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Horrible service. Sales people are uninformed and not professional. I'll go else where and tell everyone I know.

Judged by age

I felt judged and Sephora lost a 400.00 dollar sale due to poor salesman ship. The girl was not helpful and she was as if she had no time for me....pity...so I gave my business to someone else. I had no idea that Sephora was only for 20/30 year olds....


Employee made me feel very uncomfortable insinuated I had stole a makeup palette. Second employee was very rude and treated me terribly and ignored me. Please read reviews on yelp.. I'm not the only one


Why are Sephora refusing to sell products from Israel!!!!


All around harsh & unprofessional!!

I have a daughter that works for your wonderful company he's a very hard worker and in her lifetime have acquired a masters degree at 28 years old I was just wondering would she be a prime candidate for the television show Undercover Boss

Horrible management

I was recently hired for a position in Chicago last week and the week after I was hired I was told to complete forms for new hire orientation and my computer crashed and last all info and I told the manager what happen and she was so disrespectful and wasn't trying to here what happen!!! It was unfair and RUDE!!!

Retraction of Racial Profiling location

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Madison Avenue store. It was not your store that offend my son it was the SOHO store, very sorry. My earlier review was for the SOHO store.

Racial Profiling Teenagers Son

My son went to your Madison Avenue store with his friends on February 2, 2014 he went to buy valentine gifts. The moment him and my god son enter the store they were immediately follow around the entire time they were there. Store employees where talking loud and making remarks that they were going to steal something. I gave my son two hundred dollars to shop and upon leaving the store him and my godson was asked to open their bag. My son was so disgusted by their action he would longer shopped. He brought me back the two hundred dollars. I can afford to send my son shopping where ever he want too. How dare your employee treat teenagers with so much disrespect. I will be bringing my son back to your store and he will point out your employees who did this to him and I will be making a formal complaint. This is unacceptable!


Managers must find a thrill or excitement by ripping a young girls dreams right out of her hands. I mean whats it with them? They dont care about your dreams, responsibilities, or work life balance at all! Must be amusing to repeatedly encourage and praise a seasonal worker that they have a pefmanent spot just to end up turning you down . "Its the payroll". Don't tease something so special in someones face , its rude and inconsiderate. Hardworkers dont get rewarded the right way ever!


If I were able to give Sephora a ZERO , I would. I purchased products on line. They would not allow me to use the credit they owed me if I used my discount Purchased items on line and had issues. I asked to speak with a supervisor , they said there were none available , but that someone would get back to me in 48 hours . When I never heard from them, I called again and was told the same story. Will NEVER purchase from them again. They have the WORST customer service!!!

To whom it may concern, My name is Stewart , I am the key hair stylist and makeup artist for one of the largest photography studios on the east coast. I have been a e-commerce customer for several months and have placed several orders through Sephora.com. I love the fact that I can find all of the wonderful products that I use in one place. I am very busy and being able to order on Sephora.com really helps me to take care of all my purchase needs in one order. Today I was told by you that I could not place orders through the site any longer because of the number of products I order. I only order the number of products allowed by your site. If I am not allowed to order 10 hairsprays at one time then why is it an option on your site? I have attempted to set up a corp acct. with you which also not an option. This is completely frustrating. Stewart Hough Lead Hair and Makeup Stylist StudioW26

unhappy customer :(

I am very unhappy with how I am treated at this store. I have been into Sephora a few times because I am in the process of researching different skin care treatments. (I like to do my research before spending big money) After my experience of Sephora employees making me feel unwelcomed and uncomfortable, I will definitly be purchasing all of my Philosophy product at ULTA.

this is the worst service I have ever had from a store. I am a big time client, and can't believe how I was treated with no way to get satisfaction. The corporate number is out of service. When you call about an online order, no supervisor, no respect and they are rude. Why would i want to deal with sephora in the future. Ulta does a much better job.

No accountability

I went to the Downtown Portland store for a make up consultation. I contracted bilateral conjunctivitis from that experience. I have been trying to process an insurance claim with Sephora for FIVE MONTHS!!! I was told that it was filed but have not heard a word. I have called the San Francisco office and left voicemails and emails and NO ONE has returned my calls. This is simply wrong. Sephora's customer service is AWFUL, and they do not seem to care about their customers.

Disrespect and mistreated when the problem was your employees

On Approximately 2/6/13, I took my daughter into the sephora at Montclair Plaza, in Montclair ca. No one came around to help us so we had to go look for a sales girl as we had a question about perfume. We proceeded to purchase two perfumes from the same girl at the same register, I paid for one and my daughter paid for the other. We told the girl that one was a gift( and was specific about which one) and asked her to put a gift receipt in the bag, and the other perfume was put in a seperate bag with a receipt. My daughter has since found the perfume for 50 bucks cheaper on line and had not even taken the perfume out of the original bag, when she went today to return the perfume, the sales girl had put the wrong receipt in the bag and therefore she can not return, and has to settle for store credit... so now she will have to shop there until that is used up, but after that we will not be shopping there anymore!!!! This company needs to get there shit together!!!!


To the staff at sephora, today 1/7/13 I was going to purchase a product, when I walked in all the female employee were all around one customer putting on makeup one of them looked over at me and I asked about a product she got it for me and I proceeded to go to sthe register at the same time as another customer the girl said to her can I help, that customer turned to me and said you go,you were ahead of me. I said thank you and went to pay for my product with that the girl at the register walked away and another employee went to her ill take you at the other register, and I was left standing there. No words were exchanged I left the product on the counter and left. I went to Macy,s were I was treated with respect by a young girl, I purchased the same product for 3 dollars less. I found out that the have most of the products that Sephora carries For 2 to 3 dollars less. I have spent hundreds of dollars at Christmas time and throughout the year. I will never shop at sephora again. A message to the staff who worked 2/7/13 at 4:30 With the exception of the male worker. You need to have someone treat you the way you treated me and I'm sure other customers. You all should be thankful you have jobs.

Bait and switch?

I ordered from Sephora.com the other day. All was well when I submitted the order page. I receive my email and find the Free Mystery Gift that was in the order when I submitted it has mysteriously disappeared. 4 emails later and I'm basically been told "so sorry, can't do anything about it". I thought maybe they ran out of the gift, but three days later, it's still showing that it's available on the website. Maybe there was a glitch, maybe a site issue, but Sephora's way to deal with it is less than customer friendly. They did offer me 50 bonus points added to my account. But that doesn't even get me a deluxe sample. And that only happened after I balked at the first form "we're sorry but we can't help you" response they sent me. Sephora: Get with it! There are lots of beauty sites out there and you really need to realize that people can and will go elsewhere when you treat them like this.

I am truly disgusted by sephora employees ..they have no manners or social skills ,its suppose to be a professional high end makeup store . Hollywood and highland sephora treated me with so much disrespect and discrimination because of the way I looked, not knowing I am one of their best customers ...I come from a very educated and wealthy family and instead they followed me around the store with my husband and treated me like I was a thief..just because I was interracial ..I was shocked by their behavior when by now they should know how to treat their customers because Hollywood has many tourist walking in everyday. I will never shop at sephora ever again ..I did not deserve that kind of treatment and neither does anyone else. I recommend everyone to shop at Macys,bloomingdales,and nordStrom, they really know how to treat their customers .

I was in sephora in Spain last week, I am a prestigise make-up artist in Dublin. I was very excited to check out what sephora had to offer. I walked in with two friends and honestly have never felt so like a criminal in my life the sales assistant follwed us everywhere we went. I would absolutley hate to make any of my customers feel this uncomfortable. When it came to the checkout I was buying a nail varnish, the sales assistant asked for 4.90 so I handed her 5euros, she then started screaming are you not going to pay me very visciously, confused I told her I did actually hand her a 5euro note and she called security over and insisted I hadn't paid, I then noticed that she slipped the 5euro in with the product into the bag, then I pointed this out to her, she was not one bit apologetic about her mistake, which in fairness could have happened to anyone but there was no need to act so rude. I hold an honors degree in customer service and am absolutley disgusted with sephora. I think the sales assistants name was cecila. If you would like to write an apology you can contact me @ aoife_80@msn.com otherwise myself and my team and also my fellow make-up artists will be boycotting your store from now on. From a very upset and confused customer.

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