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I will never return to any Sephora store again and have started a large boycott with my friends and business associates. I was shopping with the my 12 year old daughter at the store in the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA. I have been a police officer for 26 years so I understand that shoplifting must be a problem for the business just by virtue of the type of products sold. I have to mention also that I am white and my adopted daughter is Spanish. From the second we walked in the door, we were followed and consistently asked "if we were all set. My daughter is just starting to experiment with make up and I wanted to check into getting her some good make up. At one point while we were looking at a product, there was an employee standing on either side of us and an employee at either end of the aisle. We were completely uncomfortable and I actually told one of the employees that they could relax and we were not going to steal anything. They continued to follow us through every move we made and I finally gave up. I asked for the store manager, gave him one of my business cards which identified my occupation, and told him that his employees needed to stop judging a book by its cover and that I actually felt discriminated against because of the cultural difference between my daughter and myself. I am sharing this story with everyone I know including large groups that I am speaking in front of in the course of my job and as an advocate for adoption in the Northeast region. I am disgusted by Sephora.

Good Afternoon, My names Rebecca, 23, from New Jersey. I am a new Sephora makeup user, about a year now. I love your products and now will never go back to my old makeup brand. I'm looking to speak to someone about modeling your makeup.Iv e been told by many makeup artists to contact you. Looking like Mila Kunis, I have very large eyes, making it easy to define the eyes and make them really stand out. Please contact me with any information about this. Email- rdacchille@yahoo.com Thank you for your time, Rebecca Dacchille

Not necessarily a shopper at Sephora but went there for the sole purpose of purchasing a certain lip gloss. Did not purchase product as I thought it over priced. My real issue with this location (Garden State Mall in Paramus, NJ) was how unclean the testing areas were. Definitely not appealing!

Rebecca Bowers (Store Director) of Broomfield, Co (Flatirons Mall) is an absolute joke! She is a horrible person and terrible manager. She demeans others to give her life meaning and plays mind games with everyone she comes in contact with. From age discrimination (by hiring only girls ages 20-25), to allowing her lead managers smoke pot on their 15 minute breaks and lunches, to stealing your ideas, to promising gifts then retracting them, cutting hours as a means to push employees out that she feels threatened by... Bottom line, DO NOT WORK FOR HER and if you do, pleas beware and prepare yourself. As someone who had a very promising future with the company and managment experience, I can personally tell you she will use you as her puppet and at the end of the day she truly only cares about herself. She has seasoned staff which have been with the company for over five years that she is desperatly trying to phase out so she may have her twenty something girls work for her from Bath & Body Works. Our sweet Lord sees and hears all and will have His judgment on His time. I loved working for this company and Rebecca completly ruined my path with them! It's unfortunate such a small person could gain such control over so many people. She is a disgrace to the company and a poor representation of the values Sephora desires to uphold.

I am a current employee at Sephora inside jcpenney I was looking for more hours so I wanted to apply at a Sephora freestanding store so I went in talked to the beauty manager she was very excited to hire me we talked about 15 min and she said she would call my manager to see what we can do about transferring they talked I could not transfer because its two different company's I work for jcpenney Ok thats fine... then I was told by both managers I would have to quit first to even be considered for an interview at a Sephora freestanding. Who does that quit before they have a job for sure It should not matter which Sephora I would want to work for.

I recently visited the Millbury Ma location. My experience was truly horrendous . After selecting everything I was looking for ( over 200.00 with out sales people) I was waiting in line to make the purchase when my four year old daughter informed me she had to use the restroom. I went over to the ladies that worked at sephora and asked if my daughter could use their restroom. The ladies informed me they did not have a bathroom. During the conversation my daughter could not hold it any longer and went in her pants.. I could not believe that they would not let a four year old use the bathroom. Never again will I shop at a Sephora. Macy's it is, I'm sure they'd let her use their bathroom.

On May 16, 2012 I went to the Sephora Store in Oak Park Mall Around 11am.I was approach 10 to 15 min. later.I decided to buy some products and the young lady ask me if I would like to try on the products.A makeup artist (Niefrae) came over and she was nice and was very helpful. Niefrae started the makeover, right in the middle of the makeover the assit. manager kate pull her to other customer. what type of management skills is that? kate did not explain to me (the customer) what was going on. Kate, just decided to pull Niefrea away from the makeover booth.Kate's management skills left me clueless ????????????????? What type of company would have a young lady on the floor that's rude, disrespectful, and do not have common sense to communicate with a customer. Who is wondering what happen??????

Im not a sephora customer because i shop exclusively at Macys or Nordstrom makrup counters. I like high end make up and basically anything i ever look at while in sephora or ulta is crappy lol. But it seems to me all the complaints are about the employees. That should be addressed to stores directly. Dont vent online, call these people! Stand up for yourself. A rising company like this doesnt care if they lose 5 or 10 customers today because 30 new people are going to walk in tomorrow. Dont give up til your voice is heard!

I am a former employee of Sephora, Greenwood, IN. This was absolutely my dream job. I worked for a homosexual male mananger who physically and violently abused me in the backroom as a "do a better job" technique...Um, I had the highest sales there and repeat customers. Unfortunately, found out it was a jealous rage that was going through. He would grab me by both arms and say, "I am writing you up if one more F***ing person comes in asking for you again!!!" I ended up walking out on a company that I wanted to retire with. His name is Justin Yeck. I do not believe that he is with the company any longer.

Had a very frustrating experience this past Christmas. My husband got me a gift card for Sephora. The sales lady gave me the wrong shade of foundation (should have checked myself). I went back to trade it. They didn't have the shade so they gave me a JC Penney gift card. Turns out I could not use this gift card at their other store location where the correct product was located..(go figure). Very frustrating. So, I had to pay for my Christmas gift instead of using my gift card. Since I live outside of the U.S. I have a Penneys card that I don't know when I will use.. I won't shop at Sephora anymore.....no worth it.

I live two hours from a sephora store so back in November I sent back a couple items to the SILVERDALE WASHINGTON STORE for replacment. JENNIFER GOAD the beauty manager was not the least bit helpful . She never sent my items so I had to write two letters asking from my replacment items. She said she didnt know how to contact me although my address was included and I sent her my email address. So now five weeks later I get my old items mailed back to me. I contacted her and asked her to take care of it and she just said contact corporate. So Im here to tell you JENNIFER GOAD beauty manager at the SILVERDALE WASHINGTON store is NOT HELPFUL , friendly or remotely what I have come to expect from Sephora. So Christmas is in a couple days I still dont have my items and she mailed back my old items. WHats wrongf with her ? She could have sent a gift card for the amount if she didnt have the replacemtn itesm which I asked her to do if she didnt have the items. She wont do anything. GET RID OF her and hire someone who wants to job and wants to serve the customers and take care of them. I have never been treated this way at any other Sephora obviously she does not value her job or her customers.

I WILL AND DID Not shop on line or in store at Sephora anymore after my experience last christmas 2010. My boss bought me a holiday Ralf Lauren perfume for me for christmas and so I search online who sold it and it was Sephora or Ralf Lauren shop in Vegas. Okay so I went into Sephora to ONLY Exchange it for something different NO MATTER the Price just will never use this perfume, well it is another year and it is still in the box never used it don't know who to give it to and well SEPHORA I have never stepped foot back in your store because of that. RUDE Managers and it was no receipt no exchange. I understand I work retail and in customer service, but after christmas usually there is always a lead way. Your policy you know it.....

I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!! I placed an order online on December 16th early in the morning because the order was guaranteed for shipment by Christmas. I ordered an expensive perfume for my daughter and it was to be her only gift. I listed my office address and selected UPS Ground as the delivery method AS THE WEBSITE INSTRUCTS. I expected my shipment today and when it didn't arrive with our UPS shipment, I went online to check the order status and it now says it will not arrive until December 27th. I immediately contacted customer service and was advised that because I utilized a PO Box, they sent it out with the US postal service -- in contrast to what their website says. The website clearly indicates that PO Box customers should select UPS Ground as the shipment method. I would never have ordered online and would have simply gone into a store to purchase it. I was only trying to save myself a trip. I have no money to repurchase the item before Christmas and now have no gift to give my daughter. They won't do anything to rectify the situation except to say that I can send it back once it arrives. I am in tears over this. I cannot believe how lousy this company is and that I now have absolutely nothing to give my daughter for Christmas. I am soo sad!

Sephora = false advertisement + misleading info + poor service I have never had a problem with Sephora.com until now. I stayed up in the wee hours on Black Friday to get the $10.00 deals. I bought two Adora eau de parfums and another product, then requested my three little samples. They gave me only one Adora parfum, didn't give me my other product nor the little samples. The person who packed it marked it like all items were shipped including the samples, didn't leave their packer number on the slip. Sephora.com did not contact me, I had to contact them when my shipment came. I was told via email that they were out of stock for the Adora parfum and would refund my money on that without offering me something else for same value with that deal, told me basically too bad on the samples and not even an apology about my missing other product! Told me I had to wait approx 10 days to get my refund. (We'll see if they do that). I have been a Sephora customer for years! I even introduced my 60+ year old mother to Sephora.com online; I encourage people to shop with them. Well I'm not happy! I feel the company knew for a fact they were shorting people on their Black Friday deals and taking our money probably hoping others may not notice. It is false advertising, period. I suggest all of you ladies who have troubles with Sephora stores and online, and any other company, to email or write to your State's Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau - trust me it works and it helps other consumers. Thank you for letting me vent! PS: I have found I can get even better deals by shopping online at other beauty sites or going to the actual make-up manufacturers' website (i.e., UrbanDecay.com has better deals than Sephora - got the eyelid primer for $10 and no, I don't work for them LOL! Also sometimes beautycrunch.com has random beauty products at discounts...and there is also Bath & Body Works which did get my Black Friday order right!)

My gf was a big shopper at sephora until a few days ago she goes by one name and that is on her Her credit card but her Id shows her legal name it is an obvious nick name and we have beer had A problem before until the other day. Now I work for a major credit card company and the manager started throwing out it was the credit terms which I know to be a lie! I couldn't believe this manager was going to sit here yelling at me and lying to me it was a big disappointment and when I tried to call they were very rude to me I still can't believe we got this kind of service. We left and went to Nordstrom and bought the same thing the lady there said there is no problem with taking a card with a nickname as long as its and abvious from the real name. Safe to say we won't be shopping there anymore

I WAS a very, very good customer of Sephora until last week. I shop all the time and have many receipts. Sometimes they get misplaced and since I was a VIB with Sephora , I had never had a problem returning or usually exchanging items that didn't work. In fact, they always told me that it was fine. I was shocked last week to be told that they would not return the UNOPENED item I brought back as "corporate said I returned too many without receipts". I even had 3 other products on the counter to purchase. I did NOT buy the other products that day, nor will I ever step foot in another Sephora. I spent so much money in the past few years both at that store and on-line and if there was ever an issue I should have been told beforehand instead of them always telling me it was never a problem to return without a receipt. I felt like they were accusing me of stealing which was the biggest insult I've ever received! I've never stolen anything in my entire life and they know that at that particular store. Obviously corporate doesn't care as I have been waiting for 4 days to receive a phone call back to discuss this issue. Obviously they don't care so why should I? Shame on that store and corporate!!!!

I am a Board Certified Dermatologist and have seen how well your product, St. Tropez Self Tanner, works to produce a genuinely TAN looking tan, and I would like to provide brochures or equivalent for my patients, so that they can purchase St. Tropez and get the tan they want without exposure to the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. My address is: Gary J. Rosenmeier, M.D., F.A.A.D. West Bend Clinic East/Froedtert & Community Health 1190 W. Paradise Dr. West Bend, WI 53095. Thank you very much! Dr. Rosenmeier

How do you contact the buyer at sephora? bene.coffey@gmail.com

I was recently shopping in sephora in glendale arizona with my infant baby, I was treated extremely bad there, the staff was extremely rude and I was told not to touch the testers that said try me.. I was being followed and everytime I asked for assistance they where extremly rude. This was my first time in this store and my husband is out serving the country and was on his way back, being that he has never met our child who is 5mo old, I wanted to purchase some makeup and skincare so that when he arrived I looked and felt pretty for him... instead I felt judged and and very uncomfortable, I left unsatisfied and hurt, that I was treated in the manner I was. I am a very kind and polite person but when I left this store I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth and ended up shopping at ulta, in which they where very nice. I think corporate should do a surprise visit to this store, go undercover, look poor and feel the judgement this girls give you, and give them a rude awakening..please. I don't think anyone should be put through this kind of experiance..

I WAS a loyal Sephora customer until today. I am a makeup artist and have shopped at Sephora for years. I went into Sephora in Thousand Oaks California with my 3 nieces ages 12 and 13. While I was standing in a long line waiting to be checked out, one of the employees that had been apparently following one of my nieces around the store like she was gonna steal something, the employee also had another employee "watch her" also came up to my in line. I had never seen her before she has never rang me up or never helped me find a product proceeds to ask me if "Did you find your items ok today?" I was the only one she went up to in the long line I was in. A little confused I said "Yes thank you" she then said " I'm asking you because I know that you've made some large returns in the past and I want to make sure that you don't need any samples of anything." Shocked I said "No I'm fine" and she walked away. Right after my nieces came up to me and told me they wanted to leave. I should of left right then and there but I paid for my items and I left fuming. I didn't think that was very professional of that woman to say that infront of everyone who was standing in line. Like I said that woman has never helped me before I had never even seen her before. So the way I see it is that another employee or employees must have said something to the woman about me coming in and making returns. Which is not ok. Not that I need to justify the returns I've made but for the price you pay for makeup inside Sephora if u don't like something you should be allowed to return or exchange it. Which exchanging is exactly what I've done almost never getting my money back and spending more money than what I've originally purchased. Needless to say I will never shop at Sephora again and I could careless about their crappy points system. Any products I need in the future I will get directly from that specific company's website. I'm almost sure Sephora loses a lot of business due to some of the unprofessional employees.

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