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Hey, Y'all, down there: Stay away from all realtors doing business under the Prudential banner. I dealt with two from Margate, NJ and regret it to this day. The two are Mark Arbeit and Lou Solomon; they teamed up with a convicted criminal mortgage broker to stick me with the broker's house over a leaking underground oil tank. Think you have unsavory characters pushing realty down there? Well, check out the stories on Arbeit and little schoolboys in The Washington Post archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987. Dude shouldn't even have a license; but then I'm talkin' Joisy, of course. Solomon? He loads up MLS descriptions for his properties with information he later nonchalantly admits is untrue. These realtors are the worst: Ruthless, dishonest, arrogant. Stay way from them!

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