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No Contact

I purchased 4 Ruby's gift cards near Christmas. They had a promotion that you get a $5 rewards card for every $25 in gift cards purchases. When the cards arrived, no rewards cards. I attempted several times to contact Ruby's customer service and left messages with no response back.

New El Cajon 2 stars

2nd day new opening at El Cajon location. Very loud echoed walls. Left with a headache. Many kids screaming. Ordered super burger. The sourdough bread on the sandwich was soggy. Turkey on the sandwich friend ordered was very dry. Don't go to this one it's very small and loud.

Waitresses in Heels!!

I love this place...the food, service and atmosphere. But I will not return until corporate has eliminated those high heels from the waitress' uniform.

What are you thinking!!!

My family and I ate at the Rubys in Mission Valley over this past weekend, we like the remodel that is going on, turning it into a 60's diner. The outfits that the waitresses were wearing we're really cute but the high heel boots are RIDICULES!!!! I waited tables for over 20 years and can tell you that there is no way anyone can do there job correctly while wearing shoes like that. They are on their feet for hours running around helping customers and you can clearly see the discomfort they are in, not to mention the danger of slipping and hurting themselves or others. Please rethink your choice of footwear for these ladies. We really like your restaurant but I felt so bad for our waitress that I don't want to experience that again!


Had breakfast at Ruby's in the Laguna Hills Mall. The service was fabulous. The management visited our table to ensure all was well. Lived that. Their turkey out pie was divine. I absolutely loved it. Pit pies are hard to find

School teacher in San Diego

I was recently in the Ruby's Diner located in the Mission Valley Mall in San Diego, CA. I am sad to say my experience, along with my previous visit last summer, was disappointing. I was not even offered a beverage in the 20 min. I sat to wait for someone to wait on us. Since, no one would come to our table I walked out of the restaurant. It is a shame that such a comfortable place that serves excellent hamburgers would have such horrible service. I am not one to complain but my boyfriend asked me to write this because the same thing has happened twice. Please let me know when this problem is remedied so that I can return and enjoy the great food. Thank you, Linda Bojorquez


We just ate at Ruby's Diner at Houston IAH terminal E. The place was busy, so we three sat at the bar and had an up close and personal view of kitchen operations. I have never viewed a better team effort. They all smiled, helped each other, worked diligently and quickly, and produced a quality product. This is difficult to do, especially in an airport, but this manager and team nailed it. It made our dining experience very pleasurable and we will be back. Well done, crew and leaders! Hey corporate - you have a Best Practice going on here. Take note.

We just had lunch in Ardmore, Pa. They don't serve many of the items on your website. You should spell that out as our trip wasted as the salads served were not the "lite" and greens were tough and not cut up. If each location does not adhere to the website you should point that out. This is not the Ruby's we were used to.

Went there on Saturday night (09/22/12) with a party of 9 people. Seating 9 people on a Saturday night is normally a nightmare, but we were seated with in 10 minutes, and had great service. The Manager came by out table to ensure that the food and sevice was "as expected". The food was great, along with our service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good meal, with good service, to go to Rubys in Laguna Beach.

My daughter and I had the pleasure on 9/22/12 to receive the utmost in customer care from Jonah B. from the Woodland Hills, CA Promenade location. He made my daughter an excellent Oreo shake. He is an asset for Ruby’s Diner. Our order took some time (although only 50% full). Unfortunately our meal was terrible! 1. The food was warm not hot. 2. Not much flavor. 3. The chili used for the fries was a tomato / spaghetti mess. The Shakes are great, servers a great but the food is not.

Wow--Ordered the 2 combos that came with 're-fillable' fries--all u can eat. Not the case!! Waitress never came by and offered additional fries. Funny how they have no problem collecting my $36.78 on my meal for two. Bad service--no re-fills on our iced teas. Would I go back???----Food was good but would not go back to the Corona Del Mar establishment. Sorry to say--they just dont care about customer service!!!

While traveling from Palm Springs to Orange County my family and I stopped at the Cabozon, California location last night for dinner. We arrived shortly after 7 p.m. There were a few other families, but the staff was without a doubt not slammed. We were seated and after about 10 minutes the waitress stopped by to ask for our drink order ... 2 waters, a chocolate milk, and a glass of ice. It took her nearly another 10 minutes to bring part of the very complicated drink order, another 5 for the remaining. This was the high point of our experience. We had been seated for 25 minutes when she took our order. a cup of vegetable soup, a toss salad, a hamburger with fries, a chicken salad sandwich with fries, a child's BBQ chicken & a child's hamburger. After nearly 15 minutes my daughter got up and after several attempts managed to get the server to stop and speak with her. She asked if we could please have our soup and salad prior to receiving our entree. Oh my gosh ... this server actually argued with my daughter, "That's not the way we do it here." Many minutes passed and the requested soup and salad arrived. At that point I was admonlished "This is not how we do this, unless you say that's what you want when you place your order." We waited another 15 minutes to receive the remainder of our order. The chicken salad sandwich only had filling on one side of the sandwich. When I asked for filling for other sides, the staff member dropping the food swiftly took the sandwich away. After what seemed like forever the manager came with a bowl [side] of chicken salad, "I understand someone ordered a side of chicken salad." I explained I had merely requested enough chicken salad for the entire sandwich. Another 10 minutes I got my sandwich. There was no silverware on the table, no napkins, no salt or pepper, no ketchup or mustard. Each of these had to be requested. The establishment was closed by the time we finally got all of our food. At the end, we were not charged for the sandwich, but the manger refused to honor the senior citizen/e-mail club discount. As I was getting ready to sign my charge slip the waitress came up to me and attempt to take the slip from my hand ... I asked her, "May I complete signing it first?" RUDE, UNATTENTIVE, POOR SERVICE! We have been there prior to this visit ... but I honestly to not know if we will ever go again.

Rudy's diner has the decor, music, food and RACISM of the 1940's. I now know what it feel like to go into a place to eat and not be served because of the color of your skin.My family and I when to the Ruby's diner on 1128 W Lincoln Ave Anaheim CA on saturday 3/17/12 for some burgers and french fries. The waiter took our order for 2 burgers with fries, 1 veggie burger and 1 chicken salad sandwich and 4 drinks milk, 2 ice teas and 1 cherry coke. We got the drinks but we were never served our meals. The waiter kept telling us "Your meal will be up in a minute" Or "Or your food will be right out" after noticing it was 12:45 I realized that we had been waiting for and over hour for our meals-- the waiter took our orders at 11:35. I realized that all the customers that we had walked into ruby's diner with at 11:30 had ate, paid their bill and where gone. I also noticed new customer who had come in after us were getting their food and eatting. It dawned on me that the staff did not plan on or want to serve us. I told our waiter that we here leaving and he smugly asked me if I wanted my food in a box to go. I went up to the front area to speak with a manger was told by another waiter that the manager had other issues and was too busy to speak with me. I looked back into the kitchen area and noticed that the cooks in the kitchen where pointing and laughing at my family. After I stated that I would be calling the Corp Office The manger/owner Pieter bourges ( that the name on the card that he gave me}came out and ask me how could he make it up to me and that he was so sorry that our order had been missed up. The manger/owner offered to make our food and to give it to us on the house. I decided to just leave and not go back to any more Ruby's. This was a very sad and ugly experince for my family. -- With the business closing each and very day you would think that Rudy's diner would treat it's customers with respect.

On many Occasion my friend and I go to have a bite to eat at Ruby's Diner and somehow orders given to waitress and the cooks get screwed up. This Happened way to many times to where I don't even want to go there due to lack of understanding and communication between waitress and cooks (employees). We enjoy the staff but dissatisfied with how much you get of avocados and order comes not the way you order it and then charged extra for more avocados if you wanted more to begin with was so little amount. How much the Ruby's charge you for everything nickel and dime each customer that walks in. I think the company can do a better job at letting the customers know that only 1 child free dinner on tuesday per adult . many people I talk to has thought once you buy a meal then all children meal is free.

Worst service in the world probably due to lack of English skills of servers and cooks and poor management who does little to train cheap, poorly paid, Mexican staff.


I am writing this to inform you I will not longer be working for your establishment, let me make this clear overall most of your staff have been great, but when it comes to the back of the house this is a different story. I am not really talking about the AM staff as much as I am talking about the PM staff. I knew when I started that it would be quite a challenge and I thought I was up to it, but the way I have been treated by the cooks at night! is something you need to be concerned about. Your trainer who I will call Red Hat is the most rude and disrespectable individual I have ever work with, he speaks no english, in fact your staff in the kitchen constantly speak spanish in front me and that is something that should never happen I was very uncomfortable with it and you knew it, this should never be accepted especially when not one manager speaks Spanish themselves, this in it self is grounds for a harassment suit. I even had one individual ask me why I was working in the kitchen because they had never had a white person work back there and maybe I need to learn how to speak spanish, if I was going to last, excuse me the last time I knew this was United States Of America, who should be speaking what? I was also told by you the management staff, that Ruby's is a english speaking establishment. All I know is that back of the house staff find it impossible to even speak english in my presence. You know this whole thing might not be such a big deal if it wasn't for Mr. Red Hats constant whistling when I have done something that he has considered stupid or wrong, which lead to the other cooks doing it too, this was not what I signed up for, when you have people training people to be just like them you get a staff who know no better, what do you think harassament is and people are being trained like they live in some other country and you need to know as long as they speak there spanish and you as management have know Idea what they are saying you definetly have no idea what they are doing, trust me they are getting away with alot of things you have no idea about. they think were so stupid we will not even know what they are saying, so if you want a whole staff, with bad additudes and complete disregard for respect for others then, I feel like I have no other choice but to step up and make sure this doesn't happen to the next white person you hire to work in the kitchen, shame on you guys for just not doing the right thing when you had the chance, instead you drop me down to just two shifts a week, and in two days my shifts were changed twice, not that I even care, but are you for real! is this how you treat your employees or just someone you want to get rid of? Very Angry David

Had lunch in rubys , in Houstons george bush airport , after a lousy warm turkey burger paid my bill left a tip got up to walkaway realized that I left my iPhone on the table walked back to get it and it was gone / stolen , my mistake not there's , but I spoke with the manager and told her what happened and said there is cameras right were I was sitting and if u get could u look and see who my have taken my phone ? She took my infomation and said she would get back to me in two days ,after a police report was filed , and after calls to speak with the manager I'm still waiting for a least a phone call back , I know that will not happen because they suck on costumer relations , and there food has gotten just as bad as there management

Your arltice perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

Great stuff, you hleepd me out so much!

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