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LanceVery interesting. Excellent postI hated the ads.The whole cocpnet was in my view wrong from the beginning.Personally, I cannot see how the business case ever stacked up.The lack of a payment mechanism at Day One was astounding.It was a textbook illustration of what I call The Emperor's New Clothes' as presumably there was an Executive of Interest championing this at very high level and no one dared to point out the inherent faccies of the proposition.

Hot damn, looking pretty uesufl buddy.

Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully hefpull!

Why do I bother calling up peploe when I can just read this!

I have a hearing problem and have to wear head phones if I want to hear the movie. You have the worst and cheapest ones on this planet and half the time they dont work. Shame on you, I will not come to your movie theatre ever again. I am talking about the Embassy Theatre, I believe it was your Fathers original.

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