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Yeah the jobs are there. UNFORTUNATELY, it seems that if you are American, a Veteran, unemployed NO ONE WILL HIRE you. The no-one's I am rereifrng to are the off-shored recruiters who (I suspect) only want to get others from their own countries the jobs. In the past year I have heard: hiring freeze (ok), too long since last position (say what?), funding pulled (ok), too long since last position (again say what?), job pulled, decided not to hire, too long . Since when does being UNEMPLOYED a disadvantage???????????? This is starting to look like discrimination.

Yo, all of you buyers & sellers of realty out there on the Left Coast: Steer clear of any realtor doing business under the Prudential banner! I dealt with two from a Margate, NJ office-- Mark Arbeit & Lou Solomon-- and regret it to this day. think this outfit does anything to "vet" the "Sales Professionals" out there working the rubes? Well, think again. Read about Arbeit & how he was bounced from his post as an assistant elementary school principal in The Washington Post archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987. Wish I'd read those articles before I dealt with Arbeit. Solomon? He put in the MLS description for my place an explicit indication that my seller had completed a standard NJ Seller's Disclosure Form. Nine days after closing, though, when I inquired about the form, Solomon just gave me a big wet smile, shrugged his shoulders, and said, "My bad. No form. So sorry." Bottom line? Stay away from these swindlers!

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