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Ordered complete materials to build a deck in Iowa Falls Iowa. They selected materials and delivered them. No one here to accept at the time. left them strapped together in driveway. Boards were of poor quality, knots everywhere, and the sap has NOT stopped yet and the boards are 2 years old. They have not been willing to do anything to correct this problem. Have even had the nerve to tell us that WE should not have accepted the boards!! WE ARE NOT THE EXPERTS!!! That's their job as the supplier/business!! Now they will not even return our call at the local level!! POOR QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


I read the mission statement which stated that communication is very important. My builder tried to get a written delivery date after an office person said the order for Jel-Win windows would take five weeks longer then the original three week delivery date. A mistake was made in ordering. But nobody from the Knoxville office informed my builder the date had changed. House has been open to the elements and public. Where is the communication and integrity in this case.

Unauthorized account, added un-ordered merchandise, non delivery, charged and placed lien for unauthorized everything. Fidelity Investments parent company aware and supports this unethical activity. Probuild HQ supports all of above as business as usual. Details at web fidelitynonethics.com

this place is as bad of a place to work as its new manager who loves his ass kissed. he sucks to say the least. dont kiss his ass and you get no hours unless your his pet .well no thanks. whoever made this guy a boss should hav lost his job years ago. to any customers and folks who are thinking of getting a job here or just shop here do yourself a favor and go to home depo . at least that asshole tim wont be there.

The litany of problems with ProBuild would take up more space than allocated here. From start to not finished, the screw-ups go on and on. Wrong measuring, installers that clearly did not measure, sloppy work, misordered pieces, screwed up drawings. Too late for me, but run, don't walk, away from the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I am a small general contractor and spend about $200K a year on building materials. I have NEVER dealt with any supplier like ProBuild. I brought a $40 part back to ProBuild that they had sold me (that I never ordered) and it took 2 months for a refund. In the end they told me that they waited for their supplier to credit them for the refund. As of right now I have been waiting 6 months for a another refund they owe me. High prices, problems and lousy customer service. I can't believe that this company will be in business much longer.

The worst customer service company I have ever dealt wih! Purchased 9 double-hung windows for a screened porch at a cost of 1400.00. Your person Jerry out of Lakewood asked for a deposit of 700 which he insisted must be check or cash and not credit card. I mailed him a check, he ordered the windows. He called and said Dec 5, he needed the balance before installation, so I paid him the balance of 722.00. On Dec 6, I get a call, the windows were single hung with screens and would not fit the double-hung set up. He was going to reorder the right ones. On Dec 20th, I get another call that the windows will be shipped on Dec 21 and will be installed thereafter. On Dec 27th I had to call Pro-Build, only to find out that the 2nd order were Patriot windows, which DO NOT fit the sash at all and ANOTHER reorder!! Meanwhile, you still have all of my money and I have no windows. Fast forward: I called and spoke to Sandy Ross, Gen Mgr of the Lakewood Lumber yard, who has been fantastic, great demeanor, personality and business sense, who assured me that he would look into this situation. Dec 28, I get a call from someone in receiving who tells me that the windows were in, but he didn't know where they were! He called all the warehouses and no one answered! Dec 29, I get a call from Tim Grable, Area Director/VP who tells me that the windows will be in mid-January and that he was only taking 20% off the order, after all I've been through so far. I called back Sandy, they told me that he was out of the building and to hold....then Sandy answers the phone!! Hmmm...Sandy told me that the wrong windows were ordered a 2nd time, they are not made yet and coming from Texas, not Virgina like everyone else said and that I was getting a full refund of 1400.00 and whenever they appear, they will be installed. Great...that's comforting to know! Oh, remember I had to pay by check? Well, it turns out according to Sandy, he didn't understand why that was! Hmmm... I'm not sure how Pro-Build is staying in business, treating customers like they do and with no regard for how if feels to be a homeowner waiting for windows! You all need to take a course on how to be CUSTOMER FRIENDLY! We are NOT the ENEMY!!!! We pay your salaries, of course, if you'd rather not have a job any longer and join the long list of the unemployed, keep doing what you're doing...you'll be there soon! I will NEVER recommend your company, I will tell everyone I know NOT to purchase your windows or use your services EVER. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Denver against your company for failing to provide the product I ordered in a timely manner and holding all of my money. BUYER BEWARE dealing with ProBuild! I WOULD RUN!!

To whom it may concern, I am a recient customer of Pro-Build in Tappahannock Virginia. I purchased two doors some time around the first week of April this year and they arrived (about two months later) around the end of May. I mentioned to the builder They were not the doors I had ordered and left for vacation. Upon my arrival home the doors had been installed by the builder who said the doors were put in so the siding could be finished and they would be corrected. Since then I have been in contact with Pro-Build And there stand on the matter is they don't remember any discussion about the doors we had ordered. If I may point out; not only are these doors completely not what I ordered the side lights don't match three of the four are clear glass and one has and inrerior grill. This has cost me 4000.00 for the doors I recieved and didn't order and it is going to cost me another 5000.00 for me to correct them. As it turns out Masonite only sells the door I want through Home Depot The sales person who assured me I would recieve quality product no longer has any advise for me other than to go to Home Depot and see if they will fix the side lights through Masonite. I just thought you should know what type of people are repesenting your company. I am in the prosses of building two more homes as rentals and I can assure you I will not purchase anything from you nor will I allow my contractor to purchase from your company. As a side note I will not use the contractor who built my home. I will, However; relate this story to him as to the reason he has lost my business.

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