her the car failed because of the tinted windows. I don't know why they didn't tell her from the beginning that the car wouldn't pass the inspection. They had to have known before they even pulled the car in that it wouldn't pass. If my daughter doesn't get her money back I am through forever with shell rapid lube. this facility is in lumberton nc. It sounds and looks like a scam to me!!!!!!!! I or course called and they said that if anybody comes there to get an inspection they are required by law to inspect the car even if they already know it won't pass. Wow what a bunch of crap!! Don't have enough of honesty about them to tell the person we cannot inspect cars with this type of tint. I have a friend who went to a lube shop to get an inspection for his wife's car and she has tinted windows and they told him without even pulling the car in that it wouldn't pass inspction. My daughter said she has been through state police traffic stops and they never said a word about it and plus the window tinting shop is about a half mile from the lube shop and he is still putting on window tinting. If the tinting is to dark why don;t the law say something to him!!! Our states are so broke they are looking for any way they can to get a dollar. If shell wants my business again they will have to call me. 9107431481.

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