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Rip off

Bad customer service, don't know how to tell The truth. .I have been with them 6 years and I will give them 2 weeks to return my 30 dollar s Or I will be leaving the company.

i hate rushcard

The don't want to give me my money


Replacing my rushcard takes too long give the same documents again and again because outdated make no sense with a agent that speaks no english at all,

rushcard has the worst costomer service they think they can just steal peoples money

extremely pissed

They kept changing my plan when i call in they hang up on you reps dont know what they are doing they dont document your account, stupervisiors are no better russell simmons and rush card need to be sued and ran out of business


They have horrible service they give you the run around! I been with them for 3 years and I have enough

Can't get your own money

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau .

I did my taxes on the 23 of Jan and. They put a hold on my taxes and I don't know y and when I called the offic they can't give me any information I am very pissed


I got my taxes on 2/10/15 and I faxed them everything they needed and still I wait for my money this is a terrible business that will eventually go out of business.

the worse bank ever

it is not far that you can get your own money out this bank we need to sue them

im very pissed

i had my taxs put on the rush card i been waitin for my money and when i got it they put my card on hold and i dont no y i have a 2 month old baby i need my money please help me get my money i need it to get my babys milk.....i faxed everything they ask me for ,,,,

I have been trying to get my money for two weeks they block my card for no reason. keep giving me the run around so I'm thinking about a lawsuit..how can I go about doing this.

Terrible services!

Dont bother with these guys

This is the biggest rip-off today Please do your self a favor do bother with is people....

inconsiderate unhelpful company when in crisis

Horrible I'm so over Rushcard Why isn't there no way to have access to my money if sometime happens? why do I have to pay a $30 fee to have a card with my money on it expedited? Why can't I transfer my money to another card/account to get my money? There is no way I can be helped with this situation its just bananas to me. I'm done!! Yeah receiving your money two days early is awesome but I'd advise y'all not to loose ur card or let your car get compromised!!

My Own Experience

No issues at all..ever with rushcard. Obviously with all organizations like this they cant be perfect, there will be issues. Sorry for the above people, but ive never had a single issue. 4 years of my checks hitting 2 days early, thx rushcard

Find another company

this company is unbeivable. Terrible customer service. like the other previous reviews we had our card blocked with quite a bit of money on it. No way to access it and have been waiting 2 weeks. no action on their part whatsoever. cannot reach anyone of authority to promote action. we have called them several times with the same series of questions and answers. Truly, cannot tell automated system from the live people.


i called rush card about a problem i had and they blocked my card which i did not ask them to do i get my paycheck deposited in there and will have no access to my money i am sick and need togo for a cat scan on saturday and need access to my account to pay for it. i asked for a supervisor and held for 12 minutes and was disconnected called back and waited another 20 minutes until someone picked up claiming to be a supervisor butit was the same person who blocked my card i need access to my card and need it unblocked immediately or i will file a law suit against your company

not good

If i was you i would leave rush card done big rip off they take for money and you can't do nothing about it

poor service

Horrible service

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