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At the Stillwater, OK store I Strongly urge every one to avoid the customer service is horriable this company sucks the managers are so rude and it is at all of there stores just read pervious post

I was at the Stillwater oklahoma store looking for running shoes I am a college student here and I tired on a pair and was walking around the store and the manager thought I was trying to steal because I was walking around the store trying the shoes out... why in the world would I leave my shoes and take theres I mean come on seriously... the managers here are dumb

poor store A one star rating is to much for them

I used to work at rack room in the valley mall, harrisonburg va. The way the returns work one the buy one get one promotion is, if you return the full priced shoes, not the ones you got for half of, the price of the other pair will be adjusted to the price it would have been if you bought them without the discount. Think about it, if they just gave you your money back and didn't adjust the price people would buy really expensive pairs of shoes return one and cheat rack room out of money. Also, every rack room has a bathroom, but they tell us not to allow any one besides employees to use it, which i think is terrible.

Ok, I work for this company and trust me I feel your pain. I have been a manager at other facilities for other companies and now i work for this company as an associate. I try my very best to provide the best customer service possible, but due to managers who don't care and coworkers who are rude and careless, I get caught in the middle. Not all of us are bad, but we cannot make the changes either. I do everything in the store I work in while my manager complains about how he is having to be in the store. They treat me the same way they treat you. If anything, all I can ask is that you try to find the few of us who do care about our job. I apologize for whatever poor experience you have had, and if you ever do come into my store, at least I will be there to make sure you have a good experience. I am the only one to have returning and regular customers and I am still unappreciated. But it is all I have.

I always have great customer service at rack room. I live outside of Ashland KY. I wear a size 5 in womens and they are one of few stores that carry that size. I also go there because they always run the get one half off sale. AND they have all types of shoes. The manager in Ashland has been there for a while and is very nice.

i work at rack room shoes at the iv mall in el centro, ca. the manager Lori nakaya there is really unfair with the employees. everyone is scared to tell her anything or complain to her superior because if she finds out she will cut your hours to like 4 hours a week or wont even put you on the schedule. What a manager:(

I have never been to a Rack Room Shoe store before, but wow based upon these reviews, I likely never will. I understand that not all customers are going to be satisfied and these complaints are only a few compared to the number of likely "happy" customers that frequent this store, but I believe it is unacceptable for a store to have any types of these consistent complaints (store managers being rude, unable to exchange a shoe that fell apart due to shoddy manufacturering, etc.). For all of the customers that posted here (and hopefully now former customers), I really hope that the corporate office takes your complaints seriously and responds in a professional manner. Note to sales clerks: don't forget, the customers you are helping assist with paying your paycheck!

I shopped at bristol mall location the assisant manager acted like I was stealing when I presrnted text cuponm when traction was finishe she ask what 20% discount was for.

I was in the Mount Pleasant Store in Charleston S.C , I was so shock how the store manager talked to his employee that I couldn't shop any more.I think the young man was new because he replied to the manager that no one trained me on the correct way to put up shoes on the shelves. I'm just a customer shopping and the store manager kept on talking to him in a nasty way diregarding that I was behind them.I just don't understand, were;s the respect for the employee and the customer. I've heard other people talking about this manager before, now I see why. Something needs to be done, or you will loose alot of customers.

My daughter work at the store in Duluth, ga. The manager evelyn is a prejudice person, liar my daughter have complained to the district nothing had been done with this manager this store Will not keep workers because of her... when someone of another race walk in she acts like you are going to sell.my daughter have been employed for 3 years. Hardly takes off work.. I could go on and on..corporate really need to do something about evelyn... Monday my daughter will file a complaint...

My previous letter complained about the terrible service I received at the Fayetteville, Georgia store. Two days later, I returned the same pair of shoes(the stching was unravelling) to the Cumming, Georgia store. I received excellent service and they returned the defective shoes. The staff also apologized about the bad service I received at the other store. They were fantastic at customer service!

I probably own 10 or 12 pairs of shoes purchased at Rack Room stores. Never have I encountered a sales problem or received unsatisfactory service. Today I triede to return a pair of leather shape-up shoes. All I wanted was to exchange them for another pair of the same shoe. The stitching was unraveling and the one shoe about to come apart. I had purchased them 30 days ago and produced my receipt. The manager, Derrick Carter, of the Fayetteville, Georgia store refused to rerplace them, advising me to have them repaired at a local shoe shop. I do not think $130.00 pair of shoes should warrant a repair shop visit after being worn a few times within 30 days. I also felt it was a racially biased action of the manager.

I work at the rackroom in germantown tn and I love working for this company I have a wonderful store manager and great coworkers I have no compalnits at all and all I have to say just bc u have had one bad experiance with one employee does not mean that all the employees are bad my store has great customer service and wonder friendly employees please feel todrop by and see us

I know it's easy to find complaints, but I want to tell you about an experience that I had. My daughter fell in love with a pair of boots in Stillwater, Oklahoma where she is going to college. They didn't have them in her size and they were on sale for only 24.99.I took down the brand name and style number. I called the Tulsa store and they gave me the store number for Norman, Oklahoma. I very nice young woman there by the name of Brooke said "Yes, the shoes were out of stock, but she would see what she could do." Two days later she had the shoes for me and sent them to me. I am ecstatic. My daughter is going to be so pleased when Christmas comes along. Thanks to Brooke in Norman and store number 518. I didn't expect to be treated so nicely, but I am really happy.

I am a former employee of rack room shoe in Jonesboro,ar. I have been reading the complaints up above and i agree with all of them. It seems as if all of the managers act that way with their customers and employees. I have never had a job that insulted my integrity, morals, and ethics. I was having problems with my manager, I tried to talk to her and when that didn't work i tried to talk to the district mananger(kevin). Of couse he took her side so i am now going to the labor board because i have proof of her stealing my hours and hours of other employee. They don't seem to care about their employees at all and i feel like that is unacceptable. Why would you have good employees and treat them like dirt. Is that the way of the corporate companies now????

This company does not even deserve 1 star. The Easley, SC location has the worst customer service ever especially from the manager! Their return policy is bogus. This customer service number is not helpful at all!!! I have always heard complaints about them and now I know why no one is ever shopping there.

@emmy They all have restrooms they are just told not to let anyone use them but employees..I know I worked at a rack room for almost a year

Recently called the Huntersville NC store to ask the hours of operation and got a very nasty young lady on the phone that informed me that they close at nine and dont appreciate customers coming in to close to that time. I then heard her saying in the back ground before i hung up the same associate telling her co worker that i was another F'ing parent trying to find out what time they close. Just want to let them know they dont have to worry about me, my family, or friends holding them up from doing something more important, and with that attitude it probably won't be long that they won't have a job and wont have to aorry about being inconvienced any longer.

I was shopping in the 8107 COOPER CREEK BLVD UNIVERSITY PARK, FL 34201 Rack Room on 8/18/2010 with my two children. We had three pairs of shoes we wanted to purchase. While I was waiting for my son to try on another pair, I realized I needed to use the restroom. I suffer with IBS and there are times that I am in a desperate situation which requires me to quickly locate a restroom. I asked the associate if I could use the restroom and was told they didn't have one that I should go next door to the restaurant to use theirs. I was put in a predicament where I had to leave my children unsupervised due to the urgent nature of my condition. I find it it highly insensitive that a public establishment would not allow a paying customer the use of their restroom. I will not be returning to that store to EVER purchase anything again.

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