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great cruising

Have been on 13 cruises with princes never had a complain. Looking forward to our 14 cruise in august.

False advertising

Princess advertsed a rate in today's mail. I promptly called Princess Cruise tomake a reservation but the price quoted was double the advertised rate. This group's bate and switch techniques resulting in false fraudulent advertising makes used car salesmen look like Saints

Bad Public Relations

I have been trying to book a cruise with Princess. I received a brochure on Sat., called the same day and every fare was already booked. But, I could get the room I wanted at a higher price. I think this is false advertising. Called to talk to a supervisor and they put me on hold and then disconnected my call. Very bad business. Will look elsewhere for cruises from now on.

Missed 2 Ports of Call

We were not able to disembark on two anticipated Ports. We had to cancel excursion after excursion. The boat canceled Honduras and Costa Maya. We went to Belize instead. However, it rained all day on us and was a sh*t hole of a place! They also put a huge hole in a large piece of luggage, and still giving us the runaround on it. The crew, most of them were very nice, however.

specialty restaurants

Do not waste your money in these restaurants. Sabatini's has open kitchen. One would think they are cooking to order!!! My veal chop had been braised and finished off. It was dried out. Waiters are overly familiar; this should be a sophisticated experience. They have a special name for their beef. Never heard of it anywhere. Unless it is prime or Angus...run! Pub lunch is great...sausages were served cold. Order the fish n chips but make sure you aren't the lst one in pub - lst orders are probably pre-cooked. This is a great cruise line - dining room staff are lst rate. food always a disappointment. Same menu year after year. ho hum

Royal Princess

Our first cruise on any ship. Embarking in Ft. Lauderdale was a disaster. No assistance since we knew nothing. I travel with a wheelchair. Elevators by our room 1 was broken 4 out of 7 days. Elevators too few and too small_ very long waits. Many people complained. Bon voyage experience for our son no tout and couldn't get correct information to get off the ship. AC broke and no one answered the phone it took 10 hours and two trips to the desk to get it handled. Room was good and food was good. Need better customer complaint services and better information.

Another PC mess.

I am greatly dismayed at the callowness and heartless policy Princess has. I suppose in reading previous postings, this should not surprise me, now and for the future! My family and I had planned the cruise of a lifetime to the Med. Unfortunately, my mother couldn't travel before the trip, and we had to cancel her part of the trip. We spoke to Princess explaining the circumstances and asked if we could delay the trip until their off-season. I requested and was hoping we could again book the cruise at a later date, after a period when the mom-in-law got well. The reply from Princess was that cancellation policy prohibited any refund/credit. Looks like future trips will be with Amtrak!!!!!

Florida Residents Beware

Floridians are vunerable to criminal charges and civil actions that originate from overseas. A Princess Cruises employee, a foreign natiional filed charges against a Florida resident, claiming harassment, even though the allegations took place at sea, aboard a Princess ship. This means that anyone anywhere can seek damages from Floridians, even though they have never set foot in the State or the country. FL Legislature needs to address this exploitation of it's own citizens.

caribbean cruise

The cruise was very good, the food and entertainment was very good. The service and staff were friendly and courteous. However, the rooms were not up to par and needed some attention. Time to refurbish the cabins. The beds were without doubt the worse I have ever experienced outside a military war zone.

Maddie looks so cute on her new bike. Love it!!! Wow she is already 4!!! Love and miss her and you all so much!!! Love, Nat-Nat

This will be my 3rd(and last cruise) with Princess. 5 months ago we booked 3 couples and asked for cabins(close) together. 2 couples got cabins close, I just got my cabin assignment and none of us are anywhere near close. mYesterday they reassigned all 3 of us to different (upgraded) cabins. Thanks, but we asked for cabins close because this is a family thing. We feel offended. Please tell the ship people not to except a tip from us even tho it is CORPORTe responsibility to take care of us . Thanks. Edward Spalding

Days I'll be in Miami on November 27 and would make a very southern Caribbean cruise on December 1 days with my family I have my wife and 12 year old daughter I have 54 years and women 58 years oceanview cabin my email is naime.gomes @ pmm . am.gov.br tel 559281137990 or 559284081530 thank'm waiting awaiting your response ai want to buy in miami ok

I am greatly dismayed at the callowness and heartless policy Princess has. I suppose in reading previous postings, this should not surprise me. My family and I had planned the cruise of a lifetime to the South Pacific and Hawaii. Unfortunately, my mother suffered a stroke a few months before the trip, and we had to cancel the trip. My mother subsequently died, and I wrote to Princess explaining the circunstances and included a copy of the death certificate. I requested credit of the cancellation penalty ( which was substantial), hoping we could again book the cruise at a later date, after a period of mourning. The reply from Princess was that cancellation policy prohibited any refund/credit. I can understand the policy, but I believe someone's death would certainly qualify as an exemption. I should mention that the airlines involved in our trip refunded our airline tickets, and am very grateful for that. In any other business, when a substantial amount of money is involved, there are other avenues to pursue to get a refund. Why is this protection not available to customers against cruise lines?

The Star Princess failure to pick up dying fisherman at sea on may 10th 2012 is totally unacceptable. The captain and upper management should be fired and black balled. Sounds like P.C. is a total wast of time and they should fire the captain and the management that sets procedure and guidelines etc. They have a terrible track record and I hope the family`s of the dead and surviving fisherman sue them for millions!!!!!!!!!!! I am a captain that has sailed around the world and many times have had to change corse or be run down by there ships in the pacific. I can imagine being them and thinking they were to be saved when the ships crew acknowledged there distress signal only to be left to die!!!!!! redskycsy37@yahoo.com

Princess is guilty of totalitarian corporatism, avoiding criticism, refusing to publish negative remarks on this page. This page is a fantasy just like the world they create for passengers.

THIS FILED WITH THE BERMUDA POLICE AGAINST PRINCESS FORMAL CRIMINAL COMPLAINT TO>BERMUDA POLICE AUTHORITY, HAMILTON, ATTENTION ELIZABETH MELLO BPS STATEMENT OF ALLEGATIONS LESTER COLEMAN, Bermuda Government Seaman's Book No. 27951 HEREBY STATES . A person known as "Celia" Cecilia Rohanna Timpany, PRINCESS CRUISES CAPTAIN CIRCLE HOSTESS, a refuted South African national believed to be working aboard The Island Princess ship OFFICIAL NR 733727 owned by Princess, Carnival, P&O lines, sailing out of Port Everglades, Ft Lauderdale, Broward County, Fl has transmitted emails harassing in nature, dating from January 19, 2012, some containing photos of herself created with her aboard the Island Princess cruise ship at sea in May, 2009. Timpany is attempting to claim these "glamor" photos were used by this victim to harass her, created after leaving the ship. In actual fact the photos in question were obviously created WITH her on board ship as evidence obtained so proves. Timpany massively emailed these photos and vicious statements to business contacts, family and friends. This is the latest attempt by her at Cyber stalking-HARASSMENT, as affirmed by emails retrieved over the past three years. This COMPLAINTANT has made repeated attempts directly, indirectly using third party legal counsel, to stop her tirades. Reports were filed with INTERPOL twice as she apparently resides at sea or in the Channel Islands As the evidence shows, this has failed It is believed that this latest barrage to discredit and defame COMPLAINTANT is to stop a report he is preparing posted on www.spot.us Ms. Timpany, using the alias SELENE LEIGH has posted comments on www.spot.us in an attempt to discredit the report. When not lecturing aboard cruise ships, Coleman is a retired Emmy Award Investigative Reporter and Professor Emeritus. The emails from Celia Timpany, suspected of originating abroad, date from Oct 19 2009 and Jan 21 2012 confirm that this complaint against her is justified., and requires investigation by local, State, and Federal authorities, and the proper authorities outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

I think Princes Cruises (PC) will be somewhat lower on list of preferred cruise ship lines - the rest of my life. Their refusal to pick up people lost and dying at sea is unforgivable, and the captain should be sacked w/o a golden parachute asap, if much of the world will ever consider PC for anything. And, haven't they had a long run of mismanagement in recent years? hygiene, disease, hitting rocks and buoys, lawsuits, etc.....just see the public record...

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me sriatght.

I was rlealy confused, and this answered all my questions.

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