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The Worst

Pru-Fox realtors are the worst. They'll say, sign, and swear ANYTHING in order to get their grubby fingers on your money. And the consequences thereof? Meh. That's for their lawyers to figure tomorrow. . . . This is their 'tude folks.

Everyone at Pru-Fox knows that this Arbeit guy is bad news. When some Jerry Sandusky-type situation arises, though, you just know that they'll all feign surprise and jabber on about how much he loves the children. Man, the things they do for a buck!

They are the worst. Just walk in and out of that Margate, NJ office and you'll need a shower after you do.

When my fiance and I started looking for a house last year, we had no idea where to start. We had printed some papers out from the Internet, and got lost looking for a listing of Mark Arbeits. We called him to clarify the directions, and we ended up making an appointment to meet up with him later that day. By the time we left Mark Arbeit’s office, we knew that he was the one that we needed to work with us. We had a ton of problems along the way, but Mark Arbeit went above and beyond what was expected of him to make sure that everything got worked out for us. He helped us find the house of our dreams that was also in our price range. No one else treated us with the respect or courtesy that Mark Arbeit did, and that is why we have more than the simple buyer/realtor relationship, we are friends. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, and I always make sure that I have one of his business cards on me. Thanks again, Mark, for making all of our dreams come true!

Pru-Fox realtors are the worst: Arrogant, dishonest and utterly ruthless. I dealt with two from the Margate, NJ office-- Mark Arbeit & Lou Solomon-- and regret it to this day. Think Pru-Fox does anything to "vet" its "Sales Professionals"? Well, read about Arbeit's exploits in The Washington Post archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987, and think again. Can you believe this outfit turns dudes like this loose on unsuspecting buyers & sellers of realty? OK. You probably think Pru-Fox realtors are ruthless just with those on the opposite ends of their clients' deals, and that's good, right? Wrong. They deal ruthlessly with their own clients too! Solomon let me & my wife know for how much his client would settle for our place, and the dude did! Lucky guess on our part? I think not. Well, bottom line is this: Steer clear of these swindlers & all of their cohorts at Pru-Fox.

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