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rain forest cafe ontario

We drove an hour and.a half on my.fiance b showed up on time and.they said sorry they gave the table away. Worst experience ever. Lucky for us dave and busters was right next door. They were amazing

Niagara Falls location

A few weeks ago we spent a few days in Niagara Falls Canada. We visited the cafe and had the worst experience ever with our daughter. The food took longer than expected this was said by our server who checked on our food many times. It was cold and two of us were sick later that night. My daughter has said she never wants to go back again.

Bad Management / Service

Had a bad experience at Rainforest Cafe in San Antonio. the Manager on July 2,2013 was very unprofessional. We were overcharged for 3 Birthday party kids meals. Sara claimed she did not have any contact info for me to make a complaint with the Regional Manager or Corp Office.. I visit Landry's Restaurants often but this experience has made me look differently at this company!

Birthday party

I had a birthday party on October 20, 2012 and was disappointed. The table was not set up until the last minute. Guests were arriving at 2 and we could not be seated. Also we did not have balloons because they said there was a helium shortage. Also the waitress was rushing us out and it was near the end of the night. I spent $300.00 This was the Rainforest at WestFarms Mall.

Subpar food

I had the pork chop meal that was unedible. I couldn't cut it with a knife. The second one served to me was the same. The tomato sauce tasted like it came out of a jar. The restaurant was at Disney World. Very disappointed. The worst meal I have ever had. The place was dirty also.

Great Experience

I am reading some of the negative reviews and have to say my experience was exceptional at the Rainforest cafe is Disney downtown, Florida. The service and the food were excellent. The bartender Joseph was not only personable but fast and effecient. We have been to several across the country and have always had a good experience.

Food sucks

Food was not worth the price. Poor quality and over priced. Complaints to management didn't do any good. Reviews say it all !! Don't waste your time and money. Fast food would even taste better for the price.

Rainforest Cafe Yorkdale

Horrible food. Overpriced. Terrible management. It doesn't get worse than this. Ordered the Trio. Food was cold. Shrimp had no flavour. Ribs were fatty. We could have had a great meal at the Keg for the same price.

Toronto Canada Rain Forest Cafe Yorkdale

Terrible food, over priced and a GM who needs to look for a new job!

Worse Place ever

We were celebrating a birthday for myself we eat at many top of the line restaurants and we had horrible service it took extremely too long , food was cold orders were billed wrong I absolutely grossed out by the food, the waiter and worse the manger went back and forth 6 times to fix our ticket and Ive never experienced such a horrible service and food. I will never return to the rain forest.

Great service

My 5 yr old Daughter loved the place in Seattle . I found the Service to very kid friendly . We went back For lunch ask for Ian he was a very good server . The atmosphere was awesome she can't stop talking About it . I would not have came back if had not been For the service and the fun my daughter had . We were there New Year's Day for lunch and Dec 30 for dinner . I hope Corperate Treats there employees well . They did a great job .

I'm writing not because of the food or service during my meal at the Rainforest Cafe but the service that I recieved AFTER. I was at the one in Burlington, MA and my friend and I split our bill with our credit cards. I signed for my bill and my friend and I were on our way. The next morning I realized that I didn't have my cardwhen I went to the bank. I immediately called but no one answered. After a few calls a young man finally picked up the phone and I explained my situation. He got my information for the card and my contact info and put me on hold. A few minutes later he said and I quote "We're sorry ma'm but we are a little busy at the moment and we don't have time to look for it right now." I told him it was an incredibly urgent matter because we are taking about my credit card here (now yes I realize that I was the one that left it there but a little help in getting it back would have been appreciated) He said "When we have time we'll look for it and get back to you." Don't hear anything all day so I call back a few times and people are just talking in circles not giving me a straight answer about whether or not they have my card. I never recieved any call back with the 4 messages that I left. I ended up cancelling my credit card and never knew what exactly happened to it. I was just appalled at how the first person handled my call. I thought it was very inappropriate, not professional, and definitely horrible customer service. I WILL NOT BE RETUNING TO THE RAINFOREST CAFE EVER.

You have a very bright star At your gurnee illinois locati on. I've been to this location now around 10 times, and I never had an experience so outstanding like this one. My wife and Inever we're graciously greeted in our table on our server Phillip. Now this young man let me tell you. he was brighr, funny, fast, courteous and on top of everything. One of the most refreshing servers That I had the pleasure of meeting. His outstanding service Made our dinner truly amazing. I believe that phillip is a fine example of what a server should be. we sat at a table 6/1, shift B, 8-4-12 from 5:00 to 5:50. 50068. Sincerely yours

I agree with the review above from Kyle. Charmaine is the best staff you have at the Menlo Park Location. The GM is very rude and for that reason I doubt I will be bringing my group again.

it costs 2.20 an hour for a server to work . yet every time i go into the rain forest cafe in menlo park i am told that there is await because their aren't enough tables. when i go in and see half the restaurant empty i am told that there aren't enough servers or that the kitchen is backed up. seriously you guys don't know how to put people on the schedule properly? if the kitchen cant keep up with guests coming in to eat crappy fried food then you need a new kitchen crew. period . If you cant afford to put another server on the schedule then you shouldn't be open . I will not eat there again .

I would like to let know I'm very disappointed with your San Antonio staff and by staff, I specifically mean the waiter that served us when we had dinner at RFC at the river walk by the name of Richard. The waiter added an additional tip to my check and I caught the bad deed by checking my account online. Shame on you kid!!! I was further upset by the manager, William. Who called the transaction as a possible error, ERROR? No, that's credit/debit card abuse, a felony. Who else did this guy cheat out of money!! I'm sure I wasn't the only victim of this malicious crime. So to all who ate at the RFC at the river walk this past Friday, May 11, 2012, CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS! RICHARD MIGHT TAKEN MONEY FROM YOU!

I am a Safari Club member and went to dinner on a Friday night at a shopping mall that contains a Rainforest Cafe. There were five people in our party. I arrived at five to do some shopping before dinner. I orginally had asked for a reservation at 6:00; none were available but I could have one at 5:45 or 6:15. Really, you couldn't have said 6:00 and put me in for 5:45 - customer service training or commen sense is lacking. Not a good start. When I get there the restatuant is less than 50% occupied. No places for the 6:00 reservation? The hostess begins to tell us where the washroom is but then proceeds to sit us right outside the restroom doors. Do you really think we couldn't read? We all ordered salads; it took too long to get our food. Too long to get the waiter's attention for drink refills or the check. The waiter suggested that I wait before ordering the salad to go. Thought was weird, it's a salad. So a few minutes after receiving my meal, I ordered a salad to go for one of my children who was not able to make the dinner. (No I understand why he wanted me to wait - what a rip off - way to nickel and dime the patrons.) When I went to give it to him, no bread was in the package even though the tray clearly had a spot for the bread. Next, getting the receipt to find the number to call the "Cafe", I noticed that I was not given the 10% discount for the carryout food. Really, I was in the restaurant with 4 other people. Why didn't I just order with others - but the real insult was a 75 cent to go charge - and they couldn't even get that right.

I HAVE TO VENT i did leave a commeny card as we left the cafe did not get one response. It was bad from the first step in the cafe smelled very very damp. should have left then my mistake. our server Adam was as rude as could be i was with my granddaughter she is very soft spoken and he but all but yelled at her to speak up second time we should have left. The food was awful I had a salad which the lettece all brown on the edges also tasted old they also forgot the dressing should have gotten and left. childs hot dogs cold. not one how is eveything from any one. Upon leaving we used the rest room water on the floor sinks dirty toilets not flushinG. AS YOU CAN TELL THE NIGHT WAS A HORROR SHOW DEC.2,2011 at 6:19PM. i OR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL EVER ENTER THAT CAFE. ALSO OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM OFTEN TAKES FIELD TRIPS THAT WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN.

I was really disappointed with our server/ bartender. When we sat down he didn't welcome us nor did he greet us in any manner. He said "Can I get something for you to drink?" The food was great and the other bartender asked us how everything was. The runner was even very nice to us. The original bartender came over after he saw that we stopped eating. We asked for the bill which was apparently place right under our appetizer plates. He looked at us as if we were suppose to know that is where it was located. We were ready with our money and tried to hand it to him when he quickly walked away. He came back a couple minutes later to pick up the check and the money. He came back with our change and just placed it on the table. He couldn't even thank us for coming in or asked if we needed anything else nor did he say bye. By this time I was actually stunned that he could be that rude. I take my family here every single time when we are in the orange county area. I felt as though he just did not care about his job. There are plenty of people who have a hard time finding jobs. With service people like our bartender just makes me never want to go back. I really felt like I could have gotten fast food somewhere else with better service. I will not be returning with service like this. I am so disappointed.

My husband and i ate at the Ontario Mills R.F Cafe last month. We had to ask to be seated, there was 4 employees a few feet a way from us talking together. Then when seated, the person who sat us at the table placed us at a dirty table. A waitress came out an apologized and had some employee come clean it. The menus smell and the services was slow. I have ate here before and it had much better service, however it appears the services is not up to par nor is the manager handling his employees good. I believe it starts from the top and if good manageement then good employees. For the retail store, it was run a lot better. Even though they have less help, but at least that help, helps you. I did want to complain that i heard that your employees are written up for minor things. Those write ups can lead to termination. I wonder who is neglecting to write up the poor help you have in the resturant. The retail store manager writes up for employees who press cash instead of charge. or for not asking guest to join their membership plan. or for their drawers being short .25 cents over or under. I feel thats a little extreme, espeically when i see that the cafe doesnt do much to the employees goof offs in there. I am not sure if i will go back to R.F again, espeically this one. Hopefully the corporate can straighten this location out.

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