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I want you to know that I am extremely disappointed in one of your products. I purchased a child's drinking cup with the frog on the lid and the straw that comes out for washing. It was $7.99 plus tax which is high but I wanted it for my oldest grandson, age 2. I washed it, and discovered that the water wouldn't come out of the lid. I put water in the cup, securely fastened the lid, added the straw and went to "test" it by tilting it over the sink. It leaked badly. The problem is, I purchased it on a visit to Atlantic City which I don't get to very often and I discarded the receipt since the other items were books and such. I would like to return the item but don't know when I will get back to AC and don't think that restaurant will take it back without a receipt. Can you help me? I can be reached at work:609-537-0213(direct) or email me at: jkenny@hopewelltwp.org. Thank you, Jacci Kenny

There is a server/ Banquet coordinator who works at RFC in menlo park mall, nj named Charmaine who really deserves praise. She is always on time, works hard to keep us busy and bring in business. She has a quarterly quota to meet and she always makes it plus some. She is friendly and has even been our recent employee of the month. Please look into a promotion to management for her, because out of everyone, she is most deserving. thank you

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