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Fuck you

Worst customer service EVER !!!!

Poor service

Rush card have not released my money and it's been 3 days I will never use their card again

Russell Simmons Rushcard

The worst customer service in the Universe, I have called over 100 times to be hung up on and lied to. I made a cash load Monday, Oct.12 of $1000 and my balance has showed a $0.00 balance since then.

Disgrace and Disloyal

Been calling for over a week and noone answers or the line hangs up. All i want is my $476 that disappeared from my balance after my so called deposit posted but couldnt access it.

Waiting on my money

Im still waiting on my deposit to hit hopefully my landlord will understand this is bull they still get their checks and all of their money why do we have to pay i dont understand that one.

I want my money

Still waiting on my money it gad been a week in still no one has answers to this so called glitch

Your company is horrible

Since your supposed update glitch, it has now been 5 days without me being able to access my own money! This needs to be fixed immediately for all experiencing this financial crisis!


I cannot get a phone call answered and they have a pending that has been paid and missing a direct deposit for this week and if don`t fix the mess up will be another one missing

Rip off

Bad customer service, don't know how to tell The truth. .I have been with them 6 years and I will give them 2 weeks to return my 30 dollar s Or I will be leaving the company.

i hate rushcard

The don't want to give me my money


Replacing my rushcard takes too long give the same documents again and again because outdated make no sense with a agent that speaks no english at all,

rushcard has the worst costomer service they think they can just steal peoples money

extremely pissed

They kept changing my plan when i call in they hang up on you reps dont know what they are doing they dont document your account, stupervisiors are no better russell simmons and rush card need to be sued and ran out of business


They have horrible service they give you the run around! I been with them for 3 years and I have enough

Can't get your own money

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau .

I did my taxes on the 23 of Jan and. They put a hold on my taxes and I don't know y and when I called the offic they can't give me any information I am very pissed


I got my taxes on 2/10/15 and I faxed them everything they needed and still I wait for my money this is a terrible business that will eventually go out of business.

the worse bank ever

it is not far that you can get your own money out this bank we need to sue them

im very pissed

i had my taxs put on the rush card i been waitin for my money and when i got it they put my card on hold and i dont no y i have a 2 month old baby i need my money please help me get my money i need it to get my babys milk.....i faxed everything they ask me for ,,,,

I have been trying to get my money for two weeks they block my card for no reason. keep giving me the run around so I'm thinking about a lawsuit..how can I go about doing this.

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