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Whoa! Steer clear of any realtor doing business under the Pru-Fox banner! I dealt with two from Pru-Fox's Margate, NJ office-- Mark Arbeit & Lou Solomon-- and regret it to this day. Think Pru-Fox does anything to "vet" its Sales Professionals? Well, think again. Read about Arbeit running amok among Virginia schoolboys in the Washington Post archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987. Can you believe this outfit turns guys like this loose on unsuspecting buyers & sellers of realty? Think you can rely on the truth of what Pru-Fox realtors put in the MLS descriptions for their listings? Bzzzzttt. Wrong again. Solomon explicitly indicated in the MLS description for my place that his mini-Madoff seller had completed a standard NJ Seller's Disclosure Form. Nine days after closing, though, when I inquired about the form, Solomon responded with a big wet smile, a shrug of of his shoulders, and a dismissive, "My bad. No form." Bottom line? Stay away from any Pru-Fox realtor!

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