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Teach your cooks to cook

I went into a QT today to buy the new Chicken, Bacon Ranch Flatbread sandwich. What I got looked nothing like the picture and I could not find much chicken in it. It was a very flat sandwich. store #676 in Ferguson, MO 63136 314-522-2320

I got gas from you guys for 13.00 an your store took 100.00 and it was told that it would be back on my car in 24 hours it's been four days an have yet to receive my money

Blonda Coffee

During the winter of 2013-2014 your QT's served Blonda coffee that was so good. Then you took it away. I loved that coffee and so did many other's I was told by a QT employee who said they sold more of the Blonda than they did the original coffee. Please consider bringing it back and leaving it. I miss it alot.


I have been a loyal customer of QT for over 20 years. I have been in ones in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and have honestly never had one issue. They are clean, well stocked, offer a great variety, and the bathrooms are cleaner than most convenience stores. I also like how they acknowledge each customer in some way, and usually more than once! I will go miles out of my way (and I have!) just to go to QT over another convenience store.

Local store constantly overcharges!

Our local QT in Rock Hill, SC has been opened for almost 3 months and constantly overcharges for food items. I shop this location at least 3 times a week, buying gas, food and fountain drinks. I am usually overcharged for food items that are heated on the rollers, such as hot dogs, buffalo chicken, corn dogs and beef and cheese in flour tortillas. These items are $1.39 each or 2 for $2.22 before tax. Often times there is an item that is on promotion for .99 for 1 item. I have been overcharged 7 times in the last 10 weeks when buying these promotional item. Twice last week I was charged $2.22 for two corn dogs that were on promotion for .99 each. I should have been charged $1.98 before tax, not $2.22 before tax. I have talked to the managers at that location about the overcharging and have been given at least 5 excuses for why QT is overcharging. I was overcharged again today when I purchased a promotional item. I have called customer service numerous times and have received no response from them. I think that the $60.00 a week that I spend in that QT buying gas, food and drinks is now going to be spent at the Marathon Kangaroo Express, which is across the street from this QT.

Customer comment

Store at exit 21 on interstate 85 in south carolina, immaculately clean and store always stocked well plus friendly staff. They need an attaboy. I try to pull in and stay there whenever im in the area

excellent encounter

I went to my local QT for some beer on my day off. your new cashier "Malika" was VERY pleasant, made me want to send in a good report, so I did

salad switch

QT was one of the few places you could go to get a good salad on the go. However I recently went in to pick up the usual good salad and discovered that QuikTrip had replaced it with a horrible downsizr--the lettuce is just a few MEAGER leaves and is served in a small Childs lunchable package to which the dressing takes up most1 of the space. Please bring back the origanal dark leafy green Saks. But if you don't I am just as happy ordering one from a restaurant. I am not about to pay for way less at the origanal price. People who ate the healthier salads will not buy the cheap replacement and while i was there to buy salad i would get gas also--well not now. bye bye.

quick trip on admiral and deleware

Sent my son to quick trip he bought a bag of chips and a donut with my credit card. Then he went back to buy something to drink and they accused him of stealing the bag of chips. When my credit card was clearly charged

We here in Tulsa, Oklahoma are blessed with QT. They are all over town and beat all other convenience stores, especially their coffee. I recall as a kid in the 60's walking to QT which was only about half a mile from home. I used to love a Green Gog or a Pepsi Koo-lee in the summer time and both pockets stuffed with Super Bubble gum and other penny candy. Now those were the good ole days. A one dollar bill could buy the Koo-lee and about 50 pieces of candy and gum.

First of all let me say, I love our QT and wish they were available nationwide. I am lucky though to live in an area where they are plentiful. Yeah! My question is: Will you consider make diesel fuel or better yet biodiesel available at your gas pumps in the very near future? I am considering buying a diesel car and would love to continue to buy my fuel at our local QT. Please let me know. carmarduf@yahoo.com


Your Ocnomowoc store has flys in your inclosed case where you keep your donuts. I commented to the store clerk. She said (yes I know ) its to hard to keep them out of there. So everyone don't eat the donuts..........

Store # 519 in Tulsa worst one to go to. Never ever have I been treated with disrespect by one of quick trips employees! I said $40 in pump 11 and guy said okay. I go pump and only got $30, I send someone in to get change and guy says I already gave it to you, so I went in cause I was the one to pay and he said the same thing to me. I said no you didn't give me change, he kept on denying and I ask him to check his camera and he said not until tomorrow, then he says I'll only do this one time and give you $10, and I said I have no reason to steal from a quick trip, but quick trip will still from us really!!! Atleast store # 519 June 12th at 9pm if your on pump 11 and dealing with a most disrespectful guy!! Please quick trip will you say something to that guy.

quiktrip is a nice place but its a terrible place to work for. ive had my application in for MONTHS now and i havent heard a single word from them. Kum and GO is a much better place to work for and go to. quiktrip needs to pull there head out of there ass when dealing with potential employees.

I went into the QT in Wentzville yesterday; while walking out I realized I forgot something so I went back in. The cashier that had just waited on me told me I should have gotten that the first time becuase I am wasting his time by going in a second time.

Why are you trying to build your new 5700sq ft. quick trip up to the backyards of our neighborhood? You have one across the street from the place that you want to build. You should do what you did in Denver; rebuild on the same land plot. It is bigger and more business friendly. You need to get a more informed Southeast District Manager because he is not responsible to your company. You proclaim to be community friendly, but are you REALLY!

Just wondering what happened to the QT store off the James river Expressway and also the one on Ozark, Mo. (highway 65)??

M&D polishing,,making your vehicle or transport shine , Over 15 years experience polishing avionics and automotive,tankers ,and stainless steel..in the Dallas Fort Worth area.. We get the DULL out..and give you the shine your transportation deserves.. Thank You , M&D polishing.....mdpolishing@netzero.net

hello my name is gaylene i live in kansas city mo off of englewood rd i shop at quiktrip quite a bit i shop at the one at 528 englewood rd kansas city mo 64118 most of the staff that works there knows my husband and i.. i just found out that the kansas side is taking the ebt cards that are strictly for the cash benifits,well i have one of those cards and i have purchased cigetters from quiktrip using my ebt cash card.when did the missouri side stop taking the ebt cash card because i used mine back in april 2011 that was a quick change?? im not a happy camper about this change.. thank you a loyal quiktrip customer

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