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Your Onion soup is delicious, but it needs more onions

Chicken Dumpling soup

So disappointed my can had 4 pieces of chicken and about 6 dumplings a few carrots and a lot a lot of broth

Potato/Bacon soup

I tried the Light Potato/Bacon soup and was pleasantly surprised-very good and only 100 calories/serving.

beef barley soup

The soup was very salty & very little barley in it & we had to throw it out because of the salt, yuk

Creamy Three Cheese Sauce

I opened the sauce and found black dots throughout it. It looked like mold. I could find nothing on the label that lead me to believe it was something that should be in the sauce. So I threw it out. YUK!

Progesso Chicken Pot Pie Soup

It was the most horrible progresso soup I have ever tasted. It was watery, there were 3 carrots, 4 potatoes, and 7 pieces of chicken. The rest was this watery broth. Absolutely horrible!!! I will never buy that again. I do love your other progresso soups, though.


I just had the Rich & Hearty creamy alfredo with penne chicken. I am not too much a soup person, but it looked very tasty..... I was quite surprised..How absolutely yummy it was........I shall be trying the other progresso soups Thank you..............................

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