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Just like the other reviews, this company STOLE 29.95$ from my checking account after already canceling the trial period. This needs to be shut down ASAP and the parent company needs to be held accountable for their unscrupulous actions.


I called in and canceled my trial period 3 weeks ago. I went to check my checking account today and there was a charge of $29.95. Told them I called 3 weeks prior and the guy goes we have no record of you calling. Told them I wanted a refund said he would have to email corporate and I would hear in 1 to 2 days and corporate doesn't have a number to call.

Fraud charges!! Scam!

Honestly, this is the worst company! I was charges 29.95 to my account after I cancelled the trial 3 days prior. I called customer service about the charges and they denied my refund and I got nothing but a attitude from the representative while she mumbled rude comments under her breath.


This company is a scam, all they do is steal your money and they refuse to refund it. I don't understand how you can make someone a member of your company without them choosing too. They lie about sending a "welcome package" telling you that they're going to charge you. When you call them about refunding your money, they refund you the ONE DOLLAR and keep the the 29.95. They really think smart, one day they'll get a taste of their own medicine.


This company is a scam. They charge you 29.95 without your permission and won't refund a thing. They insist there is a 7 day free trial but it doesn't say anything on the website when you log on. It only says a refundable dollar as a processing fee. When you try to talk to them they only tell you the same thing. So I suggest you not try them at all and deal with your bank when you get scammed like that.

Fraud charges to your credit card

Once this company has your credit card number they will charge you $29.95 every month until you call them and cancel the service. You think you are getting a free credit report for one dollar but in the fine print they can get away with this fraudulent misrepresentation. Best to call you credit card company and file a fraud charge back against them

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