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pump perks

After the holiday past,we had accumulated 60 cents off per gal. 20 was set to expire today and the rest late next week. When we asked for the 20 cent discount to be used we were told that it can't be done. The entire discount must be used because of the way the computer works. Not fair Guess I'll find another gas discount store and go there.

Redners Bensalem

After reading these reviews I am suprised, I visit the stores in the bucks county area and find the complete opposite, Cashiers, deli counter and produce employees to be very pleasant and helpfull. I have never seen outdated products and there are always someone stocking with fresh products. The stores are always clean and stocked.

The Quick Shoppe in Shenandoah had the most rude counterperson tonight August 29th throughout the 3rd shift hours, I do not believe she even had on a nametag. She did not say thank you or please and she had a smart remark to any question we had. We do not go there frequently and did not know how everything works but we seemed to burden her with our questions according to her ignorant responses. I will NEVER go to this quick shopppe again, I have great experiences in the grocery store, but I do not buy my gas here and nor will I ever even consider it after being dismissed in such a way to simply stopping in for a late night snack! I am very displeased!!

The redners in North Wales ows me money. The store manager Dennis and I have had many talks. I went food shopping on Tuesday and I carefully calculated the order so I knew that I had the money for the items. When I got up to the checkout I swiped my card and it paid a parcial order and I was going to pay the rest in cash. The cash that I had in my wallet wasn't there and I had to leave the store. When I called back the customer service guy told me that he will put the money back on my card and that I could go shopping and get what I needed. I spent another hour and a half shopping and calculating so I could get what I needed. ( I have crohns disease and having a bad day with hurting. Walking was a challenge.) I got up to the register and found out that the card didn't work. I was mad! I brought my receipt that showed the amount put on the card and I was told false information. Denis told me it takes 24 hours to get the refund and it has been 48 hours and still nothing. We have no food for work and need food for us to eat at home. If the store didn't have such good prices I wouldn't shop there. It makes me mad and upset that we have to starve and have nothing to eat.

Scince the new Redners opened in Palmyra ,its a nice store.But its not like the OLD Store,people are rude and found out a friend was fired a month ago.Theres people working there like a person i know saw a lady drop a $50.bill and with her foot pulled it behind the counter .After the fixed income Lady left she picked the $50.s up in to her pocket and on story vido .She still works there"WHY"Two employes walking throu the store not watching almost bumped into me and DIDN"T NOT SAY A WORD,after just opening the Produce Lady was so rude and snapy with people...There is some nice people there yet.Most of the time with PROGRESS you lose all the GOOD THINGS and FAMILY FEELING,I here this a lot from many others.But iam MAD about this person being Fired and others geting away with Disrespect to Customers....

My wife bough fish from the redners in northampton on 2 seperate occasions. we brought it home unwrapped and it was covered in slimy bacteria and quickly stank up our whole 1st floor. Yes they returned the items without incident. but certainly there are manypeoples no blessed with amazing intelligence who would hae cooked the fish and made themselves and or their family very sick. members of their staff are horribly incoimpitent.

I would like to know: is there a penalty for cashiers who use paper bags? I stopped shopping at Redners a few years ago. On several occasions I had to argue with the cashier to have my groceries bagged in paper,and was treated rudely. Ater more than a year, I returned to the store assuming that such nonscence would no longer be happening, but the moment I asked for paper bags I repeated the same unpleasant experience as before. On occasion, I would ask to have my groceries bagged in a specific order(to distribute the weight or make unpacking easier) the cashier would simply say "I know what I'm doing",and continue bagging. They are in serious need of PR training. With the acception of 1 or 2 cashiers, When I attempt to make conversation, my comments are rudely brushed off. Another experience I had was at the Deli counter. I had to insist on having my order fresh sliced every time. One time as I approached the Deli I heard one worker say to the other: Here comes that woman who always wants her meat sliced. Knowing that I would want it sliced even before I asked, she still gave me a hard time. The manager is almost always up front in the store. In all the years I shopped there a manager never smiled or acknowledged my patronizing the store. Clearly, no one in this store is interested in weather or not the customers have a good shopping experience. I will not be returning to Redners again.

I have been at Redner's on Perkiomen Ave. in Exeter many times and found trouble with numerous items,I bought carmel apples 3 in a pack and that evening opened them to eat one and they were rotten,inside where the stick inserts was bubbly and foul!I bought baby oil at the Redner's on Carsonia Ave.Pennside and got it home to find the seal was punctured,the Deli counter is a mess,meat dried and curled on edges from laying there too long pre sliced,the meats in the meat depart.brown,I bought donuts that had bugs in them,inside the box.The filthy hand baskets that they never clean,the whole store is in nedd of a good cleaning,I am surprised they stay busy in there for this stuff.I have 2 years in a row experienced problems with 12 packs of Pepsi,I would get them home and set them in garage and go out later to find the tops had blown up and some split open all over the floor,I called Pepsi and they said what is happening the store is storing them in a hot warehouse and then put them out into the cold store,(which I believe all will testify to that the AC is kept on too low and it is too cold in those stores)so this causes a dramatic change and causes the carbonation to make the can explode.I have found milk with expired dates as well as packaged cheeses and yogurts.Redner's is in serious need of some new mangement or something!!!!

"rednecks warehouse market" I worked for redners for 8 years and recently quit. the company does sell old meats which they buy from local markets at an incredibly low cost.even the sliced meats are bought from a distributor which receives the meats after the companies ( ie hatfield, dietz and watson) have determined the meat is nearly expired.purchases of this nature are deemed "ok" because we are a "Warehouse" market chain, which means we get our items from manufacturers at discount prices. Also, I would like to say that the deli in all stores I have worked at lacks soap. employees are encouraged to use hot water and gloved hands, or a wet paper towel to remove old food particles and icings from utensils and dishware. Our coffee pots are sanitized using a blue cleaning product which warns is harmful if consumed.New employees are told its easier to empty the blue cleaning solution from the pot and refill it with the next brew rather than rinse the pot after the cleaning solvent is disposed of . this process "Saves time". Most of our "Fresh hoagies" are the old hoagies from three days before. hoagies which are expired are removed, lettuce( which goes bad and sometimes produces a brown slime) is removed and replaced with fresh lettuce and voila! another fresh hoagie is put back upon the shelf. occasionally bred must be replaced as well. Redners also follows a strict "keep your eyes on puerto ricans and blacks" policy, which informs employees to keep an alert eye when minorities enter the store. This policy isn't discussed but hinted at by many of the "higher ups" in management. I quit redners after a handicapped man was dispelled from the store for touching fruit with his "dirty tard hands"-manager's quote. I informed corporate of the managers statement and actions and they were reprimanded. they were also informed that infact i was the one whom informed corporate, which made my last three months very difficult. I hope you all enjoy youre delicious deli fresh sandwiches and produce next time you go to your friendly neighborhood Redners, watch out for the oranges though, they might have been touched by "tard hands". Pray that blue salvation of Walmart crushes these red devils.


I do not trust freshness of meats. I feel the distributer has old meats. Even smoked meats like ham hocks have a short exp date of a few days. . Those usually are good for 1 month at least in other stores

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