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Got Popcorn?

It's now BHHS/Pru-Fox v. Markattheshore down in Margate, NJ: The thieves in one dump could no longer abide those in the other. . . . Oh, well, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!

Perfect Together!

Warren Buffett + "The RealEstate Tycoon/Waitress Brittani Federa" = Two peas in a pod!!!! LOL!!!

Don't Deal!!!

Yo, folks: Don't deal with Pru-Fox realtors. They'll say, sign, ande swear ANYTHING to get hands on your dough. They don't care about the consequences of this tack because, meh, that's something for the lawyers to deal with down the road. Again, don't deal with them!

The Worst

Pru-Fox realtors are the worst. I know. They're dishonest, greedy, ruthless, arrogant and twisted-- in that order! . . . Just stay away from their offices.

Pru-Fox realtors are the worst in any area. They're out-and-out, in-your-face liars and make no bones about it. I don't know why anybody would use one to buy or sell. Go ahead and find out for yourself; however, you'd better be prepared to shell out for a lawyer when you deal with Pru-Fox.

Think you can trust a Pru-Fox realtor? Well, I trusted two of them from the Margate, NJ office & regret it to this day. The first is Mark Arbeit, who represented me & my wife in the purchase of a house over a leaking underground oil tank. You're going to trust Arbeit? OK. But try this before you do: Ask him why he left the field of education; get his answer; then read the real reason in The Washington Post archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987. Still trust him? The second Pru-Fox realtor is Lou Solomon, who represented our seller, a convicted criminal mortgage broker. trust Solomon? OK. But know that the MLS description for my place explicitly indicated that Solomon's seller had completed a Standard NJ Seller's Disclosure Form which Solomon, nine days after closing, claimed never existed. Oh, yeah, Solomon also let me & my wife know his seller's bottom line, for which we bought the place. Sure, we were taken; but if Solomon had not sold out his client, then we easily could have been taken for $20k more! Long story, short? You'd be fool to do business with any realtor working under the Pru-Fox banner.

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