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Dirt Devil TV ad.

the ad showing a woman dashing around with a Dirt Devil doing numerous chores, is quite eye catching. But there is no colloquy, just this god awful noise in the background -- can't call it music -- it is the most annoying sounds on the air. Everyone I know mutes the TV when this ad comes on. Leave the ad but get rid of that noise please.

Bought a Dirt Devil steam cleaner model PD20000. Use it maybe 8 times. Now the pump or something within it is not working. Sounds like plane coming in for a crash and nothing happens. E-mailed Costumer service got a reply back to call service department. I called they had me on line for 10 – 15 minutes. Left number no return call. Item came from a local store and I paid extra for extended warranty. Apparently the serial number that my does not have, makes it a old one. So I bought an old product- New. I feel that if customer Service is that busy when someone calls, it does not take a Rocket Scientist to know the product STINK. Advise anyone looking any product steer clear of Dirt Devil and/or Royal appliances. They don’t care as long as they get the money, services unimportant. I have begun spreading the word that DirtDevil is what its named “TRASH DEVIL.” Now I wished I would not have been so cheap and bought the other one that was 5 dollars higher.

I have purchased about 8 Nomad on the Go Pressure Washers. I am looking for parts for these units. I have tried to research this issue for over 2 weeks. Received a voice mail today from a "Chris", no last name, no way to contact back. Called back approximately 10 times today, wasting over 2 hours of my time. Kept getting sent to Hoover customer service who has no idea what I am talking about. During one of these calls I was told curtly that they would have to send me to "Legal" if I was trying to sell them a new product. WAKE UP CORPORATE AMERICA! We get better phone etiquette from a Delhi call center!

I purchased a Dirt Devil vacumn in July of 2011. I used it once and found out that the hose leading up to the dirt container was clogged and preventing dirt from going up to the collection bin on the vacumn. I used my lint brush from my dryer to push out the clog. Again I used the vacumn and had the same results. I disassembled the container and cleaned the inside of the vacumn including the suction screen. Again, I started the vacumn and the motor quit. I haven't got 5 minutes on the vacumn and the motor froze up. I called customer service and they told me the nearest service center was 50 miles from my home. I had to have the service center replace the motor. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that any other help provided would have to come from the corporate office. I asked for the phone number and was told I had to call customer service and they would forward all calls to them. I was forwarded and the phone rang for about 45 minutes and no one answered, so I hung up. I called customer service and got the company name which is Royal Appliances, 7005 Cochran Road, Glen Willow Ohio. I went on line and got the phone number which is 440 519 3829. I read an article where the company had been bought out and the new Director was named David Butts. It is 7:36 pm central, so I will have to wait till 7:00 am central to call Royal Appliances. I would never recommend buying a Dirt Devil. I have already told all who will listen of the poor quality product and the uncaring customer service.

Shoot, who would have thohgut that it was that easy?

You cuoldnÂ’t pay me to ignore these posts!

I just purchased a Dirt Devil 1600 psi power washer. The wrong manual was included, and the one I did get had mistakes. You are referred to DirtDevil.com, which lists only vacuums, not power washers! When you call their customer service 800-321-1134 about pressure washers (which I've done 5 times since yesterday), you may be cut off, you will be asked which vacuum model you have, no one returns your call, or they do not email the promised information. Right now I've been on hold 11 minutes, listening to awful music. Do any humans work there? Does anyone at Royal/Dirt Devil care about customer service or quality assurance??? How long would it take to update the website: an hour?

I have had two Dirt Devil steam mops. The first one Royal replaced with no problem, but the second one didn't work either and I have been trying since Dec. 2, 2010 to get a refund. Like other customers I have been put on hold for long periods of time. I've had every excuse in the book why I haven't gotten my refund such as they didn't receive a copy of the purchase receipt I mailed to them and to fax it to them.Also, the weather was bad causing the delay and that they closed the company for two weeks of inventory. I know I'm just getting the run around. I would not recommend this company or their products.

Terrible customer service. I tried to place an order through their Dirt Devil website. Received an email back telling me the order did not go through but to call customer service to resolve. So I tried! The first time the support person said I needed to be transferred to corporate and accidentally hung up on me. The second time I called the new support person said I needed to be transferred to finance but said she would stay on the line. Waited on the phone for 20 minutes listening to MUZAK and tried to talk to person that was supposed to be 'waiting' with me. They were gone and I was in limbo. I hung up after 23 minutes. Then tried calling the above corporate number directly. The operator said I needed corporate customer service. Before I could say anything else I was once again sent to hold/music hell. I waited 10 minutes and gave up. I guess my order is not going to get placed or resolved so I went on to the Target website to order. Probably should have done that in the first place. At least I know if the vacuum doesn't work I can take it back directly to Target - I would hate to have a problem with my vacuum and have to deal directly with Royal - since that seems an impossible option.

Received an inoperable vacuum with absolutely no opportunity to have it either repaired or replaced. Service centers and cooperate office are unwilling to say anything but "I'm sorry ma'am, we can't do anything for you." - They were curt, rude and not convincingly sorry. Getting someone one the phone takes at least 20 mins and I've been disconnected each time I've tried to call, having to start over. I had a vacuum sent to me that worked for five minutes, I threw the box away - that was it for the motor. The retailer would not receive it back without the box, coorporate insisted it had to be repaired or returned from a service center. The service center confirmed the motor was beyond repair, another 40 minutes on the phone and still hoops to jump. Three months with a broken $128. vacuum that has cost me twice that much - and my floors are extremely dusty! I have learned something valuable though - after several professionals looking at this burned up thing - never, never, never by a Dirt Devil! They keep the service centers in business.

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